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  • Summary: Relive the groundbreaking rivalries of John Cena vs. CM Punk and Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels in a new single player campaign told through your gameplay and historic WWE footage. In the WWE Universe and Creation Suite, create your own Custom Superstar, or customize WWE Superstars and Divas, Move-Sets and entrances. Take control of WWE as your actions shape your Universe: storylines, schedule, rivalries, alliances and more. [2K Sports] Expand
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  1. Oct 28, 2014
    This version of WWE 2K15 works if you’re not planning on buying a new-gen console anytime soon, are a big fan of the careers of the four leads, would like to play the exclusive Who Got NXT mode, and like the mechanics just the way they are. Custom creators, on the other hand, might as well continue to build up their creations on 2K14.
  2. Nov 3, 2014
    WWE 2K15 on the PS3 is very much a clone of last year’s offering.
  3. Oct 28, 2014
    Smaller roster, fewer options, and a disjointed single-player make this less impressive than previous WWE titles.
  4. Nov 3, 2014
    They are flat retreads of their forebears at best, and stripped down expansion packs at their worst.
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  2. Negative: 3 out of 7
  1. Oct 28, 2014
    Just thought I would create an account just to say that this "Flavour Saviour" guy is a homo and so it seems from the way he talks...hes trolling on the urban language too. He most definitely wants to have swag but hes forever trapped in his lame prizm. End Rant. Expand
  2. Oct 30, 2014
    I was able to get my hands on this copy a few days early. WWE 2K15 is just like any other WWE Video Game for the PS3 or PS2. I dislike the roster selection and how you can only play as WCW and Hall Of Famers if you buy the DLC. I am getting my hands on WWE 2K15 for PS4 on the 10th of November. That game will be very different and be a good game alone. The Roster Selection will still be awful, but MyCareer exclusive will be pretty good. I enjoyed the gameplay and the trophies as I got 90% of them. The new game mode Who Got NXT is a horrible title for it but is like a Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 Road To Wrestlemania. This game has a few faults like the roster and Universe mode. Getting rid of some game features like some creating features. All together I give it an 7 for it's choice in Trophies and storyline play. Lacking the Newer MyCareer mode made the rating lower, but we will see when that game comes out how good it will be. Expand
  3. Oct 30, 2014
    Too many retro versions of wrestlers taking up space. It's hardly worth unlocking everything just for more  versions of Del Rio, Batista, Orton, Daniel Bryan and more. While many wrestlers were left out. 2K treated this game like it was for PS2; like it couldn't handle too many options or too big of a roster.
    While the CAWS have some new cool moves for them at least; there's not enough music or entrances for them. And create a finisher was even cut out. The game can be fun but it's still very disappointing.
  4. Oct 30, 2014
    A dumbed down roster, missing features, and poor visuals combined with the same play mechanics that are desperately in need of a complete over haul, make this years current-gen release a blatant attempt to cash in on the name value of WWE. Expand
  5. Oct 30, 2014
    WWE 2K15 is the absolute worst wrestling game I've ever played. As someone who played some real stinkers during the PS1 era, this game takes the cake as the worst. WWE games have been on a decline for many years now since Smackdown vs. Raw 2008. While WWE13 and WWE 2K14 were better than the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw games from 2008-2011, in addition to WWE12, they were still extremely buggy games with dated engines both in gameplay and graphics. But at least both '13 and '14 were crammed with content. Sadly, 2K15 is the exact opposite. Small roster, many of which look like CAWs and not finely crafted character models that resemble their real life counterparts. In addition, long hair still looks like plastic in these games. As for the gameplay, it's as basic and glitchy as ever. This is pretty much just 2K14 with good content removed and glitches added. We all hoped that the shift from THQ to 2K would mean a better future for WWE games, but that's not the case. If anything, it's gotten a lot worse. As long as Yukes is at the helm, we'll continue to get yearly releases with little effort. They'll try to sell us on next year's game by saying how much more content it has than 2K15, but sadly more isn't always that much better when you're dealing with dated gameplay and glitches. Since Yukes is also the primary developer of the PS4/Xbox One versions, I'm not holding my breath for something better. I'm just expecting a prettier disaster. Expand

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