• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Nov 16, 2007
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Summary: A 400-year-old clue in the coffin of Sir Francis Drake sets a modern-day fortune hunter on an exploration for the fabled treasure of El Dorado, leading to the discovery of a forgotten island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The search turns deadly when Nathan Drake becomes stranded on the island and hunted by mercenaries. Outnumbered and outgunned, Drake and his companions must fight to survive as they begin to unravel the terrible secrets hidden on the Island. Using maps and ancient artifacts, uncover clues and unravel mysteries to find a forgotten island and a treasure that was thought to have never existed. Explore exotic locations. Traverse through living jungles and spectacular 400-year-old ruins. Drake's companions and allies play an important role in the adventure through cooperative mechanics, gun play and exploration. Experience fast-paced gunplay: use a variety of environmental elements for cover, shoot enemies off of moving vehicles in high speed chases and more. Use an array of hand-to-hand fighting moves to put your enemy off balance. Anything from wild haymaker punches to running drop-kicks. Naughty Dog's advanced animation techniques allow Nathan to switch seamlessly between movements and achieve a whole new level of believability in gameplay. Nathan can reload his weapon while dodging bullets and find cover behind a wall, all in one smooth natural motion. [SCEA]
Rating: T
Official Site: http://www.naughtydog.com/comingsoon/index.html
Developer: Naughty Dog, SCE/WWS
Genre(s): Linear
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Blood, Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Use of Tobacco, Violence
Cast Credit
Dan Lead Programmer
Marshall Robin Programmer
Roger Seto Lead Animator
Jane Mullaney Prop Modeller
Clint Bajakian Senior Music Supervisor
Simon Templeman Cast: Gabriel Roman
Amy Hennig Creative Director
Richard Lemarchand Lead Game Designer
Steve Blum Cast: Descendants
Tom Hays Director Of Audio Services
Jonathan Lanier Programmer
Troy Adam Effects Artist
Hirokazu Yasuhara Game Designer
Cory Hamilton Shader/Texture Artist
Gene Semel Senior Sound Design Manager
Frank Szick Sound Designer
Brian Fredrickson Sound Designer
Chuck Doud Director Of Music
Benson Russell Game Designer
Bruce Locke Cast: Pirates
Behrooz Roozbeh Shader/Texture Artist
Gordon Hunt MOCap/Voice Direction
Bob Rafei Art Director
Eric A. Iwasaki Technical/Shader Artist
Bruce Straley Art Director
Pal-Kristian Engstad Lead Programmer
John Kim In-Game Animator
Don Poole Environment Modeller
Rob Adams Lead Environment Artist
Christopher Christensen Programmer
Paul Moya Prop Modeller
Josh Scherr Lead Cinematic Animator
Reuben Shah Environment Modeller
Mark Cerny Design Consultant
Bruce Swanson Lead Audio
David Beron Cast: Mercenaries
Nichol Norman Shader/Texture Artist
Richard Dorton Stunt Performer
Jose Hernandez Animator
Dan Goldman Animator
Stephan Fedasz IV Creative Director
Jason Gregory Programmer
Amy Henning Director
Jesse Corti Cast: Mercenaries
Kory Heinzen PreVisualization/Concept Design
Rich Diamant Lead Character Artist
Mike Yosh In-Game Animator
Lydian Tone Sound Designer
Henry Cheng Environment Modeller
Tate Mosesian Shader/Texture Artist
Taylor Kurosaki Audio/Video Editor
Michael Hagiwara Cast: Pirates
Travis McIntosh Lead Programmer
Jonathan Mayer Music Supervisor
Carlos Ferro Cast: Mercenaries
Robert Castaneda Animation Director
Andrew Kishino Cast: Pirates
E. Daniel Arey Additional Writing
Shaddy Safadi Concept Artist
Daniel Godinez Animator
