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  1. May 11, 2012
    It's about time interactive dramas make a stand in gaming. The walking Dead is a great title oozing with potential. Not only does the first episode delivers, it hypes up the following episodes.
  2. Jun 16, 2012
    First off, I just want to say that people should stop comparing this to Heavy Rain, they might be both interactive drama, but they are of a different genre. I'm very sure that Zombie Apocalypse and Serial Killer are two very different plots requiring a different approach to implementation. It's just not fair to the respective games and presents a bias. Now on to the game:

    This really is
    a masterpiece. It's the no nonsense "Walking Dead" suspense and drama that I've come to love from the TV series. Now, I haven't gone through the comics yet but based on the overall experience going through the game, given what I've seen from the TV series, I was simply blown away. The way conversations and decisions were made and implemented really does make you "feel" for the characters in their zombie apocalypse world. I believe the story was very well written and also intertwines with the comic books and the TV series, which the Walking Dead fan-boys will surely love. The graphics are unpretentious yet amazing, the characters come to life with their own quirks and expressions. The sound gets the job done and is very appropriate for a scene and really lifts the emotional context. The controls are simple and responsive. The replay value is very good, given you really want to see the consequences of your every response and actions. The price is also amazing, it gives people the option to just spend $5 to try the first episode or buy all episodes as a bundle for a discounted price of S20 and receive the content as soon as they hit the digital shelves. I give this game a perfect score as it takes the zombie apocalypse theme to a new perspective in such style and excellent presentation. We really need more of these games. Expand
  3. Apr 26, 2012
    As a huge fan of the show, but someone who's not familiar with the comic book (no comic book store in my area) I was dying to get the game and looked forward to finding out about the comics, but was a little worried, now that I've played it I'm dying for more episodes to come out, it's fantastic the story, characters, and moments are all epic, it's not action centered like other zombie games such as the Dead Rising series or Dead Island as it's more focused on story and characters, but you will get to some "Walkers", and the story changes based on your choices, I started a second play-through and I'm surprised to see how my choices affected how the story played out, it's like the game is part RPG which is fine with me because that is my favorite game genre, and even though it's the first episode your faced with some really tough decisions to make and to add to the tension you only have a few seconds to make them, I'm dying to see how my choices will affect the other episodes, it's a blast to play and if your a Walking dead fan whether the TV show or comic book you'll love this, even if your not familiar with either I highly recommend, it's outstanding, fantastic, and a must download especially at the low price of $5.00, so as you can tell I really recommend a purchase of this awesome downloadable game. Expand
  4. Jul 1, 2012
    Enjoyed the game, it's nothing special but well worth the price. However, the delay between the 1st and 2nd episodes (2 months) has been far too long to maintain a decent gaming experience. The lack of communication form the developers was also insulting, constantly posting reviews of their own game yet never addressing the issue of episode 2 being over a month late, even now it is not yet available for playstation users in the E.U . The game I would rate as a 6, the service 1, that'll average out at 3.5 I'm going to round that down because any sensible company surely would have had episode 2 finished before releasing episode 1. Expand
  5. Apr 26, 2012
    I've played The Walking Dead: Episode 1 on Ps3, and I must say I'm pretty happy I did. I was sceptical at first because first, I don't like cellshaded games, second, it all looked really clunky (like previous Telltale games). But to my surprise, the second impression was really good, the cellshaded thing isn't even that obvious, and the animation... It feels more like a colourful, point & click Resident Evil game to be honest. There's not alot to complain about, the sound was great with awesome voice acting (the main guy, Lee, is very believable) and really nice music. Overall the game looks great too even though it has a few rough edges. So how about the point & click and speech system? They work well, what you say actually matters, and the "combat" works well. My only REAL complaint about the game is that sometimes the speech options went by so fast I barely saw what I chose, although I still got a fitting option so maybe this game is smarter than I thought... Anyway, I bought the season pass for 20 euros, which IMO is a great deal because not only do you basically get one free episode but you also get a really nice premium theme which is actually good. So as long as you are aware of the fact that this game is more about character interaction than bashing in zombie heads this is one game that's worth your money. Expand
