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  1. Mar 6, 2013
    I very much wanted to like this game. I remember playing the first TR game the day that it came out and being blown away by it. This, however, is not a Tomb Raider game. The closest and most succinct description that I can give is that it is Uncharted with breasts and XP. There's some exploration crack that's sprinkled on it, but for the most part here is the bulk of the gameplay:

    Follow a linear path.
    Encounter a group of armed thugs and chest high walls.
    Kill aforementioned thugs.
    Rinse and repeat. The game is mostly set pieces and constantly holds your hand. It comes complete with a win button that you can use to get the game to tell you what to do in case you can't figure it out, which never happens anyway because the way the design is done it's basically got sign posts telling you exactly what to do at every point in the game. Also, I'm about 3/4 of the way through and there has been exactly zero swimming, which would make this the first TR game without swimming. It is also nowhere near as gritty as we were led to believe, nor do you ever really feel vulnerable. The cutscenes and voice acting are well-done generally, but outside of them it's boom headshot time. This isn't a Tomb Raider game. It's barely an action-adventure game. It's mostly just an action game, complete with a heavy melee unit that shows up right on cue. But, for an ACTION game, it's decent. It plays a lot like Spec Ops, but has a more interesting main character, platforming, a less interesting narrative, but better combat. It isn't an awful game. If you LOVED Uncharted, and you KINDA LINKED the previous Tomb Raiders, you might want to check this out. If you came looking for an honest-to-goodness reboot of the Lara Croft franchise, well then I'm afraid I've got bad news for you...
  2. Mar 6, 2013
    Clearly,this is not a tomb raider game.As you can see in this video,(,crystal dynamics played a lot of uncharted during the development of this wannabe tomb raider.Too many déjà vu moments for a reboot of an iconic franchise.I am utterly disappointed.
  3. May 3, 2013
    Tomb Raider has come a long way, and for better or worse I can say I've been with it almost all of the way, having bought every main console game since the first one on release day. Very few people can claim to have been looking forward to this game as much as I was, especially having to look at it every day but being unable to play due to a busy work and school schedule. Unfortunately, as I had suspected the game is a giant disappointment, not only as a Tomb Raider game, but as a game in general. With today's technology they had the potential to do something truly great, something amazing. Instead, they saw an opportunity capitalize by making an uncharted game and branding it with Tomb Raider and a Lara Croft skin for a few extra sales. It's sad seeing the series decline to this, sure Angel of Darkness was bad but at the very least that game can say it's its own game, this on the other hand can't even claim that. What once had been greatness has been thrown out the window in favor of creating what must have been a desire to compile every tired, overdone, unwelcome, noob friendly trend of modern gaming they could possibly pull out of the last couple years. You name it Tomb Raider 2013 has it, regenerating health, strong focus on cover based shooting mechanics, quick time events, linearity, over the top set pieces, unnecessary catering to nongamers, ect the list goes on. The game also seems very forgetful and insecure with the very entertainment medium in which it is a part of. For a video game, you spend an awful lot of time watching cutscenes, doing/repeating poorly implemented quick time events, dealing with other scripted events, and an underwhelming amount of time being in control of the character of this so called "video game". It doesn't say much for the game that I died tons of times due to stupidly done QTEs and not once during the actual gameplay. The time in which you do actually spend in control playing the game treats you as if you've never played a video game before in your life. The gameplay is paint by the numbers, in some cases literally stopping and telling you exactly what button you need to press and when to press it, the game is even so insecure with itself as to incorporate what amounts to an "instawin" button just incase you happen to be braindead or sleeping and get stuck on any of the simplistic puzzles or lost in the 80% of a line map. Is this what gaming has come to? At this point we're literally regressing back to the days of Sega CD and FMV games, because that's exactly what this game feels like, an FMV game. With the depth of gameplay and complexity of platforming and vastness of levels the original game had 17 years ago, there is absolutely NO excuse for this game to have inferior gameplay, absolutely no excuse, IDC how low standards are today. I remember the original games invoking feelings of excitement and terror, prompting you to hold down that X button extra strong because you were shimmying over an enormous void and one slip would send you plunging down to the ground in a cringe-worthy "crunch" sound. This game has none of that, anything cool that could have been done is done through quick time events instead of gameplay. Seeing all the praise this game gets makes me genuinely worry about where games are heading. Plotting an imaginary line of gameplay regression over the past few years would have believe we'll soon all be playing on the next gen playstation CD. Expand
  4. Mar 9, 2013
    I think people are becoming too liberal with 10/10 scores because if you've ever played a Tomb Raider game before, then you'll know that this is not it. The Tomb Raider of 2013 will be forever remembered for catering for the masses and giving the audience what they assume we want which in short are recycled broken game mechanics, set pieces, quick time events and shooting. There is nothing remotely satisfying about this game and considering how high the review scores have been, makes me wonder if they were really playing this at all. I have found absolutely no resemblance to anything positive they have mentioned in any review I've seen, with the exception of the graphics. Crystal Dynamics have previously done a stellar job of the series but now I think their creativity has been stunted and all we'll get from here on out is more hum drum Joe Bloggs bull ****
  5. Mar 9, 2013
    I rented this game and what I have to say is that this is a pretty good action/adventure game, the combat feels good, the environments are good and there's plenty of generic humans to kill which gets old and boring very fast.
    But this is a awful Tomb Raider game, just awful, I wish it was never made. There is nothing, absolutely nothing what so ever in this game that made me a Tomb Raider
    fan back in the 90s, no dino killing, no dragon slaying, no back flip shooting, no swimming and no dual wielding handguns, all I'm doing in the sack of game is shooting human after human after human after human after human and it is just pathetically boring. I never finished the game because I just got bored. Worst of all, I'll never ever love or respect Lara Croft ever again, I loved Lara as the unbeatable badass babe who could hold her own against monsters and dinosaurs, but now she's a pathetic man needing baby who has become just downright annoying with her crying, moaning and screaming.

