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  1. Aug 8, 2013
    In general, how can I describe Tomb Raider? Yeah, its not perfect…but it’s damn close in my opinion and that is pretty amazing. Lara’s evolution in this game really brings out an aspect of her that was not there in the previous games, she’s human. The first installment of Tomb Raider in the new series is an extremely strong one and may even be a candidate for 2013′s Game of the Year.

  2. Sal
    Mar 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A brilliant return to form for the series lots of positives with few negatives.

    The good,

    Brilliant graphics.
    Amazingly fluid controls.
    Great combat.
    Decent story with some negatives.

    The bad.
    Level design, far too linear and basically holds your hand through the game.

    Story Lara kills one guy, has a 2 second breakdown and then massacres her way through the rest of the game with not a single problem leading on to...

    Character development. too sporadic and schizophrenic.

    Far too many quicktime events.
  3. Mar 16, 2013
    One of the best games I've ever played! Words can't express how much I enjoyed this game. I'm a big tomb raider fan and I couldn't have asked for a better reboot than this. It is better than the old in so many was it's incomparable. From the start to finish I was hooked, this game it's amazing in so many ways I would have to go on and on, but I'm not! If you like tomb raider, you'll love this, and and of you like video games, you absolutely have to play this game!! It is now in my top 10 favorite games of all time. A must play. Expand
  4. Aug 6, 2013
    I'm currently on 65% to complete 1st walkthrough and I think there is nothing until end which can spoil this score. Game is awesome. Only bad thing is that it's little too easy.
    Story, game mechanics and everything else works just fine!

    Feels like Tomb Raider meet Far Cry 3 and Uncharted!
  5. Apr 14, 2013
    Tomb Raider is FarCry 3 Uncharted 3 blended together.
    Tomb raider has that simple awesome upgrade system. A surviving story that in my opinion beats FarCry 3 story.
    Tomb Raider had few cool puzzles in tombs to solve. In fact the whole game play is full of simple surviving puzzles.
    I loved the story, loved documents and relics collecting with the documentary about each one.
    I give this
    9 .5 because Multiplayer isn't really as good as the game. Expand
  6. May 30, 2013
    Entertaining and beautiful. Amazing action pieces and flow. The combat is great mix of stealth and action. Gameplay is similar to uncharted but even better(This is a big plus)! This is one of the best tomb raiders ever! Great way to begin Lara's journey.
  7. Mar 8, 2013
    The new tomb raider is a very good action game with a sprinkle of exploration and puzzle solving. I would say 75% action and 25% puzzle and exploration. Its similar to the uncharted series and that isn't necessarily a bad thing because I like the uncharted series however I bought this hoping to play classic tomb raider not uncharted. I loved all the original ps1 tomb raiders with their very high difficulty and massive levels that would take literally hours to figure out. The original tomb raiders were 80% puzzle solving and exploration and 20% action....(if even that much action). Here lies the problem for me. The new tomb raider is very good but not at all like the originals and to be honest after playing it i took the disk out and went on to psn and downloaded the old tomb raiders for a replay because oddly enough this really made me want to play them again and best of all is that i never managed to beat tomb raider 3. Now thats what I call a tomb raider, a rock hard challenge with serious consequences if you fail. I think you know where im going with this so if you like uncharted you will like the new tomb raider but if you want massive difficult levels to get lost in you wont get it with this reboot. overall a very good action game with great graphics that will satisfy new customers and also old fans who feel the old tomb raiders had their day. I on the other hand am gonna be having far more fun playing tomb raider 3 for the foreseeable future while the world enjoys this reboot. Each to their own I guess. Expand
  8. Apr 21, 2013
    Honestly, the game is excellent. Crystal Dynamics has nailed it. The atmosphere ranges from empowering, to stomach churning, to down right chilling. The visuals are top freaking notch and all the character performances are premium. Why only an 8 if I like it so much you ask?

    Well, there's a couple of stupid design choices, like the crappy auto cover mechanic they use, which picks the
    worst times to think you want to run out into enemy fire. I mean honestly, it's clear a large chunk of the gameplay inspiration came from Uncharted, and Naughty Dog was smart enough to realize that the player should choose when to activate the cover system. Heck, Mass Effect 1 tried this and by ME2 they had gone to button controlled cover mechanics. Simple fact: The player will always know better than your context sensitive algorithm. So -1. Here's hoping if they get a Tomb Raider II (or is that II-2?) that this mechanic gets refined. My second complaint is that the movement controls can at times feel just a little too floaty. On more than one occasion I jumped down from a platform in an attempt to escape enemy fire and found myself magnetized to the edge and the moment i touched the thumb stick in my frantic haste, I'd climb back up and have my face torn off by a shotgun. So -1.

    Honestly though, these little control hic-ups are far from game braking and for most people, they don't even get noted in the review. The general consensus seems to be the game is awesome. The general consensus would be very correct. I've never thought virtual bow hunting could be so fun (*cough*AC3*cough*)... and yet Crystal Dynamics has made it so. While hunting doesn't really feel necessary outside the initial tutorial, being a pseudo-open world game means that it's just fun to do it anyway sometimes. The bow is something of a God weapon up until the end, and that's OK, because it's damn satisfying to use. Headshots are fun, headshots with a bow are more fun. The puzzle sections (aka tombs, though they don't always resemble a tomb really), are generally well done, if a little simplistic. Though I can see why they are simple, so as not to disrupt the game's flow. If you're someone who wants a meatier puzzle, then they have optional tombs with some slightly more thinker puzzles.

    Ignore the haters with their panties in a bunch. They're just overly nostalgic and can't accept that some aspects of modern game design are better than was found in the older Tomb Raider games...
  9. Jul 6, 2013
    Never played any other Tomb Raider. Figured the this title would be a good starting point. Was a lot like a female version of the Uncharted games. Really enjoyed the story and the survival tactics used in the game.
  10. Mar 5, 2013
    a great reboot of the game making Lara grounded and more of a person than a symbol

    gear and skills are good but I wish they add more

    the cinematics here are super high quality like from an action move
  11. Apr 26, 2013
    This new Tomb Raider is the best Tomb Raider that you can get it´s over 10 times better than Underworld, Legend or Anniversary.It has the perfect story and the perfect control scheme having a touch of Arkham City, Uncharted and Assassin´s Creed
  12. Jan 17, 2014
    Tomb Raider needed to grow up, and I liked what they've done with the character, although the story itself is fairly bland and generic. The pre-rendered cutscene at the games beginning is ugly as well. It's a little too "AAA"-influenced by other games, but I liked the puzzles.
  13. Jul 20, 2013
    This is a really fun 3rd person action adventure game. If you take the story with a grain of salt you will have a good time. This is the first female character in a video game that I thought was pretty hot (can't believe i'm saying that). You have to throw out all of your previous TR knowledge and passion. This is a complete reboot. I can't wait until the next one. The game is pretty short even on hard and you don't have to raid any tombs to complete the game which is kinda weird. But overall really fun, immersive sound and a hot chick killing bad guys. Expand
  14. Mar 8, 2013
    I hate to compare this to uncharted, but it is all most impossible, but this should be seen as a complement. This game does every Uncharted does, and in my opinion much better. The story is great, and it had me interested from beginning to end, Lara is played brilliantly well, even if her transition from average girl to full blown badass is jarring. It plays great, the combat, to my surprise is very enjoyable. The cover system is one of the best I have seen, it's seamless and never slows down the action, the guns and bow feel great. The platforming is simple, and not to challenging, but none the less it's still fun and make for some really great cinematic moments. The game defiantly is not as puzzle heavy as the previous game, but there are puzzles, and they are fun. The game looks fantastic, full of colour, varied environments and never noticed texture pop in, frame rate slows down sometime but never enough to ruin the experience.But Multiplayer is bad a poor man uncharted Expand
  15. Mar 16, 2013
    i`ve played and beat this game and i found this to be the best tomb raider game yet.i`m going to say right now this no uncharted.the game has great visuals.and the game play is feel connected with lara and her friends as they explore and try to survive.the game is open world to certain point since you can come back and explore old areas to find things you may have missed.this game feels like the old tomb raider games but the only thing they could of done a little better or add more of is the puzzles.the mutliplayer is fun to play. but can get a little boring to fast. i really felt for the lara and her friends.looting tombs and finding treasure is there just like in the old romb raider games and jumping and climbing as matter what anyone says it still tomb raider old with a new look. Expand
  16. Mar 5, 2013
    What a return for Lara Croft. Crystal Dynamics have made exactly what they were aiming for. Lara is no longer a hardened tomb raider. She's young and terrified and this atmosphere is made perfectly. The story is deep and involving. The action sequences are brutally amazing, ripping along at a breakneck pace. The gameplay is solid and enjoyable and the visuals are quite staggering at times. A near perfect experience. Expand
  17. May 29, 2013
    !0 is perfection, and this is as close as it gets. This is the brutal story of Lara Croft, and holy moses it is DIRTY. It's a beautiful action game that really gives you action. The world feels really open, yet it is linnear, but as I said, it feels huge. The best game I've played in at least 2 years.
  18. Mar 23, 2014
    Best Tomb Raider game in the serie period. While it does looks a little "Uncharted-y", it's more open world that the game it copied on. The gameplay is great too.
  19. Jun 20, 2013
    Tomb Raider reboot is pretty fantastic. The gameplay strongly resembles Uncharted, but has much more of an open world type of experience. You can fast travel similar to that in AC. The gameplay is easily the most attractive thing about this game. The story may not be as good as Uncharted and at often times dull but it's essentially pretty interesting.
  20. Mar 7, 2013
    "This, however, is not a OLD Tomb Raider game" Puff... That is good.
  21. Apr 6, 2013
    The reviewers are right on about this great game: Crystal Dynamics did a helluva job making a fantastic story merge with addictive gameplay. What a treat in this "dry" year for games so far—I just finished Bioshock Infinite and moved on to the equally awesome but very different Tomb Raider. It IS kinda like Drake's Uncharted with Lara Croft, but the story is even better than any in the Drake's series. Much more character development here and the bow and arrow mechanics are super cool. And saying this game is like Uncharted is a huge compliment....I'll take a well-made game like this any day of the week. You can even inject some stealth into the game with silent takedowns and bow-and-arrow headshots. Hope they make a sequel! Expand
  22. Mar 14, 2013
    Great overhaul of the franchise! Have always been a fan of the TR games, loved the original. This new version is the shot in the arm they needed. Surpassing the Uncharted games IMO, this new TR is fun, great controls, better firearm dynamics and love the bow and arrow inclusion. Graphics are good too. If you like TR and have enjoyed the Uncharteds on PS3, you will be pleased. TR rocks.
  23. Mar 11, 2014
    Amazing game. Slightly ripped off Uncharted but I guess Uncharted ripped off Tomb Raider in the first place. Who cares the game is brilliant. Story may be a little clichéd, but it is engrossing and entertaining.