  6. May 15, 2012
    I played the demo and was intrigued, so I just took a chance and purchased the episode pack for $20 (5 episodes, each $5, so in the end you save 5 by getting the pack vs individually).. and it might just be the best download only game i've ever purchased! I'm a fan of the L4D series, but this game takes elements from other genres and makes a very interesting game. The cell shading is done well and the characters are well developed. It plays out a little like Heavy Rain, your constantly making choices (and most of the time, for game changing decisions, you only get a few seconds to choose) that not only effect episode 1, but the entire series. It plays out around 5 hours or so, for me at least, cause I looked around and did everything I could. So you figure, the series will around 20 hours roughly, for the money, is defiantly worth it. Play the demo if your on edge, you'll get a taste of what the game contains. I can't possibly recommend this more. Expand
  7. Apr 30, 2012
    The graphics are very good, so are the animations. The gameplay is very similar to "heavy rain" You either like this type of gameplay or you dont. I find its nice to have something different in a while. I think its a great idea, they split the game into 5 episodes! Makes it much more exciting, and waiting a month isnt so bad. Also, The cost of the game, $19.99 for all 5 episodes makes it more attractive. Expand
  8. Apr 27, 2012
    It looked clumsy, daft and a bit isolated from the comic and TV series that first brought it to life, but Telltale Games have really done it justice. The cast are all enjoyable without a single plot breaking Mary Sue in sight and the game play is tight and never drops the player our of the immersion. For all it is going to cost you, this game deserves some attention. So what are you waiting for, give it already! Expand
  9. Oct 19, 2013
    When I heard they were making a Walking Dead game, I groaned because I assumed it was based on the TV show and that it was made by Telltale Games who made the Back to the Future video game which loathed and couldn't be bothered to finish playing.

    But this game has it all, episode one sets it all up perfectly. You get to know the characters in just the right amount of time, the
    introduction of how they become a working unit works brilliantly and the voice acting is superb. Expand
  10. May 12, 2012
    First: I have not seen any TV show. Nor read any book/comic strip of the "enterprise". But I kinda like zombies. (They USED to be people, too.) And I used to like adventure games, like "Day of the Tentacle". And Borderland's cartoonish style. Not to forget games where your decisions really made a difference. "The Walking Dead" got parts from all these game jewels. And making it episodes, makes the game very accessible and digestible, giving you a sufficient dose. Then you'll have to wait a while for the next episode arrives. I like it, and I'm glad I subscribed, rather than buying each episode. At least if the rest of the episodes are as good as the first..... Expand
  11. May 11, 2012
    Given the similarities to a certain narrative-led, QTE-featured title, The Walking Dead: Episode 1 could also be known as Heavy Brains ;) I wasn't expecting too much from this adventure game/interactive story but I was pleasantly surprised, and on several occasions drawn more into the story than I have been with most other games I've ever played. It's a very human tale, and despite being pseudo cel-shaded instead of photorealistic, potrays real, believable people. Some of the puzzles are tedious and almost all are fairly obvious, but it's this ability to keep moving through it quickly that keeps the pacing where most other attempts at 'interactive drama' fall flat. Quite how much this can really be considered a game along these lines is debatable, but as a piece of interactive entertainment, Telltale have succeeded. Expand
  12. Oct 3, 2012
    To be honest I wasn't expecting much( I only downloaded it because I had a few points to spare ) but I enjoyed every second of it and the characters are so well written I felt genuinely attached to them. Highly recommended. 10/10.
  13. Oct 26, 2012
    Really interesting take on the franchise. A lot of fun to play and has a great plot. Im not a fan of the cartoonish animation but the game is still really fun. This game is a def buy at $5. But beware the game is addicting and you will want to buy future episodes.
