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  • Summary: Introducing the next cinematic chapter in the prestigious video game saga offering an authentic, gritty and often violent story set in modern day Japan. Following the events of the previous game, Kazuma and Haruka have left Kamurocho to seek a new life in Okinawa where they manage an orphanage for children. However, their peaceful life is soon interrupted when a series of events unfold pulling Kazuma back into the shadowy past he thought he had left behind. [Sega] Expand
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  1. Positive: 59 out of 77
  2. Negative: 0 out of 77
  1. Yakuza 3 is workmanlike and archaic in many ways, barely taxing the graphical horsepower of the PlayStation 3, but it's also unique. Most games make the big city a playground for the absurd. Yakuza 3 is only as absurd as an actual big city.
  2. Yakuza 3 is an astounding success in bringing the Japanese culture over in a great package of emotions and raw combat.
  3. While I hesitate to call Yakuza 3 a sandbox game, it certainly provides you with an open game where you can participate in a huge number of minigames and side quests. It also offers a fairly lengthy and intriguing main storyline.
  4. If you have the patience to stick to it, this game can be loads of fun. The action bits of the game are brilliant and the boss battles are epic.
  5. Taking advantage of what Yakuza 3 has to offer in individual progression, campaigns accessories, objectives, mini-games, you will play tens of hours. If you bet only on completing the main quest of Kazuma, will always have between ten to twenty hours depending on the speed with which you untangle.
  6. Yakuza 3 manages to stay loyal to its predecessors but also knows the same highs and lows. The story is interesting and complex but is of to a slow start and the best parts are most definitely the Yakuza boss fights. In the end Yakuza 3 is a game of traditions who in this modern age seem kind of dated.
  7. Yakuza also suffers from an almost debilitating yappiness. [May 2010, p.76]

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  1. JohnS
    Mar 16, 2010
    Thoroughly enjoying my time playing this game. Having never played the previous two Yakuza titles, It was the PSN demo that persuaded me to give Yakuza 3 a chance. I'm really glad I did because it has been surprisingly addictive. This game has great atmosphere and is very cinematic. I love the combat, the storyline, the weird and wonderful characters, the cut scenes, sub quests and mini games. Superb value for money. Expand
  2. May 14, 2014
    Truly a master piece, best game on the PS3 and quite possibly my favorite game of the 7th Gen.
    They messed up a bit with Yakuza 4 by
    introducing multiple characters and totally terminating kiryu's role in the game, that really sucked Expand
  3. Nov 12, 2011
    best game ever best story awesome combat a lot of stuff to do its so japanese that even japanese people say damn that game is japanese an all around fun game that I believe everyone should experience Expand
  4. Apr 2, 2012
    If you're a fan of the late, great Shenmue, then you should immediately check out the Yakuza franchise. Whilst Yakuza 3 doesn't quite achieve the level of catharsis or the stately dignity of Shenmue, it does have a lot of similar elements (namely, the real world locations and the free roaming RPG mechanics). That said, the game isn't a Shenmue wannabe, as it's tone is completely different. Yakuza 3 has a hilarious Japanese sense of humor that sees you beating the holy crap out of anyone who even looks at you funny. Stamping on a man's face / using a traffic cone as a golf club and a dude's head as a ball / braining somebody with a bicycle wheel... FUNNY EVERY SINGLE TIME! Especially when said 'victims' get up from their beatings and profusely apologize to you. The actual combat is tight and fun, the plot is totally nuts but entertaining (and very convoluted) and there are a ton of mini games to distract you from your main quest. Yakuza 3 made me a full-on franchise fan and was great fun from start to finish. Expand
  5. Dec 21, 2010
    A dream come true for any Japanophile and quite a proficient sandbox game featuring an intriguing story and the most charismatic cast of characters ever. The game dares to be different and apart from cut content, plenty of invisible walls, and repetitive random encounters, succeeds at that. Not perfect but loads of fun just the same. Expand
  6. Feb 28, 2011
    An enjoyable game that just drags on a litttttle too long. If not for the tedious cut scenes that seem to never end and the repetitive fighting mechanics this game could have been a lot more. Still, overall this game is definitely worth a play. Expand
  7. Nov 11, 2011
    This game is the defination of **** gameplay sucks. Seriously a total waste of time and money.
    The only thing a bit good about this game is
    the combat but only a bit. I even found the story lame. Expand

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