    The weapon advancement and the character upgrading are very well done, gives you the addicts rush of "a little bit more and I'll turn it off" striving for another few bits of
    salvage or exp.

    Getting this on PS+ was an added bonus. I do prefer this kind of game not to come with DLC that has to be pad for so only 9/10 if it was a no DLC game then 10/10
  24. Apr 2, 2014
    I agree with all the negative comments and the Fact that this is definitely Nathan Drake's twin sister, but it was fun and much more realistic than the previous TR, Ladies and Gentleman let the game-play and characters evolve. I loved using the bow.
  25. Jul 27, 2013
    It's not easy for a game to make my shelf as it's a (figuratively) small shelf. The PS3 side consists of the Assassin's Creed series, the Resident Evil series, Bisoshock trilogy, Soul Calibur and Tekken, Final Fantasy 7 and 8, and Red Dead Redemption. The PC side consists of the Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age Origins and II, the Dead Space trilogy, Oblivion, Skyrim, The Witcher 1 and 2, SWKOTOR 1 and 2, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Metro 2033 and eventually Last Light.

    Now because games are so expensive and most of them are a couple hours of linear junk, I tend to rent games from Gamefly to see if they make the shelf. I've played some good and bad games this way but none have even come close to the shelf. My assumption was that this game would be no different. I'm glad to have been wrong and this game will be making the PC shelf for sure (even though I rented it for PS3).

    Now as a youngin I played most if not all the TR games though I don't remember liking them all that much. This game, however, I thoroughly enjoyed. The new take on Lara Croft is perfect in my opinion. The appearance change is great. She went from an over exaggerated bimbo to a classy kind of beautiful. Her personality is also very likable with the perfect mix of typical girl, explorer and badass.

    The story was also top notch which is an absolute must for a game like this. The characters were well done as well and the gameplay was thoroughly enjoyable. The graphics were great for this generation of console and I can't wait for the next installment on next gen. Voice acting was also top notch.

    The weapon modification was great though more personalized customization would always be nice. The skill progression worked but definitely needs to be expanded upon. The environments were varied and enjoyable both visually and gameplay-wise. I felt they did a great job of having the game be quite linear (which undoubtedly helps the story telling side) yet still have plenty of exploration involved. This was enhanced by all the cool tools, weapon upgrades and mechanics in the game. Overall there was not much I didn't like about the game.

    As for things I didn't like, there were very few. My major gripe was sound effects and dialogue volume being linked in the options menu. I don't know what buffoon came up with that idea but s/he should get a stern talkin-to.

    Next, and this is something I'm a bit on the fence about, were QTEs (quick-time-events). They are very fitting for a game like this and they didn't go overboard with them but they can be so immersion-breaking when you fail them (especially if you fail them multiple times). However. they are a good fit for a game like this so, I'm a bit torn.

    Lastly I felt, at times, they went a bit overboard with beating on Lara. I realise it is done to get the point across that she is a survivor and a badass but I just feel they went a bit overboard at times. Really I just had an issue with one seen where some guy starts punching Lara's face in. I felt they did a great job of getting across her survivorness (so to speak) but that one scene was over the top and unnecessary in my opinion.

    Overall, I think the guys and gals at Crystal did a superb job rebooting the series, I love just about everything they did and I now have another great game to add to the shelf. Fix the options menu (add more options and don't link options that should never, ever be linked), expand upon the skill progression, add more customization options and this series will be top notch for sure.

    Well done all at Crystal Dynamics. 9 out of 10 and you guys have got yourself a new fan.
  26. Jun 5, 2013
    Tomb Raider follows the story of Lara Croft as her ship becomes shipwrecked due to an unforeseeable storm. Lara believes that something is strange about the island, that they did just land there by accident. Her crew members, be they betray or work with Lara are all very well made with good voice acting. Unfortunately Lara is the only character you can really feel for throughout the campaign.
    It's called 'Tomb Raider' for a reason, but yet there are only 8 tombs to be found throughout the island. They are all well created and designed in their own manner still. In this sense it should really be called 'Lara Croft', as the story revolves around her and her surviving friends and not at all on the optional tombs.
    The gameplay to be found here is similar to that of Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, and is well implemented. Great graphics make this game stand out more than most this year.
    Unfortunately, the story is quite the let down towards the end, making you do running errands. And in my opinion is quite the drag to finish.
    There are collectables to be found, Relics, GPS Caches and Documents along with area specific challenges.
    In my opinion there is no replay value either as the only reason I went back into the campaign was to get the remaining collectables for an easy enough gold.
    The multiplayer in the ame is also similar to that of Uncharted, with four modes and multiple maps.
    A very good game, with a multiplayer which isn't that fun to play and an ending that let me down.
  27. May 2, 2013
    This game was an absolute gem. I rate it higher than Bioshock Infinite. It was SO AMAZING!
    The story, the character development, the environments were all perfect! Uncharted 2 and 3 being my favorite video games, I can easily recommend this to anyone who likes platformer/action-adventure/third person shooter.
  28. Mar 17, 2013
    Up until now, I'd never played any of the "Tomb Raider" games, but after seeing a very generous review about it from a critic I appreciate, I decided to give it a try. And let me just say, it was nothing short of a highly satisfying experience. Influenced greatly by the infinitely superb "Uncharted" games, this new and rebooted treatment is not just a great game it's a great story. I got immediately attached to Lara Croft and her comrades, intrigued by the mysteries of the island, and motivated not only to follow the main game story but complete the side tomb raiding missions and search for all sorts of hidden treasures and salvage. It's a very complete game and I loved playing every minute of it. Expand
  29. Apr 19, 2013
    I have played a lot of games in my time, but oddly enough I have never played any of the Tomb Raider games. I know the reboot doesn’t share a lot in common with the past entries in the franchise but I was still curious to finally be controlling the legendary Lara Croft.

    Story: The story of Tomb Raider serves as a reboot of the franchise. Lara Croft is a novice adventurer on her first expedition. She decides that the group needs to go to the Devil’s Triangle, which is like the Japanese version of the bermuda triangle. Suffice it to say things go downhill from there. Their ship ends up crashing and the team becomes stranded on the island of Yamatai. The group quickly realize that the island has a few secrets. When Lara see’s people disappearing or dead she feels a sense of responsibility to help them. this is her motivation for the events of the game.

    Eventually Lara discover’s the island has some supernatural secret’s that needs to be addressed before her and what’s left of her team are able leave. The story is what you would expect from a game like this. Although I am not a fan of the supernatural in storylines of games like this it was almost a given to see it here. It has a very Indiana Jones-esque plot to it.

    Gameplay: Have you played Uncharted? good, then you know how this game plays. The 3rd person shooting and climbing feel great, and the cover system makes for some intense firefights. Lara has a variety of weapons at her disposal from bows, to pistols to shotguns. The guns are upgradeable at camps found throughout the campaign. Another addition is the rope, Lara shoots it from her bow to create a path for out of reach area’s or can pull down doors to create openings for treasure. Also the rope can be used in combat, by pulling down ledges or even enemies on ledges, this was unique and one of the stand out points of the game. I felt the the upgrade system added a level of depth I enjoyed.

    Hunting plays a big part in the game for campaign, by taking down animals players acquire materials needed for upgrading their arsenal. The game features a ton of collectables including relics and treasure. Crystal Dynamics made the world into small sections, in these sections players can find a map that will lead them to all the treasure if you want them all for the trophies or achievements.

    Jumping into the games competitive multiplayer did not impress me, It seemed jerky and hard to get shots on targets. As I played I couldn’t help but feeling it was just tacked on as a bullet point for the back of the box. There is a level progression system and some achievements/trophies attached to it but I bet a lot of players won’t be staying long. It just wasn’t fun and there is much better competition out there in the 3rd person arena.

    Graphics: The game looks great. I really felt as I played Tomb Raider that this generation has kind of plateaued. The character models look good and the environment’s are interesting but the graphics seem like more of the same with a lot of modern releases. This is not really a criticism of the game as much as feeling a little burnt out on the extended hardware cycle.

    The game features some great character movement, a lot of one off animations for certain instances of the game that help make it more cinematic. Lara gets really beat up in this game and you can see the pain she is in when she holds her side or is limping along. The game does a great job visually of telling the dark story through the characters and environments.

    Overall: I enjoyed Tomb Raider a lot. The game was certainly trying to capitalize on the success of the Uncharted series, which isn’t a bad thing because they did it well. The shooting feels tight and the climbing and environments are great, I couldn’t help but feel the game was a little short though. Where is seperates itself from Uncharted was the tone of the story and characters, this was much darker and it had some added gameplay elements such as the hunting and weapon upgrades. I feel even the story borrowed from Uncharted once the supernatural element came into play, and overall both Uncharted 2 and 3 are better games.

    If you want a fun 7-9 hour game that is very cinematic while retaining fun gunplay and smooth animations check out Tomb Raider.