    I'll never play Tomb Raider again if it continues in this bull**** direction. 4.5/10

    One of my most boring games of 2013.
  6. Mar 12, 2013
    Too easy, waaaaay to easy... This hole game (almost!) just felt like a level 1 or the tutorial level from any of the old TR games...6 hours total with hand holding all the way through is a JOKE. And whats up with the camera angles and wardrobe? Where it set and made by religigious fanatics? I really dont want to see Lara with a 1930s adventurer, bomber jacket, case closed!!!!!!!!!!!! And yeah, the graphics kinda sucks tries to fool you and make you think that it's good, but suddenly all the caves looks the same, and as in Far Blurr 3 this suffer from the same poor writing distance. I bet this can run well on an ipad in relativly short time, and thats not an overstatementt! Sad to see that Lara is gone cause this simply isnt a TR game!! Expand
  7. Mar 15, 2013
    She jump over 10 feet!!! WTF!!!!!! she get a molotov!!! she take 10 AK shoots...she is fine...WTF!!!!! just crap, its like Uncharted 4, but with boobs
  8. May 18, 2013
    I tried so hard to like this game but at the end I couldn't. As amazing the graphics are, it couldn't help save the lack luster story, clunky controls, and the game is far too easy even on the hardest difficulty.
  9. Apr 28, 2013
    Bad. Just bad.
    I recall the original tomb raider. Press forward, Lara moves forward. A rock falls down, you have to press away from the rock to run away from it. If a rock falls from above, you move or you die. Not so in this new version. A rock falls, you have to guess what button you have to press before it tells you at the last millisecond giving you no time to press it unless your
    first name is robocop. Then there comes the part you need to scrabble up a slope and the simple system of pressing a direction to go that direction gets replaced by the l and r button. I seriously do not have the patience for this kind of crap. If I have to press triangle, I expect to be told this ahead of time. I don't expect the game to serve me freshly pickled death just so it can laugh at my Lara girl getting crushed by a huge rock, not giving me much choice because of a completely disproportionate reaction time. Expand
  10. May 12, 2013
    I'm about halfway through Tomb Raider (already, after sitting with it for just a few hours just three times) and I have to tell you, it is boring as all heck.

