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  1. Altogether, Topatoi: The Great Tree Story is a fantastic platformer on the PSN and certainly a unique experience on the service.
  2. Topatoi: The Great Tree Story is a time travel back to the days of Gods and The Lost Vikings on the Amiga System. With the innovative gyroscopic machine, the GEMMA, that Raph handles we get a great gaming experience with many interesting challenges. However, the story is too short and perhaps too easy and the arcade mode isn't fun enough to keep you playing after the game has been completed.
  3. Topatoi: The Great Tree Story is a pretty good puzzle platformer that is hurt most by the episodic portion of its package since that means the game ends as you reach the end of the tutorial levels and are about to enter the meat of the game. It feels more like you’re getting one-third of a full game rather than something that’s truly episodic.
  4. 61
    A pleasant diversion from the vast array of shooters currently available on Sony's service. [Issue#183, p.83]
  5. When your whole game is build around a mystifyingly unintuitive control mechanic, you're pretty much screwed from the outset. [Sept 2009, p.113]
  6. But you’ll find that behind the bad animation and dodgy plot is a game that has sound ideas at its core.
  7. With only seven levels, ten challenges, and a couple split-screen multiplayer outings, Topatoi just doesn't last very long.
  8. Topatoi Episode 1 delays its payoff for too long, and in the end exists mostly as a suggestion of a game that might be good to play when (and if) it makes its way to the PSN store. Add the fact that the characters of Topatoi lack any of the charm or personality of your typical platformer cast—their in game models look a little revolting even—and it's a hard game to recommend.
  9. An otherwise honest attempt at something new, it's not ready to shine just yet.
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  1. Jan 12, 2011
    This is a good game, but not great. The story lasts around 4-5 hours. There is also a challenge mode that will last you a good 1-2 hours. Finally the game includes online leaderboards. Overall the game has a good amount of content and is worth the price. Full Review »