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  1. Positive: 7 out of 25
  2. Negative: 2 out of 25
  1. It ends up feeling dreary. [Aug 2010, p.97]
  2. Trinity Universe's combat lacks the depth that Nippon Ichi and Gust have shown in the past. It too often feels repetitive, clunky, and lacking the strategy we've come to expect. [Aug 2010, p.124]
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  1. Apr 29, 2013
    This game is VERY funny and the story is entertaining, the thing that stops it from being 'perfect' is two major flaws that detract: item grinding and simple battle system.

    It is typical Idea factory grind, meaning it takes forever to get anything. The battle is a simple combo system but really it could have just been 'attack' and saved time.

    It is unfortunate, because I have not laughed as much as I have with this game's story that takes two different sides.
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  2. Jul 28, 2012
    I dare to say this is one of the FEW good jrpgs on the ps3, and I'm writing this review 2 years after the release of Trinity Universe...showing that to this day we still lack good jrpgs, lacking basically anything, from story to gameplay, from longevity to entertainment. I know there few good jrpgs, but this game showed what a good game needed. First of all, the game is based on irony and comedic moments, meaning that the plot will be very light and not totally serious, which can be both good and bad, depending on your tastes. Second, the game is a turn based jrpg: few tweaks in the mechanics, few difference from the other games, but the system is almost untouched: your turn->you attack->next member. Even if overused, the turn based formula is still a great way to combine both strategy and action; infact, you press buttons to put a combination of attack in order to make a better combo attack, which is actually nice (and, if I have to make a comparison, it reminded me of Legend of Legaia on the first playstation). What only saddens me is that this generation considers this kind of gaming "too old", but I only say this: "If it's old and overused, it's because it still works greatly, doesn't it?". Oh, and it's also very repetitive. Anyway, third: there are many secondary actions to do: item creation (gust's trademark), the colosseum (in order to get some specific items usually, and to beat harder monsters), the managraphics (which usually add different effects to your weapons and also makes you get specific mana from enemies), plus there is a total of 15 characters...and NONE of them are to be downloaded (the rest of the dlcs are also useless: they only give you items that you can easily get in game). And...that's it, unfortunely, and now I gotta start saying that, even if fun, this game is extremely lacking in content: there is basically no exploration, except for the dungeons, but your main place is basically the ONLY place you can visit: that's so cheap and very poor, especially when we're talking about planets! Not only that, the dungeons are also very lacking: they tend to be the same after a while and change only the themes (even though they are many). And on top of that, it uses the "Dungeon Crawler" formula, which is usually good for a portable console. And unfortunely, even if it's interesting at some points and it's supposed to be funny and not taken seriously, the story is very boring and tends to be forgotten very fast, because you'll mostly go grind experience and hardly follow the story, which is also very short by the way. It gives you however two different starts, which is a nice idea, but they are very short in general and it's only meant to "look" longer, especially since there's no played time counter. Even if flawed, this game however is still fun and it's basically "complete": it adds nothing with dlc, and it's can be long if you want to, for example, take the true ending or have all of the 15 characters: basically, the flaws of this game are overthrown by the good sides, and I highly recommend to give it a look. Full Review »
  3. Jan 31, 2012
    Trinity Universe is a solid, if rather repetitive, JRPG with 2 separate story lines and a cast of wonderful... and annoying characters. You spend most of you're time walking around dungeons beating up monsters to some very catchy music, the dungeons themselves are like any IF game in that they are bland and made up solely of corridors and square rooms. The graphics are a mixed bag with some decent texture work and polygons but theres a lot of repetition in backrounds and enemies and party members look like there made of wax for some reason. Unfortunately some of this game is plain lazy, most enemies are taken straight from Cross Edge or Agarest, many of the enviromental objects aswell, and there is a lack of variation in enviroments. While this games music is top notch, very funky, the voice acting is hit or miss... largely miss especially the english dud, although Etna stands out as particulary strong. The battles are 3 vs 3(usually) turn based (sort off) in that you press buttons to correspond to different attack types, square for light, triangle for magic and x for heavy and you can combine combos through multiple characters for big damage and high multipliers. The battle system is fun but it gets old quick, as in 5 hours in the 15 hour story (there are 2 plus an end game so you get a good 30-40 hours) you will basically know all there is to know about it and have nothing to strive for. That said the story itself is ok, nothing as clever or humorous as Hyper D but far better than Cross Edge, it notably suffers from 1 too many tedious characters, particulary the young males. I wont spoil the story but its largely there just to give you an excuse to go through dozens of repetitive dungeons, theres a dolip of humour too which did make me smile every so often. Aside from 2 stories there are optional dungeons to tackle, over 100 gallery artworks to unlock, which are often done using super-deformed characters, synthesis and monster creating, optional events to watch aswell as a lot of customisation from weapon skins to meteorites (which increase you're characters stats) Theres also a lot of DLC avaliable for TU (at least here in the UK) but its very expensive for what it is, usually £2 for 5 weapons and the like, all the DLC combined could easily cost more than the game itself and it adds rather little to an already easy game. All in all this is a fun little JRPG with plenty of content but it does outstay its welcome through excessive repetition and there are cerntainly better anime JRPGs out there. Full Review »