Martin Leeper Animator
Ian Jones Programmer
David Agranov Cast: Mercenaries
Greg Edmonson Music Composer
Pål-Kristian Engstad Lead Programmer
Erick Pangilinan Lead Environment Artist
Jeremy Lai-Yates Lead In-Game Animator
Mike Hatfield Lead Prop Artist
Toby Tobler Lead Lighting Artist
Judd Simantov Art Technical Lead
Sergiy Migdalskiy Programmer
Carlos Gonzalez-Ochoa Programmer
Richard Lamb Programmer
Fengquan Wang Programmer
Charlie Tangora Programmer
Christian Gyrling Programmer
John "Cowboy" Bellomy Programmer
Lucas Pope Programmer
Jeff Shaffer Programmer
Eric Baldwin Cinematic Animator
"Sir" Kion Phillips Cinematic Animator
Van Phan Cinematic Animator
Troy Slough In-Game Animator
Brian Patenaude Environment Modeller
Teagan Morrison Environment Modeller
Santiago Gutierrez Environment Modeller
Christophe Desse Environment Modeller
Neil Druckmann Game Designer
Philippe Morin Game Designer
Inkyo Lee Prop Modeller
Malcolm "Von" Hee Shader/Texture Artist
Vicki Liu Shader/Texture Artist
John Germann Shader/Texture Artist
Christian Nakata Shader/Texture Artist
Darcy Korch Shader/Texture Artist
Omar Gatica Lighting Artist
Ryan Trowbridge Technical Artist
Ricardo Ariza Character Artist
Tyler Breon Character Artist
Robh Ruppel Concept Artist
Michael Fadollone Effects Artist
Erwin Madrid PreVisualization/Concept Design
Phu Giang Additional Concept Design
Hugo Martin Jr. Additional Concept Design
Micheal Yamada Additional Concept Design
Felix Yoon Additional Concept Design
David J. Witters Additional Cinematic Lighting
Dan Barker Additional Animation
Robert Blye Additional Animation
Shamil Rasizade Additional Animation
Brian Robison Additional Animation
Mike Ha Additional Sound
Taylor Moll Additional Shading/Texture
George Kee Cheung Cast: Pirates
Tim Dang Cast: Pirates
Matthew Yang King Cast: Pirates
Marco Rodriguez Cast: Mercenaries
Damian Valencia Cast: Mercenaries
Melissa Barker Stunt Performer
Mike Mukatis Stunt Performer
Joe McGuffin Senior Art Development Manager
Paola Lecler Animator
Thomas Estrada Animator
Marianne Hayden Animator
Jean Lin Animator
Mark Villagracia Animator
Timothy Ingersoll Animator
Kent Culotta Animator
Lindsey Butterworth Animator
Steven Lo Animator
Melissa Thompson Animator
Marc Senasac Associate Music Supervisor
Joel Yarger Associate Music Supervisor
Alan Steinberger Music Arranger
Alan Steinberger Orchestration
J. Eric Schmidt Orchestration
Philip Kovats Sound Design Manager
John Bellomy Programmer
Robin Atkin Downes Cast: Navarro
Emily Rose Cast: Elena Fisher
Richard McGonagle Cast: Victor Sullivan
Fred Tatasciore Cast: Mercenaries
Fred Tatasciore Cast: Mercenaries
Nolan North Cast: Nathan Drake
Paul Fox Senior Sound Designer
Gregg Berger Cast: Mercenaries
Michael Caloz Additional Scripting Design
James Sie Cast: Eddy Raja
Matt Morgan Effects Artist
Charlotte Francis Shader/Texture Artist
Yuri Lowenthal Cast: Mercenaries
Matt Mullins Stunt Performer
Ron Yuan Cast: Pirates
Kion Phillips Cinematic Animator
Malcolm Hee Shader/Texture Artist
Dan Liebgold Lead Programmer
John Edwards Additional Effects
Fred Tatasciore Cast: Mercenaries
Fred Tatasciore Cast: Mercenaries
Nolan North Cast: Nathan Drake
Yuri Lowenthal Cast: Mercenaries
Robin Atkin Downes Cast: Navarro
Gregg Berger Cast: Mercenaries
Steven Jay Blum Cast: Descendants
John Edwards Additional Effects
Matt Morgan Effects Artist
Richard McGonagle Cast: Victor Sullivan
Paul Fox Senior Sound Designer
Emily Rose Cast: Elena Fisher
James Sie Cast: Eddy Raja
Charlotte Francis Shader/Texture Artist
Ron Yuan Cast: Pirates
Michael Caloz Additional Scripting Design
Matt Mullins Stunt Performer
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