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  1. Nov 15, 2014
    The story is on the level of the series best so far, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It' protagonist is by far the best in the series, however the game doesn't really have an antagonist to combat through the plot, unless you count the protagonist himself. Sadly, the gameplay and animations are from the clunky ACIII version, which can become frustrating when you're doing racing mission to capture someone, or trying to escape, and you get hung up on a wall or decide to crouch on a pole, allowing your enemies to freely shoot you or whack away at you with their swords. At least they toned down the number of enemies on the rooftops so that you can move through town without setting off a hornet's nest. Overall, when movements are performed flawlessly, it looks great. As far as the overall graphics, it's the best so far being in 1080p with no frame drops. The open world is the biggest, without being bored to tears, as you have fast travel, plenty of ships to meet an plunder, or castaways to save and islands to explore. I easily put in a hundred hours playing this. Pirate combat is tough at first because you need to speed resources and money to upgrade your ship. At the end of the game, my ship was not fully leveled up, but I was finally a terror on the seas that I was hoping for. (A good terror because you can't attack innocent vessels without going out of sync+all your assassin contracts are for evil, bad people who are slave traders, smugglers, and those who prey on the weak). Excellent voice work and music all throughout the game. The time I spent in Black Flag was very enjoyable because they hit the 18th century caribbean atmosphere perfectly. Just clean up the wonky combat and animated movement and this game would've been a ten. Expand
  2. Nov 11, 2014
    I did not like assassin creed games in the past seemed so linear and made me not want to play them. However after playing this up to 35% I am really happy that I gave the series another shot and want to spend all my time at sea gaining loot! I really like the graphics in this game, very well done. I like the pirate ship and boating action in this game, being able to dive, spear fish, openly explore the sea is really a good idea and rendered beautifully. I like how on islands, etc. you can make a mini game out of climbing tree branches to achieve your goals. The only down side to the game in my opinion is the wonky movement, that at any minute you can accidently do some movement you really did not want to do. Overall I am happy with this game. Expand
  3. Nov 7, 2014
    I have been a fan since the beginning. Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag has many improvements over AC3 and is largely a great game with a few missteps like repetitive missions and uneven story issues. I think this is honestly the best pirate game ever made it hits the nail on the head for the pirate theme in fact it focuses more on pirates than assassins and gels them both together convincingly.

    Side activities - The things to do outside the story missions are incredible, assassin contracts, sneaking into enemy islands or caves to loot treasure, freeing captured pirates, many things gives you money, loot, territory and crew members. With loot you can built your ship, your character and it allows you to tackle bigger challenges, there is always something that engages you and makes you feel like you’re doing something new. The Templar hunt quests are awesome and do an amazing job of expanding the world in which you live in. You can tackle all side missions in whatever way you want.
    This game has hunting and it is quite fun you can shoot predators down from a distance hidden in bushes or in trees or you can confront them using quick time events to kill them. Using their pelts to upgrade your ship, weapons, tools and character. Another great side activity is the underwater sections where you swim in shipwrecks looking for loot, treasure and ship blueprints. The funnest thing about this is the way you can hide from sharks in reeds and always have to go back to air pockets for an extra breath; you feel very vulnerable which an exciting rush is.

    Naval combat - Very fun and satisfying, you could bored other ships for literally hours without getting bored there is just SO MANY different ways to approach other ships. You can attack and conquer other forts which is addictive first using your naval combat from a distance to destroy their canons while attacking/dodging other ships near and far, then jumping straight into the chaos on the fort ground to cut through the enemies utilizing the ground combat then finally assassinating the captain.

    Mission structure and gameplay - Okay for allot of the missions they are very open and let you tackle them in whatever way you wish with little handholding, which is very important, however this is one of the real lacking parts of the game the overall repetitiveness of the main missions. WAY too many missions you will find yourself doing the exact same thing over and over again whether it is eavesdropping, tailing someone or something in-between. The parkour and freedom of movement is great but can be tricky and pretty much is the same as in AC3 but tree running ans siling is smooth and works very well. The way you can go from running to sailing in seconds is really special.

    Story - The story is very well thought out and lasts about 22 hours or so, as you follow Edward through his personal journey and experience the historic moments of the period is great and participating in them is amazing, something that makes all AC games truly special. All the main characters are convincingly accurate especially Black Beard he is SO WELL DONE. You start to feel attached to the main character especially in the later missions. However it is not without its downsides some missions are not very well explained and you will wonder how you got there and why you are really doing it.