    8.5/10 Expand

  30. Jun 26, 2014
    This is the by far the best Uncharted game yet. My only real gripe is there is not enough tombs/puzzles. I feared it would end up being a **** interactive movie like the first 3 Uncharted games, but ended up besting all of them in almost every department. Okay, you got me- I never played the first one. After playing the 2nd and 3rd I know I never will. Yes, I do know this really isn't an Uncharted game. Thank Christ for that. Expand
  31. Mar 20, 2013
    I very much wanted to like this game. its one of the best games i played. The atmosphere is amazing. The game play is great and its a very good action game
  32. Mar 10, 2013
    It freezed on me at the beginning (when Lara climbed an airplane)...
    I am scared to go further and face another freez...

    but its Tomb Raider game, and I love Lara...
  33. Mar 12, 2013
    Having completed the game I can definitely say it is a strong 9/10. The story was so powerful and immersing and it was suitable for old and new Tomb Raider fans. I only marked a point down as the game was slightly shorter than I had hoped and an obvious flaw is the multiplayer. I do have to say, although the multiplayer is shoddy, it is extremely addictive and fun to play.
  34. Dec 7, 2013
    Tomb Raider is the reboot of the popular series dating back to the PS1 days. This reboot tells the story of how Lara Croft became the tomb raider she has been known for. The story has some balance issues, it tries to be cinematic like a movie and also tries to tell a dark, realistic tale. Besides Lara, the other characters lack development and interest. The game play balances well on the other hand, being cinematic and also "sort-of" open world. It also has a metroid/castlevania feel as certain sections are blocked off because you do not have the necessary equipment to get passed it. The multiplayer is bad, tacked on, and completely unnecessary. Only having 4 game modes and none of them are unique or fun in any way. I did not enjoy the story or care for the characters, but the game play is really fun, even though the multiplayer should have not even come with the game. Expand
  35. Mar 31, 2013
    I love this game a lot. I'm happy Laura is getting the respect she deserves. She is more than a sex symbol now! She is a human trying to survive. I'm 100% positive that all the bad reviews are forever alones pissed because Laura doesn't have big breast, and they are probably the same people who will give a game like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 a 10/10 rating. Even though call of duty has become so repetitive its boring. At least with this game your getting some excitement. Its hard for me to put the controller down. If your tired of the same old call of duty taking your money for the same thing over and over again, and you want a game that is actually exciting. I would say you must defiantly get a copy of this game. you wont be disappointed. Expand
  36. Mar 20, 2013
    Lara Croft has a long and storied history. As far as famous female video game characters go, she’s second in notoriety only to Princess Peach. Lara debuted during the original PlayStation era to much fanfare, and she was lauded for the style with which she grabbed our attention, and took us on adventure after adventure. It’s true that she’s had her downs, as well, citing the entirety of last generation (and the majority of her cross-over into this one) as one of the most lengthy falls from grace this industry has ever seen, again coming in second, but this time to Sonic the Hedgehog.

    The preview screens and videos of this new entry in the series, titled simply “Tomb Raider,” have left a mountain of expectations to live up to. Conjuring images of Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed Uncharted series a series Lara, herself, inspired and boasting outstanding visuals, mysterious dangers, and eponymous tombs, E3 2010 gave us a glimpse at what Lara hoped to be. But, as Gearbox Software tends to prove time and again… previews don’t necessarily make the game, and after the gigantic Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle, a bit of trepidation crept into the air. You can’t always trust everything that you see.
    Thankfully, those fears were completely unfounded.

    Concerning story, the game begins where the E3 2010 previews left us on a (disturbingly) sparsely inhabited island, completely shipwrecked and alone, searching out your crew mates, and trying to avoid those locals along the way. This all started when Ms. Croft had decided to take out an expedition in order to discover the lost kingdom of one notorious “Storm Queen,” a ruler said to have the ability to control weather. She’s also not that great of a person… she also might not have died completely… she may also be haunting the island you’ve crashed on…

    As previously stated, the game has been, almost necessarily, compared to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, and while the games share certain similarities in their action sequences, it’s generally an extremely poor comparison. Some of the things Tomb Raider does simply haven’t ever been done before. Where Uncharted is a linear action game, Tomb Raider takes place on an open island you can explore at your leisure. Even though the combat is handled similarly in both titles, it’s the breaks between the action that sets Tomb Raider apart. When you’re not engaged in intense firefights, you’re fighting for your survival against weather, fauna, and unfamiliar territory. One thing that Lara and Drake definitely have in common? Four little words: Game of the Year. Lara Croft is back, and once again, she’ll be inspiring game designers the industry over for generations to come.
  37. Mar 19, 2013
    Tomb Raider is an excellent game and a great way to the year! (As much as you can start in march :'P)
    The Story is the origin of the female heroine Lara Croft but this is not the old Lara. This is a new Lara, one that is young and naive and has no past Tomb Raiding experience. I don't wanna ruin the story but as you know Lara is ship wrecked and need's to find a way off the Island, It's
    really rich and engaging and kept me intrigued in the story and wanting to know what happens next. The gameplay is very Uncharted based (Don't hate but it's true) in the way that you take cover while in gun fights, climb up cliffs and ledges, and well...just the overall feel of the gameplay. It's very fun and it works well. The graphics are excellent and really well done, the character models are really good and look realist. Lara herself is probably the best looking thing in the game because she looks and act's like a young women. Throughout playing the game I started to wonder if Crystal Dynamics even liked Lara because of some of the Death scenarios she goes through, I mean some are seriously gruesome, for example, I've seen her impaled by a tree, crushed by boulders, have a metal pipe through the skull and cracked her head open underwater by the current of the sea pushing her into the wall. So as you can see this game is not for the faint hearted as this is the first ever 18 age rated Tomb Raider. Camilla Luddington's performance as Lara is really good, she sells the character really well and plays it off very believable. Now for the weak parts of the game, the big major disappointment for me is the games competitive multiplayer, not only is it extremely weak, generic and nowhere near the standard of the games excellent single player component, it is trying to hard to match Uncharted's multiplayer just because of the way it looks and plays, I have no problem with Uncharted's MP but if you're going to make a copy of it at least put some effort into it and make it good in the progress. My main gripe with the MP is that it wasn't developed in-house at Crystal Dynamics, it was developed at Eidos Montreal which gives me the impression that Crystal didn't want it in the game but Square Enix wanted it placed in the game. The last problem I have is a little one but one that is still should be worked on in games, it's the fact that Lara goes from scared girl to trained killer in the space of about 10 15 minutes, I know she has to adapt to survive and she does have a cry after her first kill but what about the other 500+ men she kills along the way? This was a problem in another game called Far Cry 3, as I'm sure you know, anyway this is a small price to pay. In all really enjoyed the game and I wasn't even a big Tomb Raider fan going into the game. I recommend you all pick up the game if you are past Tomb Raider fans who grew tired of the game and need a new outlook on the series, if you are a fan of the action genre or are just looking for a new game to play I can easily recommend Lara Croft: Tomb Raider! Expand
  38. Mar 5, 2013
    It is a very good game with likable characters in game like sam or new tomb. I have console version and pc if you have nvidia card mine is 550 ti) you can get high settings and good frame rate when turning of tessellation,high precise, normal for ssao and depth of field. Overal you should buy Tomb raider on both platform
  39. Jun 19, 2013
    This is a gritty, intense and very well made game which demonstrates that yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I have to admit to being skeptical about the merits of this title given that it is a prequel of sorts. Why I write 'of sorts' is because the "young" Lara Croft of this game bares little resemblance to the buxom, globe trotting heroin of previous games. First, the controls: very tight. Tomb Raider shares a lot of DNA with Uncharted which is ironic given that Uncharted was originally called "dude raider" but as that game was not a clone of Tomb Raider neither is this game a clone of Uncharted (still with me?). The way Lara handles parkour and some of the set pieces share a striking resemblance to Uncharted. This being said this game stands on its own and provides some of the best if not the best use of body language in any video game that I've seen. Early on Lara survives a sudden crash and washes ashore injured, cold and disoriented. As she makes her way to lighting a life-saving fire you as the player would be cold hearted not to feel for her. Everything Lara experiences is portrayed realistically and while there are some points where some of her adversity no longer seems evident the character never becomes ridiculously outsized (the way she was in other titles). She's obviously young and physically and mentally vulnerable- much of this game unfolds in seeing her gradually evolve into becoming more fearless and its a journey well worth taking. The graphics are excellent- everything you see is well detailed and realistic and this is especially true with Lara. Crystal Dynamics really took a chance here by creating this prequel; even though Tomb Raider had previously been easily bested by Uncharted a poorly made prequel could mean the end of one of the most enduring characters in gaming. Instead they hit the ball out of the park- this game clearly has a seat at the table and an argument to make with Uncharted in terms of which game is the best. Accomplishing such in terms of storytelling and immersion is a feat in and of itself- Lara is vulnerable but she isn't pandering to the player. You will unless you're completely jaded go through this journey and find yourself pulling for her from the opening moments; it's that well done. Other excellent features include the skills progression- there is a certain amount of customization with the various skills but ultimately future titles should expand these further. The weapons also are capable of progression and customization- the game encourages you to experience it fully by rewarding you with deadly and efficient skills and weapon parts.