    First of all there is way too much combat. Tomb Raider is suppose to be an exploration game with some gunplay on the side; it's not suppose to be a shooter. Also, the gameplay is very linear and every five minutes there's another
    cutscene. You never really get to relax and explore the world because you're always on a mission to advance the story, and quite frankly I have no idea what that story is. Lara is on an island with a bunch of bad guys trying to kill her for no apparent reason while her lost friends are communicating with her by radio telling her to go here, go there, do this, do that, so that's what she does. I have no idea what the map even means either.

    Also, if you do not have a fairly large HDTV don't even attempt to play this game; all the text is tiny and blurry and you will have to stop the game and look up every upgrade on the internet to find out what the tiny little blurry letters say. I did manage to finally hook it up to a decent TV and admittedly the graphic are cool but looking around is very choppy and limited so even though it looks realistic it's not a realistic experience. And even on the HDTV it was boring because every five minutes I was in another shooting match with another army of men who wanted to kill me for who knows what reason. And if you die in one of these battles which you are likely to do because you are after all one girl against an army of men throwing dynamite at you and shooting machine guns at you, you'll have to start the entire battle all over again. YAWN.

    I kept asking myself when do I get to climb a pyramid for a couple of hours and actually RAID A TOMB? You explore for at the most five minutes before you find yourself in another long drawn out gun battle or sliding down some collapsing debris ala Uncharted, forced to push a series of buttons in a certain order just to get through another segment of the linear gameplay. YAWN.

    And yes, I understand that this is a prequel and Lara isn't the woman yet that she is in the other games, but come on, enough with the annoying whining and crying. For someone who can slaughter armies of men and go around shooting helpless animals for money and loot (huh?) Lara sure is a bit of a crybaby

    All in all I'm very disappointed with Tomb Raider. I was really looking forward to enjoying playing a traditional Tomb Raider game except with more awesome graphics but instead got a really bad Uncharted rip off. I've played all three Uncharted games and there was nary a dull moment in any of them. I'm only halfway through Tomb Raider and I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth finishing it. I mean I already know what's going to happen next. She's going to climb some more ropes, scale some more walls, kill more men who are rushing at her like maniacs, nearly reach one of her friends before whatever she's standing on collapses making the hour it took to get there completely pointless, and repeat.
  11. Jun 17, 2013
    For a game with so much hype surrounding character portrayal the supporting cast is weak. Sassy black chick serves as the critical voice to all the Lara’s concerns over the islands supernatural qualities. Cute Chinese girl functions as a plot device by being kidnapped like that guy who always disappears in The Hangover films. Large framed and even larger hearted Hawaiian guy keeps everyone’s spirits up while the island’s indigenous shower them all with fire based projectiles. The supporting cast is a too wide and nobody gets enough screen time or engaging dialogue to make a real presence, the main protagonist included. Lara isn’t well fleshed out either. She displays brief turmoil following her first kill, but she soon goes on to find new and outlandish ways to expose the inner craniums of hundreds more men without showing any further remorse or having the excuse of being drugged up to the eye balls like Far Cry 3’s Jason Brody. The writers attempt to book end the narrative with mournful references to her dead dad, but everything in between reads like the script of your average cookie cutter action flick.

    A lot of the narrative’s credibility has been tied to the portraying of Lara in a vulnerable light, but this doesn’t instantly make for thoughtful characterizing. If someone rewrote Mansfield Park and recast Fanny Price as a busty gun toting whore I doubt it’d be met with such appraisal, or perhaps it would; Pride and Prejudice and Zombies did alright, but I digress. While we’re talking literature, it’s worth mentioning that Tomb Raider attempts to embellish it’s narrative with collectable diaries and documents la Bioshock, but they don’t embellish it so much as contain every scrap of what could have made this story interesting. Additionally they’re so monotonously voiced and lengthy that players are like to harvest them for xp and swiftly move on. In further regard to the vulnerability aspect of Lara, it’s a tone that fails to resonate when she’s brushing off twenty foot drops every few seconds like some sort of human bouncy ball.

    Average writing aside game play isn‘t particularly jaw dropping, not to say that it‘s altogether poor as it functions fluidly, but remains uninspired. The box art is tag lined “A survivor is born” although survival elements are sparse. An opening tutorial has Lara murder and cook Bambi for nourishment. Later a heavily injured Lara has to abandon aggressive modes of combat, instead making use of throw able objects, bow kills and takedowns. However such scenarios were gimmicky and fleeting when instead they could have been more intricate and permanent features.