  14. May 6, 2012
    As a fan of all The Walking Dead mediums I was very happy to here this game was on the horizon especially when I found out it was not a shooter. The Walking Dead is about the characters interaction with each other not just re-killing zombies. This game feels like the comic, looks like the comic (only in color) and has the same emotion as the comic. This is a very good game as long as you are looking for a good story vs. an action game. Collapse
  15. May 4, 2012
    I'm so happy I purchased the full pass! Having the episodes being released once a month is a brilliant idea in my opinion. If it were one game I would blow through it in a weekend, this way I'm looking forward to each episode! The episodic format is gaming's future. I enjoy the importance of relationships and being able to choose my destiny so to speak. Some people may have a problem with the controls but I think it gives the game the sense of urgency that a zombie game should have. Loved it! Bring on episode 2! Expand
  16. Apr 28, 2012
    The gameplay was decent, reminded me of old school point and click adventures ala Kings Quest, Heros Quest. There were some minor graphical and sound glitches towards the end of the first episode, if it wasnt for these i would have given it a nine if not higher. A game this short and without a high demand for graphics should have been flawless. But the story is what makes this game a must play if you are a fan of the show or the comics, or both. There are a few tense moments and yes, while just having to click to save someone enables a cut scene your left wondering what would have happened if you saved the other person. Your decisions have real weight in the game, or feel as if they do, and that makes this very appealing, and makes you fee like you have an investment within it. A must play for $5. Had this had a price tag of $15 or more I might not have given it the same review. At $25 for 5 episodes, or $20 if your on ps3, its still a worthwhile investment, it took me roughly 3 hours to complete the first episode. Stretched out over 5 episodes thats roughly 15 hours of gameplay, and at that price its a good deal. Ive played games with far less gameplay for much more money. Expand
  17. Apr 27, 2012
    Pros: simple and effective graphics, easy and simple to pick up and play, good voice acting and sound, the story is very good

    Cons: some sound hiccups, a little on the short side, not convinced some of your choices make much difference and will carry forward through future episodes. playing/watching ratio is too high on the watching side

    I recommend you try the demo. If you like the demo
    you will love the game. Expand
  18. May 5, 2012
    I am a HUGE fan of the show, watch it every time the newest episode premiers, and when I heard about "The Walking Dead Videogame", I instantly thought "Oh no, please no", because games based off of shows and movies don't always turn out well, like "Avatar: The Game", but I can admit that I was wrong. I enjoyed the game, it turned out to be pretty decent, although, there are some things they COULD have improved on, but overall, it turned out well for a Game based off of a Movie/Show! Expand
  19. May 15, 2012
    I'll admit I wasent exspecting much when I first saw the game, but after I played it I became hocked! Its thriling to play, youll laugh, youll jump out of your seat, and youll say "HOLY $H1T" when yoou see the gore. This game isnt all about killing zombies like in Left 4 Dead, its all about the story, and the choises you make through it. Sure, theres a few glicthes, but the only real negative about this game is... WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR EPOSIDE 2, COME ON MAY 25!!!!! Expand
  20. May 18, 2012
    If you love the Walking Dead TV series then you should defiantly play the game. I have only played the first episode and I am already hooked. Unlike other zombie games like Dead Island the Walking Dead game, deals more with the people and how they interact with each other. The voice acting is superb by the way! You play as a new character named Lee and you will eventually meet up with other new characters. And some of the characters in the show and comics.

    I highly suggest any fans of the show or comics play it!
  21. May 24, 2012
    This game really does draw you in to the world of The Walking Dead. The decisions you make will affect what will happen later and how people will treat you later on as well. This is one of the best examples of an intereractive story I have played in a very long time. The characters are very interesting as well, you really feel and care for the people.
  22. Jun 8, 2013
    After every game I've played it's starting to feel like I've seen it all and done it all. This new style of story driven experience has been to me a breath of fresh air. It was also one of the few games that I was sincerely disappointed when it ended because I wanted more. Something must be right about it. But do not under any pretense buy every episode full price. They last 2.5 hours each and suck individually, paying 20 dollars for each one is the equivalent of paying 20 dollars to watch every episode of a TV series. Expand
  23. Jun 8, 2012
    Even if you don't like (or have seen) the TV series, give the demo a try. It is based on the same story but you don't need to know the series. At first I was sceptic, but after playing the demo for 5 minutes I was already convinced this is a high quality product. It is amazing, the story, the graphics, the voice-acting, it all comes together. It is really fun playing and the suspense is awesome. I bought the season pass without any hesitation. Also the controls for this genre on a console are working great.