    Tomb Raider needed an injection of fresh air; Crystal Dynamics had previously done a good job of resurrecting the series but the original version of Lara Croft had gone as far as she could go. This game is a prequel of sorts but I have a feeling the entire franchise has been rebooted; future games will have little to do with the previous 15+ years and that is a good thing. Consider this game not a prequel but a reboot and its a homerun. Where the series goes from this point is going to be fresh and exciting and as someone who really didn't care for the previous incarnation of Lara Croft I look forward to seeing where this new and improved Tomb Raider series goes from here.
  40. Apr 14, 2013
    I enjoyed playing through the new Tomb Raider but a lot like most games that are coming out today, it doesn't warrant a replay. Now if my BioShock: Infinite review says anything, it's that story means a lot to me and there really was no story here, at least not an interesting one. And although I wanted to see Laura succeed, I didn't really care about any of the others that were along for the journey. In terms of game play, it's much like any other 3rd person shooter, there's nothing new or challenging thrown your way. The weapons you get and customize are your expected weapons and it's meh. With that being said, it is a fun play through but it doesn't feel like Tomb Raider. There are tombs that you find and get some loot out of it but they're so easy to find. On top of that, they're so easy to complete. I expected something difficult from the olden days but I guess now that's really asking a lot. The boss battle (if you could call it that) was extremely disappointing. If memory serves it was another QTE that was easily beaten (clearly not a memorable experience). Lastly on the negatives, I am all for collectibles like with the audio logs in BioShock, etc. This game goes the same route but under delivers in the fact that I just had no interest in finding them and got nothing out of them when I did. They tried to advance the story but the story was never very strong and it ended up falling off. Additionally without finding the little collectible things I was able to fully upgrade my weapons and skills quickly. Why collect stuff when my character is already godly? What they did get right was Lara's character. Much like Elizabeth from BioShock, I really cared for her and wanted to make sure she would get through this treacherous island alive. The developers certainly didn't turn down the brutal deaths you could experience and I really tried my best to avoid seeing Lara impaled or crushed. Overall, for me, this came to be like GOW: Ascension. I really do not think it was worth the full price but it did intrigue me to keep an eye on Lara's future adventures. Expand
  41. Mar 9, 2013
    I cant rly judge the game since I never played any of them, however my mom played all of the previous ones (and I guess this is her score), sometimes I used to watch so I also know a bit. Anyway, I cant say that I like this one, I mean Lara was always a tough woman, now she seems so weak and vulnerable. Thers also alot of gruesom things to happen for such a "weak looking girl", I cant even stand to watch my mom play it anymore. Expand
  42. Mar 8, 2013
    I just can't believe how awesome Tomb Raider is. I remember playing the original game in 1996. (only took 6 guys to make most of it.) Either way the following sequels failed to innovate, and it almost became a "copy and paste" type thing with TR. The sequels kinda got boring after a time. Core Design, and Eidos tried in so many ways to reinvent Lara Croft. The gave her bigger boobs, then smaller boobs... lol.. They tried a sort of Reboot even to the extent that they offered a job to Toby Gard who initially is credited with creating Lara Croft, and Tomb Raider. (he left the company shortly after the release of the first Tomb Raider to start his own studio in 1996.) He did a good job, but again failed to innovate, and evolve the TR formula. I said all that to say this. Who would think Square Enix, and Crystal Dynamics would be able to reinvent Lara Croft in such a beautiful way. I am literally left speechless with how well they have crafted the New Tomb Raider game. Its explosive. Its raw. Its right in your face guts and glory. Its dark. Its gritty. Its without a doubt thee very best Tomb Raider I've ever played. Expand
  43. Mar 14, 2013
    Introduction: When I first rented Tomb Raider, I did not what to expect. I went into the game with no expectations. I came out more then impressed. Tomb Raider reminded me extremely of Uncharted which is a very good thing. Anyone who says that Tomb Raider is a knock off of Uncharted need to play the game all the way through. Regardless, the Tomb Raider series has been around much longer then Uncharted. Tomb Raider's reboot has hit the shelves and the series is going in a direction that may just save the series.

    Presentation: Turn Uncharted's Nathan Drake into a woman and you have the new Tomb Raider. Lara Croft is not a smart aleck character like Nathan Drake but an archaeologist who is on a trip to an island not far from Japan looking for the lost kingdom of Yamatai. To give no spoilers something goes wrong and the whole game takes place on this one island. Since everything takes place on one island, the change in environments seems almost unrealistic but then again, most of the story is once you realize the force of evil in the game. Aside from the slight randomness to the game itself, the story stays together very well and although it reminded me very much of Uncharted, it holds its ground in comparison. This game could be seen as the cross platform of Tomb Raider. 8.5/10

    Graphics: To make it short, the games graphics are absolutely phenomenal. Near perfect that made everything look real. The only problem with the graphics was that some parts of the environment (Lara's radio and other small items in the world) seemed to be lazily designed. These issues however were small in comparison to the masterful graphic design of the entire game. 10/10

    Sound: The voice acting was top notch. Although some of the supporting characters acting potential did not seem to peak, Lara's voice actress made you forget of these less then perfect voice actors. The conversations felt real for the most part and the soundtrack to the game helped raise the emotional levels throughout the game. Although the game did not produce a memorable soundtrack, it did deliver in the moments it needed to. 9.5/10

    Gameplay: The gameplay was near perfect. Everything felt real and all of Lara's tools were easy to use. Lara herself was easy to control and I had little to no difficulty moving around in the different environments. The only issues I had with the gameplay was the many places were quick time events were used. Quick time events were not spontaneous exactly but most of them felt annoying to use. When doing a finishing move, a timed press of triangle was needed which wasn't as annoying but cutscene quick time events were here enough for me to remember. The game also offered a sight that would help you to figure out were you were supposed to go. This worked ok but hopefully will be improved in the next game because sometimes I found it difficult to find the exact routes I needed to take to get to an objective. The only issue I had with gameplay was quick time events and since they were only slightly used, the score is: 9.5/10

    Entertainment: I found myself enjoying this game very much. The story was to say the least interesting and the game kept my attention all the way to the end. Not only did the story keep me focused but collectibles were also really fun to find (this is major considering I hate finding collectibles). Aside from the story, 100 percenting the game can actually be fun and rewarding (finding documents, relics, tombs, ect.) Aside from collectibles and the story, the multiplayer is slightly entertaining. Although the multiplayer does not compare to something like call of duty, it would also make you play for extra hours. The game was extremely fun. 10/10

    Replay Value: The story itself is roughly 10 hours long. Finding collectibles to 100% the game takes an average 6-7 more hours. This is the only game I can truly say that if I owned instead of rented, I would 100% the game. So just one playthough is 16 hours. Add that onto the multiplayer and you have at least 25-30 hours of gameplay. Aside from the game being long, you will find yourself wanting to play through the story again one day considering how fun the gameplay is in the game. The replay value it higher then other games I have reviewed because of decent multiplayer and fun collectibles but like the others, since the story is very linear, there isn't much else to be seen after completing the game once on 100%. With that said however, it will be replayed by owners: guaranteed. 7/10