    More often or not oppurtunities to employ stealth are scripted and conclude with forced fire fights in which players need to hunker down in the same spot to pick off foes from behind cover. You can’t give a player the option to approach combat in their way for so long only to snatch it away. That’s like being invited to a dinner party where the first two courses are comprised of lobster and caviar, but turns out that desserts a massive un-optional sandwich.

    A.I isn’t too intelligent, take out one enemy by yanking him with rope and arrow from a platform and his buddy two feet away will assume they’ve went for a spontaneous paraglide session. Enemies endlessly gravitate towards flammable barrels like they were full of winning lottery tickets and the island’s rigged with more explosives than a Wile. E. Coyote cartoon so combat soon becomes pretty, but stale.

    Environments make impressive use of vertical spaces, but routes for dispatching enemies are persistently linear. Camera angles are occasionally an issue in woodland areas resulting in the player’s view being obscured by more shrubbery than if they were being tea bagged by a tree beard from Lord of the Rings. Woefully enemies can make better use of the vertical spaces than the player during combat and anytime the opportunity to perform impressive manoeuvres arises the game has the nasty habit of cutting to a cinematic or QTE, alarmed that the players satisfaction levels may be spiking.

    Out with combat, tomb raiding is optional activity and when the ’tombs’, read ‘small caves’, are encountered they’re usually preceded by long needless crawls towards an area containing remarkably simple puzzles. The purpose of these is supposedly to give the player a long look at Lara’s arse so there goes you feminist angle.

    The undeniably present lack of free will displayed in the game’s set pieces leads to the theory that it may have been Crystal Dynamic’s wish to produce a Tomb Raider movie. The abundant use of slow motion, cut-aways and the way the screen goes film noir when Lara takes damage would certainly suggest so. This in mind here’s the alternative to buying the game. Watch one of the old Angelina Jolie films with controller in hand and press the trigger every time Lara wastes some guy.
  12. Sep 29, 2013
    Tomb Raider without tomb raiding Zero. This game shouldn't even be called tomb raider. The gameplay is really bad, it's so linear and repetitive and predictable everything explodes or brakes and then you have to push a button to save your ass from the explosion/fall. And the rest of the time it's just another shoot em up action game which isn't that bad but wasn't Tomb Raider about exploring tombs Well, in this game they are "optional". And are extremely easy. Why Because tomb raider is dead. Really, if you're a Tomb Raider fan, don't buy this game Expand
  13. Mar 30, 2013
    Very disappointing.

    Graphics are very pretty but the game is way to linear with far to many cut scenes. Lots of the encounters just involve following prompts on screen to press triangle, or square, etc and you spend more time watch cut scenes than playing. Then when you do get to play, there's only one route to go it's very very boring. Especially after having just played the brilliant
    Far Cry 3. Collapse
  14. Jun 9, 2013
    The multiplayer of this game is soo poor I want to kill myself, There was so much Lag on Console versions and it was not consistent, it had bugs glitches, the campaign was very short too, it felt too lack lust and i wish it could've been more but the replay value just died as there were many latency and server lagging within the multiplayer!
  15. Jul 4, 2013
    Played this game for a good 4 hours now and i am left with this "meh" feeling. Probably not even going to finish it to be honest. Let me first say that the gameplay is decent for the most part and it has some impressive motion capturing going for it. The graphics and soundtrack are above market standards as well. And that is the best i can say about this game unfortunately.
    The "story",
    if you can even call it that, is a complete dud written by what must be a pretentious high school drop out with a pen. Actually, it is almost insulting the way logic is challenged over and over. For example, Lara is cold, shivering etc, yet i cannot pick up a coat from one of the 30 guys i just murdered? It is full with crap like this, and it will get annoying fast. Heck, the game even starts this stupid by completely impaling Lara trough the gut with a rusty stake-like object, yet she is completely fine for the rest of the game??. And that is just one of the ridiculous injuries she sustained, more, even absurder injuries follow later. The supporting cast is completely forgettable and as two dimensional as rice paper. And then there is "Lara" (or Laura to some cast members who are supposedly her friends, yet cannot pronounce her name right). Lara is as Mary Sue as they come in. A pure cliche turd with a nice set of jugs and a good looking piece of ass, but not much else. Her voice actor is annoying to the point where you just want to turn the voice down altogether after an hour. OOOooh's and AAAaahh's aplenty, but not the kind you would expect from a person in painful survival mode, but rather from a person doing the voice overs in a pornographic film. They also tried to give Lara some humane personalty traits this time around, but it fails so miserably it enters comedy territory. For example, the first guy she shoots causes her to drop to her knees and yell something like "whyyyyyyy!!!!!" but it is done in such a amateur way you cannot help but laugh at this "emotional" performance. Actually, i am not even going to continue this review, it is simply bad. It has some good gameplay here and there (and some horrendous too, quick time events for the lose) so some fun can be had, but for me, a solid 4/10 Expand
  16. Mar 29, 2014
    I've always been a big fan of TR, since I was a child. I'm really disappointed by this game. This is not tomb raider. This is a horrible sequence of QTE and cut-scenes, with no tombs to raid. This game should be called Lara Uncharted or Female Uncharted. This is definitely not Tomb Raider. I want my money back.
  17. Oct 16, 2014
    Neverending Cutscenes, scripted events, QTE. WTF is all this BS where is my game to game on? I don't want an interactive experience I want a game to game on.
  18. Nov 21, 2013
    If you expect to raid tombs in this game, this game is not for you. Yeah, I know. You would think Tomb Raider would be a game about raiding tombs and exploring the truth behind awesome legends and myths, like every previous Tomb Raider. Ah well, too bad for you.