    LOVE IT!
  24. Jun 10, 2012
    I've been with the Walking Dead since the first comic came out, so when I saw Telltale games pumping this franchise out I couldn't resist. Now, keeping a level head I must say that there are a few disclaimers that must be put forth: This is an interactive story with no free roam zombie killing, this game looks like a superhero comic, and lastly this game is part button masher. If you can work through those three points, and want a wonderful, compelling story with great decision making then this game is for you. Expand
  25. Jun 16, 2012
    Tell Tale Games hit it out of the park with this one. Decided to play the demo and I was hooked. The character immersion and the way the other characters interact, respond to, and learn from your character makes it very re-playable. If you are on the fence, try it out. I'm sure you will find it as fulling as I did and it's only $20 for the series.
  26. Jun 19, 2012
    Although I have never sat down and watched the series, the Walking Dead: Episode 1 provides excitement, believable characters and a much better story than I would have expected. The branching story of this game is brilliant, and it makes the player want to play to the very end. A must buy, and perhaps one of the best story-driven games that I have played, in my opinion.
  27. Jan 14, 2013
    Some games are put to such a high praise that when you get round to playing the game you expect so much more than it gives. If it wasn't for the hype and people claiming that this is the best thing ever to be made i'd probably love it. I enjoy the story and its characters very much so. I just wish it wasn't ruined by those around me.
  28. Aug 30, 2012
    Great game for a great price. A must have for any comic book fan, and better entertainment than the TV series. Now comparing with the episode two, choices made in this game are REALLY important!
  29. Aug 16, 2012
    Great game, great story, great cell shaded graphics. Seriously guys! What do you expect from a $5 game? Seriously people complaining about a $5 game have issues. Its awesome and the characters you can really adapt to.
  30. Oct 8, 2012
    When I found out about this game a was skeptical. But as more and more reviews came through it intrigued me enough to download the demo, which wowed me. So I bought the pass and I played through Episode one. I really enjoyed the whole feel and choice environment with this episode. Good controls and great story.
  31. Dec 11, 2012
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  32. Jan 17, 2013
    I got episodes one and two for this game when they were made free for playstation plus members. I remembered hearing high praise for the game and the TV series so I thought I'd give it a shot. (I had no experience with either at the time.) After downloading the game I started it up to the surprise of seeing an art style very similiar to that of Borderlands. I thought that was rather interesting I was warmed up for the game. I had been a fan of Borderlands so it felt mildly nostalgic. At the beginning of the game I found out it was another one of those text survival games. I had never been the biggest fan of games like that but I still kept an open mind through out the beginning. However, by about halfway through chapter 1 I could see that this game had been brutally overhyped. The game consists of lack luster gameplay filled with the excitement of finding objects and making choices that keep you on the edge of your seat like: "Do you want save this person from the zombies or do you want to save this other person from the zombies. Either choice you make leads to the death of the first person but choose anyway". Not only that but at one part of the opener, you have the pleasure of talking to someone that can't get the radio to work. You can choose to help her (which gives you zero reward or fulfillment if you do choose to help) by seeing what's wrong with the radio. Come to find out, she never checked to see if there were batteries. So you can go find batteries to give her. When you do so, the radio still won't work because this think tank of a woman doesn't know which direction batteries go. By the end of the first chapter I can guarantee that anyone actually paying attention to the dialogue will probably want his comrades to die. I know I did. I felt zero connection with the characters and the only closure I found from the game was when I decided I had had enough and turned it off. While I wouldn't call it a game that's as bad as Sonic 2006 or Superman 64, I wouldn't recommend you waste your time with this one. Expand
  33. Feb 28, 2014
    This is a great effort from Telltale. It has a great group of characters, good writing, fun gameplay (mostly) harrowing choices and great graphics that stay true to the game's comic roots. Has good replay value with the different decisions to make. Definitely worth the money.