    Verdict: This game is near perfect. I absolutely loved playing through this game and cannot wait for the return of Lara Croft. The game is beautifully stunning and will keep you hooked for hours. This game is the highest I have reviewed so far. Total Rating 9.1/10
  44. Mar 17, 2013
    Jogo expetacular gráficos super bem feitos, jogabilidade íncrivel,história surpreendente,e envolvente, O MELHOR JOGO DESSA GERAÇÃO ! Gráficos:10 Som:10 Jogabilidade:10 História:10 NOTA FINAL: 10 THE BEST GAME OF GENERATION! Tomb Raider recuperou seu posto, Muito melhor do que aquela merda de Uncharted ...Uncharted um lixo de jogo. TOMB RAIDER VOLTOU MAIS FORTE DO QUE NUNCA, MELHOR JOGO DESSA GERAÇÃO TOMB RAIDER IRÁ MASSACRAR QUALQUER JOGO QUE ENTRAR EM SEU CAMINHO !
    Tomb Raider 2013 GOTY 2013
    Lara Croft está de volta
  45. Mar 5, 2013
    Well for starters you've got a very sexy and vulnerable female lead character that we've all known and loved for years. And if that's not enough Tomb Raider delivers with great graphics, beautiful and stunning scenery and cinematics as well as great gameplay and a story that holds bolth depth and weight. What else could you you ask for Alright, well maybe Tomb Raider won't fulfill all of your fantasies and expectations, but never the less it's bound to be one of the best games of 2013. Expand
  46. Mar 6, 2013
    Amazing game, one of the best in the series! It has a slightly cliched story, characters and ending, but in saying that the ending really is amazing and the game needs to be played! Lara Croft is yet again back!!
  47. Jun 3, 2013
    My first TR. Graphics (that sunset is amazing) and gameplay are great, but I expected so much more from the plot. In Far Cry 3 or Red Dead Redemption I felt inside the game, the depth of scenarios and characters made me enjoy every minute of playing, even days after I finished them I kept thinking about the cool stories. Here Lara is the only one who doesn't look superficial and I saw almost nothing of the Yamatai. It's great to play, and I don`t know the other Tomb Raiders, but I expected more. Expand
  48. Mar 7, 2013
    Wow, This game far exceeded my expectations. Great graphics and story line, I couldnt put down the controller. The video clips and big scenes that are played are really well done, and definitely creates a form of suspense throughout the game.
  49. Mar 7, 2013
    Best Tomb Raider game ever made!. Crystal Dynamics have made a wonderful and entertaining game thats blow you away!. Buy it before you neighbor Lara Croft is back!
  50. Mar 7, 2013
    This is a top quality game and the only reason i'm giving it a 9 is that its not in 3D and it demands to be so. Some of the locations are nausea inducing in 2D in 3D it would be puke central. A great great game.
  51. Mar 10, 2013
    I enjoyed it form beginning to end. It's like classic Tomb Raider with awesome graphics and without the boring bits. My only gripe is that it is a bit short and well, every time I want to pick something up and stand in the wrong spot, Lara strikes up the torch, with became slightly irritating after a while. But apart from that it's top notch entertainment all the way through. There will be the ones among you who start whining every time a new Tomb Raider comes out, complaining about how it's not like the original series and blah blah blah, completely ignoring the fact that this is so much better than anything that came out under that franchise. There will be those among you who will complain bitterly that it's too easy and too linear and truth be told, there were a few moments when I wished the island would be more of the Far Cry 3 persuasion, meaning that you could roam more freely, but ti's not my decision to make. I guess it goes with the game-play. And the is fantastic. The story works. Lara looks and moves great. Can you ask for more? More of a challenge perhaps. Well, I have to admit, there were moments when I was missing those feelings of accomplishment that you got way back when you found that lever after an hour long search or when you finally managed that timed run on the tenth try. But look on the upside, the is no frustration whatsoever and I'm kinda grateful that Lara doesn't die all the time. And for those among you who complain about the uncharterisation of the TR franchise, I can only point out that Uncharted when it came out drew heavily on the TR formulae. So it's only fair in my view that they should get something back from Drake. I wish this to be a blazing success so that the creators continue in that vein. Can't wait for the next installment. Expand
  52. Mar 10, 2013
    Finished the game in a little over 13 on hard and this is perfectly paced hours. While being very linear the tory and solid action carried this game through to a very satisfying end. I played on release day with no patches and only encountered 1 bug like game crashed but only 1 time so its fine really great job
  53. Mar 10, 2013
    First off I have been playing Tomb Raider since it was released and boy has crystal dynamics and square enix done a wonderful job. I have to admit I have been drifting away from the gaming scene lately but somehow the reboot of Tomb Raider has just pulled me back in. I also love how they made Lara a human being as well plus an outstanding voice over by Camilla Luddington she really breathes life into a fading series. I strongly recommend this game to any action adventure gamer or casual gamer its lengthy and offers a strong replay value. Also I would like to say in conclusion that Tomb Raider is not a copy or imitator of Uncharted Lara Croft was the first to really explore treasure hunting and adventure properly on ps1, this is a must have title for any gamer and a must buy. Expand
  54. Mar 10, 2013
    I have been looking forward to this game. I am a huge Uncharted fan, so this game was right up my alley. I am not familiar with other Tomb Raider games, but I get upset to when one of my favorite franchises is changed (i.e. Resident Evil). This was fun, action game with a few problems. I died way too many times because it was difficult to see where to go and the overall game play was fairly repetitive. I liked the treasure part, and would have enjoyed more of the puzzle solving, but overall a good game that I am sure I will play through multiple times. Expand
  55. Mar 11, 2013
    I am a big fan of Uncharted and Batman Arkham Asylum, if you are too then Lara's newest adventure is something for you! The exploring and adventuring gameplay is really well executed and the combat never feels like a chore. Yes, story wise the growing curve off Lara is a bit steep at a certain moment where she turns from fragile girl into an action hero. But I did not find this irritating like some reviewers state. The story overall is really good and the scenery is amazing. The graphics are on par with games like uncharted 3 and if you have some nice speakers the sound effects are awesome to listen to as well. I played this game in a darkened room with the volume up high and the wolves really scared the out of me! I can not praise Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix enough for bringing us this great reboot of a franchise we all loved when we were a bit younger And now we can all admire Lara's curves, euhm I mean actions, all over again! Expand
  56. Mar 11, 2013
    Tomb raider is not bad at all, it looks amazing and the gameplay is good even if it adopts the duck and cover approach to gaming. Lara our well known heroine is taken back to her youth and the game shows here progression into a hardened explorer, but this progression isn't as good as Far Cry 3. Unfortunately this game loses that Tomb Raider feel. With the introduction of Lara's 'spider sense' it took all the frustration and anger I had for all the other Tomb Raiders and I missed it! In previous games you could sometimes be stuck in one room for hours trying to work out how the hell to get out, in this installation your lucky to spend more than 5 minutes in one of the well created stunning rooms or section and I feel it's a shame. I understand that they are trying to take the games in a new direction but why? We have games like this but we don't have games like the old tomb raiders, there was that lack of "what the hell" no levels where there is a random dinosaur or visiting area 51 this game is taking itself a little but too serious. I remember playing Tomb Raider underworld, the first level you started and underwater and just had to work it out, Tomb Raider like many modern games hold you by the had and make sure you can't possibly make a mistake and that's unfortunate I feel compelled to blame modern games but I will try not to (even though I kinda have), the creators have perhaps been playing to much drake? Over all good solid game but bring back more puzzles and perhaps dinosaurs? Expand
  57. Mar 11, 2013
    This is a great reboot that expanded in almost every aspect. It has remarkable graphics and the storyline is great. Not to mention, the puzzles are fun. It feels good to see one of your favorite game franchises do well.
  58. Jun 27, 2013
    This is the first Tomb Raider game that I've ever played because Lara Croft's character just always seemed too cartoonish for me. This reboot, though, is really amazing. Croft's character is one that you instantly care about and the gameplay is exciting and polished. Also, this game actually makes using a bow fun, unlike other's who have attempted to incorporate the weapon.
  59. Jun 18, 2013
    I can not say enough about this game. While it is simplistic, it is simply AMAZING, and feels like a fully interactive hollywood movie, complete with WILD special effects, intrigue and drama, and some views/landscapes that make you wish you were there. Until a native clunks you in the head with an axe!

    This game really earned the "Tomb Raider" moniker, and lives up the the great
    expectations that come with being part of a classic succesful, some would say historical series.

    It sort of felt like if Heavy Rain was more of an action game...Really really fun game, altho very simply and easy to play, this is the type of game that anyone can play, and have a great great time with.

    Basically everything from the gameplay, to the graphics, to the actors and audio was 10/10, but this game only gets 9/10 because it felt rather short to me! However there is a lot to collect after the story is over so I decided to give this 9/10 still which means BUY IT PLAY IT :D
  60. Mar 13, 2013
    Good game overall with a few details keeping it from being a great game. Compared to the tomb raiders of yore, this feels like the How-to-be-Lara version. Your hand is held through the majority of the game, whether it's the prompt style combat or the 1-2-3 puzzles. I remember getting stumped so bad in previous tomb raiders, that I would give up in frustration. After conversing with my nerd friends, (back then I rarely did the online cheat thing dial-up in the projects...) I would eventually come back with a solution, feeling good that I met the challenge. The story mixed with hidden documents found all over the island I have to admit kept me on edge. I kept doing the scooby-doo-murder-mystery thing, accusing everybody of being a bad guy in disguise, lol. Lara's character acting screams noobie Croft I loved it perfect for her origin story. Sadly, the other characters were less compelling.

    Not sure about replay value multiplayer? I'm uncomfortable with this. Past experiences with single player games all of a sudden going multi were never good ones... Let's see: Fable III, GTA IV, ME3 (omgwhy?T_T@#%%$)... This is not the Tomb Raider I was expecting but, I'm satisfied.
  61. Mar 14, 2013
    Brilliant, brilliant game. This was the first Tomb Raider game I have ever played (decided to pick it up as I'm a huge fan of Uncharted) and this game did not disappoint. The story is great and it really pulls you in and I really felt connected to Lara right from the get go. The voice acting is top notch across the board, and I thought that Camilla Luddington did an excellent job as Lara. Really just a wonderful game and I can't wait for the next one. Expand
  62. Mar 15, 2013
    A great and much needed reboot to the Tomb Raider series has rejuvenated the franchise with this very successful game by Crystal Dynamics, The action of the game is extremely fun and using the bow feels very good, upgrading your weapons over the course of the game is very cool, however the skill perk system is generic with a few exceptions. The story is good showing the growth of Lara Croft from innocent explorer to strong survivor, Lara's character is very good but her ship mates are pretty much stereotypes and are not very interesting. Tomb Raider provides a great reboot to a long running franchise with one of the most iconic characters in gaming, It's gritty, fun and will keep you hooked from beginning to end, If you have played the Uncharted series the gameplay is very similar with both being pretty much the same quality combat wise. Pick this game up, It's one of the best games of 2013 so far. Expand
  63. Mar 15, 2013
    A very fantastic experience that no one should not miss.Tomb Raider is a must own game for those who collects games for xbox360,ps3 ore pc and no doubt that this title is one of my favorite games released of 2013.
  64. Mar 27, 2013
    Looks great, and is basically sound from a technical point of view, but if you have played any of the Uncharted games you will experience major déjà vu. All of the survival elements that were talked up in the pre-release hype have been removed, leaving us with a linear, nice looking shooter. The puzzles are extremely basic, the combat is clunky at times and there is very little replay value. Fun, but not as amazing as everyone is claiming. Expand
  65. Mar 17, 2013
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  66. Mar 17, 2013
    I was sceptical about this game until i saw some of the gameplay so decided to brave it. I was mightily impressed with this reboot. Made Lara a very believable character as part of a very dark and gritty story that turns her into the survival/explorer that made her famous. I loved the hidden tombs that you could explore off the beaten track which I expect will be expanded more in the next installment as this game is mainly (and rightly) about the origin. The soundtrack is fantastic particularly with a surround sound system and really add to the atmosphere. The action set pieces are amazing and topple the likes of the uncharted series and many recent action films. The only downside is the trophy system for my fellow 100% completionists. In order to fully platinum this game you are required to spend at least 20-40 hours just on the multi-player side to level up which is simply unacceptable for a single-player game such as this. To close this is probably the best game of 2013 so far and will take something special to top it. This game has set a high standard for the series and I hope that they can build on the great foundation they have laid here. Expand
  67. Mar 18, 2013
    A reboot of such an iconic character was never going to be easy, however Crystal Dynamics have hit the mark. This a young Lara Croft, on her first major expedition. However not all is as it seems, Lara finds herself quickly fighting for survival. The voice acting alongside her new origin story only helps in making Lara seem more human than ever before. The combat, while not as polished as some other action games is solid and generally quite pleasing. However the multiplayer part of the game feels like its just slapped on for added bonus as it seems every game now feels it needs to cater for multiplayer. However I doubt anyone would of picked this up to play a multiplayer game. While not as focused on 'raiding tombs' the strength of the game is definitely the story. Lara Croft has been given a new lease of life and I for one can't wait to see where Crystal Dynamics take her next. Expand
  68. Mar 22, 2013
    Tomb Raider doesn't take any risks, and the story failed to draw me in, but the varied gameplay that mixes exploring, puzzle solving, and action was enough to keep me hooked. Worth a rental, at the very least.
  69. Mar 21, 2013
    I never really liked TR so i was a little unsure about jumping into this one. However i heard it was compared to uncharted, which is one of my all time favorite game franchises. So i gave it a shot, and while i would say the game play is every similar, the story is much different. It is much darker and i think this is a good thing because it makes Lara a little more believable then Drake. I will say though that the Multi player is weak! not saying Uncharted's is STRONG but it is stronger then this. Very tacked on. Expand
  70. Jun 24, 2013
    This game was great.It had a good story and amazing action. The game had me playing and didnt want me to stop.It was also a great restart,in my opinion, for the Tomb Raider franchise.I feel that this game should be played by anyone who is a fan of Tomb Raider,or if you just love games.Though my biggest complaint would have to be the half-assed multiplayer.It feels tacked on and tacky.Also i felt as if there was no replay value.Other than those problems this game is a GOTY contender in my book. Expand
  71. Mar 20, 2013
    Best game ever, graphics are incredible, I give this an 8 because im grading it as a whole, Single player story mode is a 10/10 but as for multiplayer it sucks. But definitly get this game it really is worth $60.
  72. Mar 20, 2013
    "TOMB RAIDER is an excellent reboot of a gaming icon that proudly celebrates the character that started the action genre to begin with. Lara Croft is a strong, believable & badass character that proves there’s room for the opposite gender in a genre overpopulated by male action heroes.