    If you expect to play with the iconic bad-ass heroine that is Lara Croft, this game is not for you. Oh, don't get me wrong,
    she is still named Lara Croft, but instead of being... well, Lara Croft, she is actually a whiny girl who does whatever her buds as her to do, because she must not have a mind of her own. And you know that promise they made, about this experience being the reason why she becomes the heroine we love and that in the end we would, in fact, get to see THE Lara we should have played with the entire game? You've guessed it. It is a load of bull-crap. She ends the game just as stupid minded as she begins. Do I feel betrayed? Utterly.

    Needless to say at this point, if you expect the narrative to be an emotional ride that will leave you weeping but satisfied, this game isn't for you either. Tomb Raider (2013) is among the stupidest stories I've ever experienced in a video game... ever! And it suffers even further for taking it's bad narrative so seriously, to the point where it will make you laugh and flip off your screen at just how cringe worthy it is. (I honestly had to take a break for a few hours... it was like reading a terrible book, filled with more clichés, melodramatic moments, and plot holes than you could possibly handle except this one is in game-format.)

    If you expect breathtaking music to go along the repetitiveness that is to shoot tons of men, solve a five second puzzle, and repeat, then this game isn't for you. Also, don't play this game without headphones you don't want anyone to think you're watching hardcore porn... or maybe you do. But that has nothing to do with me. You were warned though. (This means the voice acting is atrocious, by the way... and the gameplay too, unfortunately.)

    And finally, if you expect this game to take your breath away with it's gorgeous graphics and the magnificent setting, then I guess this game is for you. The settings are simply beautiful, from the Japanese temples, to the forests... this is a VERY good looking game. Absolutely stunning. And that is why I've rated it a 4 just for how beautiful it is. It almost makes me cry that the setting was completely wasted in this game.

    And that was all!
    By all means, play this if you want to, but you were warned.
  19. Jan 1, 2014
    Let me start by saying that I do know that a lot of development effort goes in to making just about any game, especially a AAA title. But all that effort is meaningless, I don't judge games on how hard they were to make I judge them on whether or not they were enjoyable to play, and this one just isn't fun. Some will say it's a franchise reboot, but I say slapping the "Tomb Raider" on a generic Uncharted rip-off does not a Tomb Raider game make! Tomb Raider pretty much started the 3D platforming adventure genre, it paved the way for titles like Uncharted, it let the world know that jumping over gaps was still fun in the 3D age so that we could have Prince of Persia Sands of Time. But now it's a mere imitation of the very titles it enabled, and a pale imitation at that.

