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Mixed or average reviews- based on 34 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 34
  2. Negative: 10 out of 34

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  1. Oct 27, 2010
    This game has many pros but only one con. I may never see my ps3 again. You see, my sister is a casual gamer, which means she games just enough to where its fun to watch her play. But, now the tables are starting to turn. She giggled when ever they did something cute, took at least an hour to make and edit one character, and added some pretty lofty life goals that will take days of play time to accomplish. In short, if you're looking for a game for a female gamer, this game is perfect. That is the only con, this game is fantastic otherwise. Less of a game and more entertainment. Expand
  2. Oct 26, 2010
    This game is fantastic! This is the best Sims has ever been on console... Karma Powers rock!!! I've played Sims 3 on the PC and I've played other versions of the game on handhelds. I've also played Sims 2 on console. By far this is the best translation of a Sims game from PC to console. They got it all right. There is a new feature in the game where you can use Karma powers. This changes the game dramatically. You can "get lucky" in a matter of minutes now. You can curse someone you don't like...and ...well...I'll save a few surprises. This adds a whole new level to the Sims unpredictability. This new Karma power stuff is new and available in only the console versions. Also for all trophy and achievement whores out have plenty of awards. I would say about half are pretty easy to get...the other half will take some time. Good stuff EA! Expand
  3. May 10, 2012
    This was a great game. The Karma Power makes PS3 version is different than the PC version. Graphics Improvement and other good things. I promise you won't be disappointed...
  4. May 31, 2013
    This is the best sims game I've ever played. Karma powers are awesome. I love making a big family, throwing a huge party, and then killing them all with the firestorm karma power.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 39
  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
  1. 70
    The long-running series' third outing makes the leap to consoles with style. It's impressive how EA have managed to cram in almost every aspect of the PC game, without having to make any notable compromises. The controls take some getting used to, and the game frequently has to load, but Sims-fans will be happy to know that this is the best console-outing the series has offered yet.
  2. Jan 6, 2011
    At last: a console version of The Sims without a crappy control scheme. The Sims 3 may be not as extensive and flawless as the PC version, but is still a nice translation of the original concept that made The Sims great in the first place.
  3. The important parts work perfectly. [Christmas 2010]