    It’s a brutal game that showcases a young woman braving the elements to survive & become the character
    that fans worldwide have loved for years. It’s not only a fantastic action adventure game with beautiful environments, music & game design but a compelling character piece that proves that this is a series to watch out for.

    TOMB RAIDER is a bloody good time, anyone looking for a great semi-open world adventure should definitely look into this. It’s amazing."

    Read my full review:
  73. Mar 21, 2013
    The new TR is a fast paced, polished AAA title that's very enjoyable. Sure it's a change from the original TR games but it's an origin story so it's supposed to be different. The combat is fun and the bow is a cracker. My only complaints would be the puzzles and bosses are a little too easy and there is no challenge in the climbing sections. Best played on hard.
  74. Mar 27, 2013
    By now we’ve learned to ignore the hype about up-and-coming games, no matter how much we want to believe that they are going to be the greatest thing we’ve ever played.
    As an ardent Tomb Raider fan who’s played them all since 1996 (and that one I’ve played I and II and over and I’m still playing) I really, really hoped it was going to live up to that hype. After all it had received
    numerous awards at the E3, although I’ve never really understood what rating an unfinished game is all about.
    The first hour of play felt like a straightforward 3rd person shooter with top-notch graphics yet irritating characterisation and lousy voice acting. There was also the issue of QTE scenes wiggle stick, mash button, escape bad guy etc. I thought ‘OK this is the first hour, they have to move the narrative along, get us onto the island and start exploring,’ besides, the cut scenes were pretty enough. Just as long as they didn’t overpower the rest of the game...
    And then you arrive on the island and take control of Lara for real. It’s definitely one of the best-realized, amazing vistas you could wish for in a Tomb Raider; forests, sea, mountains, hilltop villages, huge imposing cliff faces… it all looks amazing and you just know that once you’ve got your teeth under the skin of it and started digging around that this will be the greatest Raider ever.
    And like so many things in life it’s the tantalizing expectation of what’s to come that is the real buzz. And that was true. As soon as I started to play in earnest the house of cards began to crumble. What began was one of the most linear, blatant, hand-held, easy and disappointing games I’ve played.
    The QTE scenes kept on coming admittedly often to link ‘levels’ together but they seemed to be there all the time.
    If you cherished the puzzles in any previous Tomb Raiders be warned: they are virtually optional in the 2013 incarnation. As are the tombs.
    Yep, the tombs themselves are optional –and to call them tombs (and indeed to call this Tomb Raider) is deceptive.
    This is an out-and-out action title with really, really nice scenery. Lots of shooting with the emphasis on, er, more shooting. The option to employ strategy (what weapons to choose) is largely negligible and the other option being stealth unless blatantly directed otherwise -is usually redundant.
    You are given paths through the mountains, a forest, a shantytown, caves and everything else you would expect loads of potential but it is just one cutscene followed by a shootout with more and more waves of goons and then the music stops and it all goes quiet. You restock ammo, mooch about a bit and then move towards the next cutscene for more of the same.
    What is left over after you deduct what has ironically been stolen from the Unchartered series (which itself owes much to Lara’s earlier outings) is little worth talking about. In fact, where I’d previously thought of Nathan Drake’s trilogy as a kind of Tomb Raider Lite, I now found myself hankering after some of Nathan and Sully’s wit as opposed to the mithering displayed by Croft & co in this outing.
    The plot in Tomb Raider 2013 is, well, OK but are we really supposed to care about the fortunes of a bunch of potty-mouthed numpties who’ve crashed their boat (seriously, swears in a Tomb Raider?)? No, we are concerned about the fortunes of Lara Croft raiding tombs is a very personal thing right? And to keep dragging the narrative back to the cast of Dawson’s Creek with all their various issues was distracting and tiresome. I quickly found the voice acting for Lara really irritating as well, with her wistful gravelly ‘it’s so sad’ waffle every time she discovered a Japanese cup in a shed.
    And, man, was there a lot of Japanese trinket discovery to be had, yet despite my earlier whingeing about no exploring, all of the discoveries in the game felt so easy and contrived. They were in crates clearly visible most of the time and who cares anyway? There were so many, and with zero consequence. It didn’t really add to anything unless you found a weapon part or a bit more salvage to enable you to upgrade your weapons. And because the combat was so easy, who gives a it all seemed so superfluous. That really sums a lot of Tomb Raider up apart from the clearly discoverable hidden tomb section, I cannot think of anywhere that I actually had to consider my next move. It was painfully simple if it had been called ‘Boat Crashed Chumps in Trouble’, it would have been a graphically superior, decent enough action title 8/10 for sure.
    But this is supposed to be Tomb Raider. It has all the right ingredients- big, mysterious island, Lost (tv series) vibe, great graphics, finally a decent control system including decent combat controls etc so why does it leave me so cold?
  75. Mar 22, 2013
    One of the best action games of all time. The story is on an epic level, and using the bow and arrow with such ease makes you feel like more of a badass then any gun could do. The level of exploration and collectibles will keep you coming back to the singleplayer, and the multiplayer although not revolutionary is a fun little distraction. Play this game!
  76. Sep 29, 2013
    When i first picked this game up over the summer my buddy who works at Gamestop told me this Man this game is amazing! It puts Uncharted to shame and its between this and Last of Us for Game of the Year! Now when my initial reaction when i heard that was yeah whatever haha it looks good but there is no way it'll put Uncharted to shame! Well now that i have beaten the game i can tell you that i was DEAD WRONG!! Tomb Raider is an absolutely amazing game that as much as it pains me to say it definitely puts Uncharted to shame! Everything in this game from the story to the graphics, the locations and the characters is all breathtaking. If you haven't played this title yet do yourself a favor and go pick it up! Without a doubt one of my contenders for game of the year Expand
  77. Mar 23, 2013
    Overall a great game. As pointed out by a previous reviewer it is a little heavy on the women empowerment subscript (no female enemies esp). It makes up for that in truly amazing and heart pounding moments.
  78. Mar 24, 2013
    This game was a let down for me but it still was fun. In tomb raider i could not care less about any other character except lara the game play got repetitive and there are way to many quick time events that i wish did not exist in the first place but besides that Tomb Raider is a solid game with fun puzzles platforming mediocre shooting and amazing story and voice acting
  79. May 5, 2013
    yes lara croft is back finaly and she is very hot you begon the game awesom and you end it the game has 3 things climming shooting and puzzeling and its all in there like i wound it so why dont i give it a 10 becouse its just another game that is so short you can do so many things but the story is like 14 hours poeple say that is pretty long no but you can explor so much you can be bussy like 25 hours so okay thats good further its not like uncharted like every buddy says just a litle but uncharted is to like tomb raider ride than you got the mp that fun for some hours its not that good its fun for like 4-5 hours than its don fore the mp but its all obout the single player in this game right Expand
  80. Mar 27, 2013
    I really enjoyed playing this game. It had a strong plot and the gameplay was easy to learn and undertand. There are a few things that would've made this game even better for me. First of all I felt like the backstory up to the point of playing was nonexistant and the cutscene was very brief in the beginning. It would've been better if that had been drawn out a little more. Also if the cutscene had incorporated playing into it. For example have the player escape the ship, let the player make the jump. I felt like it transpired way too fast. It was like: you're on a boat, the boat's going down... now play! Also, I felt like it had a bunch of unnecessary language in it. F bomb after F bomb with no way to track it. I would recommend putting a filter on the game so the player can choose to hear it or not, or at least limit it to the cutscenes where it can be skipped. Aside from that it was a good game and I'm excited to see what will be next. Expand
  81. Mar 30, 2013
    This was a very fun game a few things that could have done better in the campaign like add more guys shooting while you are trying to find objects ect.... The biggest compliant I have with the game are the glitches and bugs in the multi player, OMG it is awful, and that is an understatement!
  82. Mar 31, 2013
    As a fan of games like Uncharted, as compared by a lot of reviews; however this game does some things better than uncharted but also lacks some things as well in these adventure games. There are reviews that criticizes the game because it doesn't seem open enough or there isn't enough to explore in the game as implied, seeing as other adventure titles similar does this pretty well with interesting relics and tombs with puzzles to solve. This game however almost seems a bit too easy with it's puzzles as well as its exploration of interesting tombs, therefore this is a reasonable criticism. However that being said, what does the game do well? Pretty much everything else.
    The gameplay is a lot more solid than previous Tomb Raider games, with a combat system better than that of even Uncharted in some aspects. The game game feels more realistic than past Tomb Raider games, with a cover and dodge system that works with a solid weapons which makes the game feel more dynamic and just more fun to play! The quick time events implemented did seem to be a bit too much, however i don't think it took away from the experience or the fun of the game as they are integrated with the combat and cut scenes almost flawlessly. The gameplay overall has been improved in pretty much every aspect making it a joy to play, with a story to match. This game is pretty much a reboot of Tomb Raider, they remade Lara Croft into a more believable and likable character. From a normal lady, into a hardened survivor through the events of the game; showing her vulnerable side as well as her growing determination to survive. The story and locations in the game are fantastic, I couldn't stop playing as i wanted to see more of what the game had in store for me.
    Overall this game is a blast, the multiplayer is halfassed however, but i take it as a bonus really. Like Battlefield 3, the single player which was lacking, however is still a fantastic game because of its multiplayer; this game does the same, however with its single player being the main meat of the game.