    If you're completely new to Tomb Raider then you may like this game. If you really like badly executed 3rd person shooters you will love this game. But if you were a fan of the original Tomb Raider on the PS1 then you will hate this game and everything it stands for.

    This game is the antithesis of TR. In the original you felt like you were exploring, sure you had an entrance point and an exit point but in between that there were places to explore, there were hidden bits of ammo and medi-kits that you might not find in years of replays I still find things today in the old Tomb Raiders! In this incarnation of TR you find yourself feeling very trapped in a narrow corridor looking through the invisible walls at scenery you can never explore.

    In the original TR there was plenty of shooting but it didn't feel like it was the objective, it was something you did on your way to your objective, and as you progressed through the game you found yourself fighting different enemies and actually employing a different strategy to beat them. Some enemies you back-flipped away from, some enemies you side-flipped left and right to dodge projectiles, some you ran around in circles in short you employed your limited set of movements in a surprisingly varied way. In this new TR you hide behind cover and pop up to shoot, you know, like Call of Duty but 3rd person... It doesn't even get fun with the bow.

    The verdict: This game is the biggest pile of dog dirt you'll ever step in. If you want a game worth playing that makes use of a bow (and does the whole stealth thing really very damn well!) then get The Last Of Us, which is a spectacular game.
  20. Mar 30, 2014
    Look at all the high scores from both users and reviewers, how is this possible? I'll tell you how, the hype for this mediocre game and the want to love this game has blinded everyone to how terrible this giant turd is. I bought the game and I did beat it, after a few hours or so, the feeling of guilt began to plague me. I knew I had made a bad purchase. I still kept playing though, telling and trying to convince myself that this game was actually good. I read the IGN review for this game, where the reviewer states that the tombs are actually challenging and that they will make you feel like you accomplished something!....Nothing could be further from the truth, those tombs are designed so that your average first grader can do in less than a minute. There is no gameplay at all in this mediocre cash cow for mindless drones that believe anything other people say. An enormous amount of handholding, a ton of QTE's, set pieces that play themselves. Uncharted has a good amount of set pieces, yet you still retain control of Nate, not in this game. In this game the set pieces play themselves and there is a lot of them. There is about 2-3 different kinds of bad guys with very very poor AI. People talk about stealth, but even the first MGS does it much much better. The game's hard difficulty is a joke, you'll even read a lot about that from the fanboys of this game. Post game content? Lol all the things to do after you beat this game for casual babies are totally uninspired and worthless. Lara is supposedly more realistic but that is far far from the truth. This 120LB woman makes Big Boss look relatively green. The supporting cast is so dead, so insipid, you might just want them to die. This game will provide no challenge for you at all, none whatsoever. The bad guys just love to throw molotovs at you, they are really fond of that. They love to stand next to exploding barrels so that you can end their pathetic lives all the much easier. The graphics are really nice, that is all this game has, nothing else. Don't be an idiot and disagree with this review. Just admit that you like sh**** games, it will make you a much much smarter person. This insipid, shallow, mediocre, uninspired, challenge lacking(to the most extreme) game gets a 4. Expand
  21. Mar 30, 2013
    Very disappointing.

    Graphics are very pretty but the game is way to linear with far to many cut scenes. Lots of the encounters just involve following prompts on screen to press triangle, or square, etc and you spend more time watch cut scenes than playing. Then when you do get to play, there's only one route to go it's very very boring. Especially after having just played the brilliant
    Far Cry 3. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. Apr 11, 2013
    This reboot of the series not only surpassed my expectations, but it is easily one of the best games I have played in a long time. If you're like me and love story driven games that offer a great gaming experience then Tomb Raider is definitely for you.
  2. There’s no denying Tomb Raider is a heavily influenced work, both mechanically and aesthetically (its nods to Neil Marshall’s The Descent are so happy to be there at one point Lara even re-enacts the “girlrising-out-of-sea-of-blood” scene). While it offers nothing wholly original, its salvaged parts combine to produce an experience that is consistently better than anything its own heroes have produced. [April 2013, p70]
  3. Mar 28, 2013
    Despite occasional dissonance between narrative and game mechanics, Tomb Raider is a highly polished, highly accomplished reboot. Kudos, Crystal Dynamics. [Issue#235]