    Combat - The combat is fun at first and there are some really cool kill animations but largely it stays the same as AC3 just counter the incoming enemies attacks and they die or just keep tapping attack to kill the weaker guys. But it’s not horrible, a good side is there are different enemy types that require different means to kill them like you will have to counter with a different weapon such as a gun or requiring you to break their defense before striking, this keeps combat away from being too repetitive.

    One thing I just have to say is that for us hardcore fans we have noticed that the AC games have gotten less about the assassin way of life and has focused more on the theme. Such as in AC3 where Connor was more of a warrior than an assassin and was not fully dedicated to the order. Similarities can be seen here. The stealth and eavesdropping has not really evolved much, there needs to be more assassinating and stealthy upgrades.

    So to round Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag up most side activities are engaging and enjoyable, the naval combat is the best part of the game and is one all in its self, the theme of pirates is done exquisitely, the main missions can get old but they are not terrible, combat is over familiar, decent but nothing special, story is great but can seem random sometimes, music is amazing, parkour and gameplay is still upheld, and last but not least the landscapes are absolutely beautiful and stunning to observe.
  4. Oct 30, 2014
    How can this game have such a low meta and user score? It's ridiculous. Had they included EITHER the massive gameplay elements present in the piracy mode, or the standard AC ground missions and assassination elements, it would easily be a relative 9 compared to scores given to other much more shallow games.

    But instead you get both, more or less 2 games in one. Tons of content, and
    that's to say nothing of what I thought was very beautiful graphics, and scenery presented. I got the game as a gift, and it's still easily the best game I've played on the PS4, with D3 coming a close second. You'll notice that D3, and other highly rated games on the PS4 are ports. Insult to injury when you consider the achievement AC4 is, to be one of the first games on a new platform, to do it so well, and to be ORIGINAL.

    The story is also incredible. People don't like the animus bits. I guess I do. They kept me intrigued. But that's not the story I'm referring to. This is a game about principles, dreams, and loss. It's not a happy ending everything-is-great type story, and perhaps somewhere in there is the reason why people don't appreciate it fully. It's emotionally powerful, and heavy. It's part of a growing movement of better storytelling in gaming, but hasn't really gotten the credit for it.
  5. Oct 26, 2014
    Black Flag is the best entry in the series since AC II. Kenway makes for a much more fun protagonist and his story isn't bogged down in the usual political nonsense, instead we're given a fun swashbuckling pirate adventure which makes full use of it's gorgeously realised Carribean setting with the best mechanics of the series to date.
  6. Oct 23, 2014
    Pretty good game, minimal problems with story and the combat is pretty decent. My friend loaned me the game and I have enjoyed the time I have put into it.
  7. Oct 20, 2014
    Pass a "fourth", emotions are twofold. Clearly more positive than negative. Setting "Assassins vs pirates" fell nice, however, not a lover of ships, this type of transport is not particularly fun for me, but cheerfully boarding mode saved the whole situation for me. In the storyline, can not say anything, was absolutely indifferent, typical plots in the style of the previous loan. I can say that this part is the leap forward rather than a step back. A huge number of customizations and opportunities make believe that we really play open world game. Among the negative aspects I want to mention - absolutely stupid missions "nowadays abstergo", especially the fact that our protagonist is voiceless. Summarizing we can advise this game to those who did not believe that a series of Assassins Creed should be a blueprint is made from part to part. The game is definitely worth buying, and even seasonal access to take those who love the theme of pirates, and indeed sea battles. As a result, the game is decent, as taken separately or as a continuation of the adventures of various Assassins in different corners of the earth. Ranked # 8 of 10. Expand
  8. Oct 20, 2014
    Пройден "четвертый", эмоции двоякие. Однозначно скорее положительные, чем отрицательные. Сеттинг "Ассассины среди пиратов" пришёлся по душе, однако, как не любителю кораблей, постоянные передвижения на данном виде транспорта не особо доставляли, но бодрейшие абордажи спасали всю ситуацию. По сюжету сказать ничего не могу, к нему остался абсолютно равнодушен, типичные заговоры в стиле предыдущих Кредо. Могу сказать, что данная часть скорее прорыв вперед, нежели шаг назад. Огромное количество различных кастомизаций и возможностей даёт поверить, что перед нами действительно игра с открытым миром, который, в свою очередь, живёт своей жизнью. Из негативных моментов хочу отметить абсолютно тупые миссии "в наши дни", особенно тот факт что наш главный герой немой. Подводя итог можно посоветовать эту игру тем, кто не считает, что серия Assassins Creed должна быть под копирку сделана от части к части. Игру определённо стоит покупать, да ещё и сезонный доступ взять тем, кто любит тематику пиратов, да и вообще морские сражения. В итоге игра получилась достойной, как отдельно взятая, так и как продолжение приключений различных Убийц в разных краях света. Оценка 8 из 10. Expand
  9. Oct 17, 2014
    Amazing story and gameplay loved it
    when i started playing i was bored because most of the missions were at sea....but once the real story starts its amazing...!
  10. Oct 15, 2014
    Why not just make it a pirate game? Black Flag is a game held back because of it's misguided Assassin's Creed tittle. An identity that forces itself on some truly fascinating elements, making an odd mix.