    This is a must buy title, i cannot wait to see what this rebooted and reemerging franchise has to offer in the future.
  83. Mar 31, 2013
    Well I got this game and fell in love with it straight away I'm uncharted crazy so if you love uncharted you will love this it's very similar, well the story was good I really had a feel for Lara in particular I had sympathy for Lara every time she got hurt haha I love the voice acting the graphics are very good there's a few small glitches but nothing major that's why I've given it a 9 otherwise it would be 10 all day the online isn't that great either but it's not bad. The gameplay is great I had fun unlocking all the weapons and buying all the attachments for the guns and going around finding all the relics and documents took me a few days to complete it all so this game will take sometime to complete 100% I highly recommend this game it's my favourite game this year so far Expand
  84. Mar 31, 2013
    This game was fun and entertaining. Now this is my first time really playing through a TR game so my review won't be fully accurate. But here we go. Positives: The storyline was amazing. I am left speechless and wanting more. The combat is fun and entertaining. At times a little easy but still good. The extra items are fun and worth finding. The leveling system felt very well done, but needed a little bit more. The graphics looked amazing and that hair design was just plain fantastic. A good 9-14 hour game. Negatives: The mulitplayer is dull and boring. The game throws you too often into combat and not giving you the chance to hide. The end game feels a little bit lacking like something is missing. The world feels narrow at times and a little bit too scripted. Expand
  85. Apr 1, 2013
    I was a bit sceptical heading into this game as the last couple of games haven't been that great but I always hold out hope as the first 3 games on the PS1 are some of my all time favourites. Thankfully this is a spectacular return to form for the series. It borrows heavily from certain games in this generation such as most obviously Uncharted but also stealth based games such as Assassins Creed. This isn't a bad thing as it has added a new dimension to the game and it is implemented very well here.

    Lara's character is developed quite well, if a bit rushed. The game has a great atmosphere about it and you really feel concerned for Lara due to the constant storms happening. She really does seem to be struggling to survive.

    The one criticism I would have is it is very linear. I would have liked to have had bigger areas to explore with multiple pathways. A lot of areas do have two or three ways to progress but they are very close together and don't require much exploration to find.

    This game is a massive step in the right direction and I am now eagerly awaiting the follow up. Well done.

    TL:DR great return to form. Good action, great story telling and character development. Excellent graphics and atmosphere.
  86. Apr 3, 2013
    This game is alright but not that good, that's really all I can say about this game. Great graphics, great gameplay the WORST multiplayer on this planet! What the hell Square Enix
  87. May 28, 2013
    TOMB RAIDER sets the basics for a very nice reboot of the franchise.
    It probably would not appeal very much to all the die-hard fans of the original games, specially when this current gameplay is compared to the one of the original Tomb Raider I, II and III (the third one being my favorite): Traps almost non existing, way less wolves and any other wild animal to fight, and quite simple
    puzzles. So, if you were a massive fan of this aspects of the old Tomb Raider, probably this is not the game for you. BUT the stunning complexity of the environment, the great gun fights that this game has really make it up for it! A really compelling story, a new "real" 20-year-old Lara, a good Voice acting make this new start as a great starting point for what could be a real threat to the Uncharted franchise. Expand
  88. Apr 12, 2013
    This is not your traditional Tomb Raider. Puzzles are scarce and too easy to figure out. However, the game play and graphics are amazing. Great stealth and combat mechanics, and the island is beautiful and fun to explore. Don't listen to the whiners complaining about it not being a "Tomb Raider" game. Most of these people don't want to see games improve or evolve. They think the old is automatically better than the new. I am fan of the old school Tomb Raider games, but I love this new approach and game play as well. I would have given the game a 10, but they don't do a good job a repopulating the island with enemies after you cleared it thereby hurting its replay value. Expand
  89. Apr 5, 2013
    This game is my 2nd favorite game of 2013. the only reason it is in 2nd is because of the multiplayer, but let's not talk about one of it's failures, let's talk about all it's successes. A reboot can be one of two things, it can ruin everything new and creative, or it can be a welcome addition to a series that was dying. This one was the welcome addition. With Uncharted-like platforming, a stellar story, fantastic combat, great stealth sections, and a robust world where you will just want to explore every nook and cranny, it is hard to see where Tomb Raider falls flat. But, it does have one minor flaw, the supporting cast. These guys are just boring, except for maybe Roth. But the rest of this origin story, you feel like Lara Croft. To when an airplane crashes and you have to get away from it, to falling out of a and parachuting through a thick array of trees, this is one origin story you won't want to miss! Lara Croft is an especially great character to play because I have never felt this much caring for a character in gaming since master chief! As for the story, it's nothing we haven't seen before, but it is used differently than the actual times we have seen it. The combat and stealth sections are fast-paced, and the AI isn't just going to let you stay in cover and poke your head out and shoot them. They throw Molotov shoot fire arrows to draw you out of cover and finish you off. They will also make their own cover with tables and other objects. This sounds like it makes for very difficult combat, but for the guns you have, and the specialty arrows at your disposal, they are no match. The stealth section come with this wonderful passive cover system where, when appropriate, Lara will duck in cover to hide from enemies. So if you want a great origin story with one of the most iconic video-game characters ever, this is your game. Expand
  90. Apr 7, 2013
    Absolutely amazing game. Finished the campaign in one stretch, couldn't stop playing. Get playing, starts of a bit slow, then gains pace, and the features in the game are amazing.
  91. Apr 8, 2013
    This game in every respect out-does Uncharted and is the best platformer I have played to date! Large set pieces and tight controls make for one of the best feeling and looking platforming to date and the third person shooting (archery) is in no way neglected, all weapons handle well and feel good. But by far the best part of the game is the beautifully done pacing. Gradually improving your weapon and gear, building upon your arsenal feels brilliant.

    The Character of Lara Croft is one done extremely well. From the look of the character (thankfully absent of triangular breasts) to the story and development of Lara is compelling and fun.

    However the game has some flaws. Besides Lara characters were boring and annoying the large amounts of time Lara was alone were treasured because of this. There were also a maddeningly small amount of "Secret Tombs".

    But this should all be looked past when considering the standard this game is on. It should be held among the likes of Uncharted as one of the best platformers.
  92. Apr 11, 2013
    Brilliant game, excellent visuals, fantastic voice acting and an engaging plot. The new Tomb Raider shows how Lara Croft became the heroine that we all used to love. The only reason I'm giving it a 9 is because the multiplayer seemed a bit familiar, it reminded me of Uncharted. This isn't a bad thing though, I had a lot of fun with it.
  93. Apr 11, 2013
    Very enjoyable game, great story, beautiful environment, the actions and killing sequences are amazing, the different weapons and their upgrades are really helpful during all history, definitely the Bow is the best weapon, just love it!!!
  94. Apr 12, 2013
    the only thing bad about this game is that its to short the rest was amazing I love the new lara croft and I hope to see more the expressions on her face were amazing she reacted to death and pain like any normal person would great game must play
  95. Jun 14, 2013
    This game is pretty good, I mean it is simply the best Tomb Raider game ever made. I didn't really like the other Tomb Raider games, I rented this one and ended up buying it. The game simply wowed me, I was not expecting to like this game at all. Graphics are good, controls are good and atmosphere is good. The game is not perfect but its better than uncharted games that is for sure, and that is hard for me to say because uncharted was pretty good. Buy it if you like these kind of games. Rent it if you are not sure. Expand
  96. Apr 21, 2013
    One of the best games ive played in a while,couldnt put the controller down from the start to the finish.The story line is great the charactors are very well done.The gameplay is fanatasic the controlls are responsive and maped extremely good.The weapon system is not as good as some other games but that donest take anything away from this game.You can all out and try and shoot everyone or in most parts you can sneak around carefully to your objective.I would highly recommend this game. Expand
  97. Apr 27, 2013
    A brilliant game and a perfect way to reboot a classic character with a twist. I personally prefer the new Lara's character to the original but fans of the classic Lara will still manage to gain a lot of enjoyment from this. Looking forward to a sequel in a few years time.
  98. May 5, 2013
    Well I may be a little late to the party but I figured there may be still a few gamers out there who have not picked up this game and I wish to tell you that you should do just that. With Crystal Dynamics rebooting the franchise, it was only natural that anew story would follow. Wold it be a sequel or a re-telling? To everyone's surprise it was actually a prequel set years before Lara was running around with her dual pistols and raiding tombs.

    The story seems to be rather generic at first glance. Lara is setting out to "make her mark" as she tries to find the lost island of Yamatai which has seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth fro thousands of years. Lara has a hunch that the island is located inside the Dragon's Triangle, which is a treacherous part of ocean that has claimed many lives. Lara then convinces the expedition crew Dr. Whittman. who is the star archeologist who is trying to get his career back on track. Sam, Lara's best friend and camera enthusiast. Sam believes she is related to the first Sun Queen of Yamatai, Himiko who ruled Yamatai long ago. Jonah, the muscle of the group who is caring yet tough individual who looks out for everyone. Reyes, an African American woman tagging along with Roth, Lara's Father's friend who Lara sees as a father figure in her life. That leaves Alex, who is another traveler and Grim, the boat's captain. Lara ultimately convinces them and when they are deep inside the Dragon's Triangle, a sudden storm hits the ship, tearing it in half causing Lara to fall into the ocean and wake up on a mysterious island. With her crew and friends scattered around the island and her best friend is than captured by the islands natives Lara must find a way to get off the island while saving her friends in the process.