  34. Jul 8, 2013
    I was pleasantly surprised by this game. I had played the demo and was not impressed at all. That said, episode 1 became free (again) on the psn. So I said sure lets give it a try. However I'll be reviewing it as a $5 game, so keep that in mind. Let's start out by saying that this type of game isn't for everyone. Alot of people are going to hate it. I'd recommend playing through episode 1 before buying the others. Going into the game and at the start of episode 1 I literally thought I was going to be giving this game a score under 5. Let's start with the bad. The beginning of the game is grueling and boring. The few times you get to free roam around you run into invisible walls everywhere you go. The game play is linear, enough said. The dialogue at first is pretty dull. The game itself is surprisingly not as short as I thought it would be. It ends after an appropriate time period for an episodic game that costs $5. That said, you can definitely blow through this thing in under an hour if you skip all the dialogue sequences and know exactly what you need to do. So this isn't exactly a bargain deal, or giving you the most bang for your buck, its $5 for about 2 hours of content. So why a 7? Cause I was pleasantly surprised by how good the voice acting was and how good the story became over time. I was literally laughing at some of the dialogue and what the choices I took evoked from the characters around me. The dialogue is great in this game. The story becomes very interesting over time, but like I said the start is boring. But everything just builds so at the end of the game I literally wanted to know what all the characters were I spent the time and talked to all of them. I don't know if the choices you make in this game really matter or not, but it feels like they do and that is what is important. The story and plot twists are great, the puzzles are rewarding since they advance the story in interesting directions. I was laughing my ass off at one of the 'mini-puzzles' involving a radio and a reporter who seemed smart and had 100% accuracy with a gun....but was totally technologically challenged to say the least. The choices you get are more and more amusing as the game goes on....since the characters start to develop more and more. The gameplay, for what it is, is very well done and fun (imo anyways). You'll be on rails basically most of the time but there's enough variation here to make things interesting. The death sequences are also very amusing. The zombies start out as slow and stupid and you wonder how they manage to kill anything....but then they go rabid when they get close to their prey. Making for some amusing death sequences. Even your own death sequences are funny and detailed. It's literally a point and click adventure story game. If that doesn't sit well with you then its not for you. Another point to make is the transition scenes are basically non-existent. You'll be seeing loading screens at the end of cliffhanger dialogue and all of a sudden your in another town and the other characters that seemed to matter are left behind. It will allude to the fact that you 'might' travel with this guy....and then all of a sudden after choosing to verbally abuse him you somehow end up riding with him to another town like nothing happened. It's a linear experience where you go from point a to point b. The variation lies in the character development...who will you try and save....etc. So I give it a 7/10 and I'm 60% sure I'll be looking into buying the next episode, probably when it goes on sale. You'll burn through the first episode in 1 sitting make no mistake. But the content 'becomes' good enough to warrant a buy. The animations and art style are spot on. The graphics are consistent throughout. But you will be constantly reminded this is an episodic game that cost $5. That said, by the end of it you really do feel like your choices are going to influence what happens in episode 2. This game has alot of hype around it, and maybe its warranted, but it has its flaws. As a standalone game for $5 I give it a 7/10. Expand
  35. May 6, 2012
    As a fan of all The Walking Dead mediums I was very happy to here this game was on the horizon especially when I found out it was not a shooter. The Walking Dead is about the characters interaction with each other not just re-killing zombies. This game feels like the comic, looks like the comic (only in color) and has the same emotion as the comic. This is a very good game as long as you are looking for a good story vs. an action game. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Jul 9, 2012
    Well, this is The Walking Dead alright and as a game it's a lot better than Telltales' Jurassic Park. It's not perfect, though, as the lip-synch is often a bit off and the overall length of the game leaves you wanting more. A lot more.
  2. 90
    A New Day proves to be Telltale Games' best outing in the adventure genre in recent memory--if not, ever. This is episodic gaming done right, and just like The Walking Dead TV show, we can't wait for the next episode.
  3. A riveting cerebral experience. Has that 'one more episode hook'. [July 2012, p83]