    When first washing up on the island you are greeted with Lara hanging upside down in a cave. As you cut yourself down you are immediately shown a gruesome image of Lara's side being impaled onto what looks to be a sharp pole or stick on the ground. This is one of Tomb Raider's greatest strengths in my opinion. the way Lara shows so much emotion when she is hurt or dies, really makes me feel bad and sorry for what I did to her. I would try my best not have her get hurt or die, just so I wouldn't have to watch her suffer. this is one of the those games that makes you feel for the character you are playing as and not just some digital person on screen. With all of that aside, the environments in this game are spectacular to look at and varied. From staggering cliffs, snow covered mountains and lush forests teeming with life, this game really makes you feel as if the island is real somewhere out there in the world somewhere. Killing different animals to survive and climbing up cliffs and walking through rivers and streams just makes the island feel that much more alive. Throughout the island there are tombs and collectables to obtain as you progress through the story, from ancient artifacts, GPS caches and journals left by current and previous survivors, make back tracking essential. Sometimes certain equipment is needed to reach a certain area but will not be made available to you until you progress further along in the story.

    The time around Lara has many tools, weapons and equipment at her disposal in order to get around. A handgun, shotgun and bow and rifle are some of the weapons Lara can use to smite her enemies. To which all can be upgraded by the use of salvage which is found all over the island in crates, chests and dead bodies that Lara loots. The bow is extremely useful in combat as it is outside of combat. Being able to shoot ropes later in the game to pull down structures, create rope bridges and pull enemies off cliffs is great fun and makes the bow are very versatile weapon.

    The upgrade/leveling systems is very easy to understand and very straight forward. With kills, looting and other actions, Lara will gain XP which then will accumulate to a level up which will give Lara is skill point to use and camp sites and camp fires to acquire new skills, such as counter kills or being able to find extra salvage on enemies when looting. Upgrading weapons through salvage is as simple as having the right amount of salvage to purchase the upgrade.

    Now for the negative aspects. I found myself dying alot due to clunky climbing as automatic death areas where Lara would die if a certain part of the water was fallen into. During the game quick time events are placed in which does have a timing to get used to which will result in a few cheap deaths here or there, but thanks to a great checkpoint system this isn't a huge issue. The cover system sometimes doesn't work and Lara stands out in the open taking bullets until she finally collapses and dies. On PS3 at least, frame rates would seem to drop in certain portions of the game but would fix in others.

    This is fantastic reboot and I look forward to what CD will do next with this series so give it a try.
  99. Apr 29, 2013
    Having been a fan of the original Tomb Raider series on PS1, I was a little skeptical that this reboot would work out. Visually I was appalled when the new Dante was released on the new DMC game, but on the reverse, look what Star Trek did with the original series concept (by the way I'm talking about the movie and not the horrendous video game). On trailers and artwork, Laura certainly looked gorgeous, and the trailers were definitely spot on, but how would the game fare? Well I'm glad to say that the game really surpassed my expectations, thought there are a few caveats. Laura is definitely more vulnerable as compared to the original iterations of herself. She is at first squeemish at taking a life of an animal, let alone the life of another human, however the game rapidly forces you to overlook this, and by the end of the game, you are a killing machine. Mathias, by the games end, even remarks that there is little difference between Lara and himself, that they both "killed" to survive the island. Its a rapid transition, and there could have been more development in this area. Another qualm is that the game is very "linear" in the strict sense of the word, though the game does a great job of covering that aspect by letting you "choose" which order to pursue tasks and missions. You can even side trek at your own pace, despite the game making statements to pursue on. I guess in that sense, there really isn't a sense of urgency in the game. You may know your friend is in trouble, but there is no timer or anything to indicate you need to move your ass faster... and you can even explore a tomb without affecting the major plot line. That was kind lame. Keep in mind while you have the quasi-freedom to chose which area you wish to visit first, the story line is linear, though it may allow you to delay the story progression with side-quests. There are no multiple endings here, just one ending for everyone, just as long as you finish the story arc. There is really minimal incentive to play the game over again, unless you really want to unlock the "bonus content" for the game. By the way most of the videos that are "unlocked" can be found on or youtube, so what's the point? The concept art is great, but is it enough to prompt me to play the game a second try? No. On the positive side, I really enjoyed the back story on Himiko and historical background. I was literally on my seat's edge trying to figure out what happened on that island and try to get an explanation of that mysterious weather phenomena. The secondary characters where, however, for the most part very forgettable. They really tried to force a multiethnic cast on us. Why did they make the black character, the stereotypical "angry black woman?" Yeah I know her name is Reyes, which I assume would qualify her as latino as well. I;m upset because the stereotype is popular in the media. Just look at "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and "Basketball Wives." In any case, these qualms aside, the game was definitely a great "origin story" and did the franchise justice. Aside from the linearity, the only other major pitfall was replayability. The multiplayer mode, while definitely a welcome addition to the predominantly "first player only" type game, was not well developed, and seemed more like an afterthought, than a planned inclusion into the original game. Now square-enix really had the opportunity to shine here, but the results were kinda underwhelming. I mean I wasn't expecting halo or anything, but they resort to trying to emulate the big guns like bungie and electronic arts and not quite meet the goal. Maybe a better strategy would be to play the alternate characters throughout the game, perhaps with a different focus. Sam for example wouldn't have been a good gun slinger, but maybe she could be used for more of the puzzle solving aspects of the game. I'm curious how they could have used Alex for some mathematical or engineering puzzle. Roth could have been used as an alternative gunslinger. I can't help but think of the resident evil series and how they allowed you to play as 2 separate characters, allowing the story to merge at the end. Anyways those are just some suggestions I had to make the game a little more "replayable". That aside, I think that the final product was definitely worth the money spent on the purchase. The main drawbacks of the game are the replayability, the forgettable secondary characters and lack of their development, linearity and crappy multiplayer mode. On the plus side, there is an awesome story line, the freedom to chose which paths you take overshadow some of the linearity of the gameplay, great backstory, spot-on voice acting, cool combat scenarios (a-la uncharted style), and great development of lara as a character, really pull you through this game. Overall this game is an 8 of 10, and definitely merits a playthrough Expand
  100. Apr 29, 2013
    I love this game and its my GOTY for what it is.... However its not TR. Even their Final Hours Episode stated it that the central idea was going to be COMBAT in big capital letters. And everything else in this game would be a afterthought and revolve around that central idea. This was in order to acquire a new fan-base I would assume. And get the COD kids to play the game for their action fix, in CD's own words.

    TR has been my #1 favorite title since it first came out. And in all honesty POP started the whole riddle and puzzle solving genre even before TR. But that's what I played it for was the problem solving aspect. Sure the combat was laughable and mechanical in all the others but that was never what that genre was suppose to be completely about. There are enough combat and story driven games out there to make your head spin as is. When I put in this TR I feel like I just exited out of SOTL to load TR and play SOTL as Lara. I do like shooters dont get me wrong however I like variety and the TR series has always given me one of those other options. Its sad to see it move away from its roots like that. Some claim that this game still had the tombs and puzzles etc. It didn't I had a harder time putting the square peg in the square hole in kindergarten then the things that needed solving in this game. And those things were few and far between anyways.

    This game was a completely story and combat driven game with so much hand holding I wanted to scream. QTE's really? I saw that in FC3 and was horrified I honestly thought the QTE fad died out several years ago, whats next bell-bottoms? And the Eagle-Vision at least AC had a excuse that you were in a VR world and it was computer generated vision. TR Reboot is suppose to be real life so to speak. Besides you dont need it anyhow theres so many visual cues there is no possible way to really overlook anything. And the annoying pop ups telling you step by step what to do anyhow was the icing on the cake.

    Honestly I am tired of complaining about this game. I just watched my favorite title disappear so the COD kids could have another toy to throw into their toybox. I dont mind the combat as anyone who's played the rest knows its been in all of them I simply think they need to tone it down and lean back towards their roots and what this genre of game is suppose to be about, problem solving. Not scripted non-stop combat sequences.

    Other then the fact IMO its no longer in anyway TR anymore only in title, it did have a great story, excellent graphics, the physics and mechanics are a vast and much needed improvement, the combats most would say its improved however in reality its no better then a generic shooter it sticks you in a invisible box you cant escape until the fights over and the fights are highly scripted I can tell you were every guy is going to run where they are going to take cover what order they are are going to shot at you and which of them are linked such as you kill one and the one hes linked to runs to his next scripted cover so really the combat system is a generic TPS.

    This game I feel improved on just about everything that the older TR's lacked and were in desperate need of being improved such as the physics and mechanics however they seem to have forgotten to add anything that TR is famous for and what built the franchise into what it is. They left out TR's essence its soul so to speak. So this game is a great Action Adventure Shooter but if your expecting a TR game well might as well just load up an older one because this is isn't it. Hopefully if they come out with a sequel to this they go back to the older style if they dont I feel TR will no longer be TR or salvageable in any way it will be to far gone to come back.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. Apr 11, 2013
    This reboot of the series not only surpassed my expectations, but it is easily one of the best games I have played in a long time. If you're like me and love story driven games that offer a great gaming experience then Tomb Raider is definitely for you.
  2. There’s no denying Tomb Raider is a heavily influenced work, both mechanically and aesthetically (its nods to Neil Marshall’s The Descent are so happy to be there at one point Lara even re-enacts the “girlrising-out-of-sea-of-blood” scene). While it offers nothing wholly original, its salvaged parts combine to produce an experience that is consistently better than anything its own heroes have produced. [April 2013, p70]
  3. Mar 28, 2013
    Despite occasional dissonance between narrative and game mechanics, Tomb Raider is a highly polished, highly accomplished reboot. Kudos, Crystal Dynamics. [Issue#235]