    The naval combat is back from AS3, and it's still awesome. On top of that you got a bunch of other activities like whaling (no, I DON'T support animal cruelty but for the sake of
    historic accuracy I approve), and sailing through a storm is a truly impressive and intense moment. The thing is, all those things get all after a while, specially on a game asking for many hours of dedication.

    So what's the problem here? Well, on top of the naval exploration. You have all your traditional Assassin's Creed activities like spying, stalking, and of course assassinating. Mind you, all these elements work perfectly find but in my honest opinion they don't match the pirating theme.

    I just wish, Black Flag would have been just a pirate game, and with a focus of pirate activities. Give us pillaging, in depth treasure quests, or the option to become buccaneers. The Assassin's Creed games are fantastic (mostly), but this combination of a pirate game and an AS game is depriving us from two amazing games. One amazing pirate game, and another amazing AS game.
  11. Oct 8, 2014
    It was fun but like all Assassin creed games only the first time really counts. the goods o naval combat was amazing and taking on man of wars is always fun o naval Songs was great o very little load screens o a true open world experience o combat is as always top notch the bads o main character not really an assassin (kinda lame considering its assassins creed) o underwater diving was kinda lame
    o the story in general is really getting confusing
  12. Oct 1, 2014
    Arrrrr Matey! Get your pirate on in the latest version of Assassin's Creed. This being my first AC experience, I must say I was captured more by the side activities, as well as the naval combat, than I was the main quests. Beautiful done graphics with an amazingly accurate ocean simulator built in to make for a engaging sailing experience. Worth a buy.
  13. Sep 30, 2014
    A very enjoyable experience with stunning visuals and a vast and beautiful open world and a strong story, Assassin's Creed IV is a game I would recommend to any fan of the franchise or open world games in general.

    It certainly isn't the traditional Assassin's Creed formula, but the change is far from bad.
  14. Sep 28, 2014
    This is probably the best game on the PS4 library IMO. The combat and control in this installment are vastly improved. The controls very tight and responsive and the combat itself is pretty engaging. Edward Kenway, while not my favorite character in the franchise (that would Ezio); is a very enjoyable protagonist/anti-hero. The newly-introduced pirate gameplay is a welcome new mechanic in the series. Sailing your own ship with your own crew on this game's HUGE world adds a lot of atmosphere and fun to the game. And the fights with other ships are difficult, engaging, and really damn fun. You really feel like a pirate AND an assassin in this game. My only "problems" is that the game's world isn't as charming as ACII. But overall this game is bloody amazing, I recommend it to ANYBODY with a PS4. Expand
  15. Sep 24, 2014

    Its pretty ok! As a pirate game, it's a 8.5/10 or something like that. As an assassins creed game, it's still good. But at the end I felt a bit bored, but the pirating was still fun!
  16. Sep 20, 2014
    First off, this game is by far my favorite of the series. Edward was a fantastic character with some outstanding surrounding characters and some not so outstanding.

    The story revolved around Edward getting caught up with the Assassin's and the Templars and a search for something big. All the while, Edward is plundering ships, searching islands for loot, hunting animals, crafting
    weapons and armor, upgrading his ship, and stabbing people. There are plenty of side missions such as Assassin contracts and templar hunts that will keep you sidetracked, too. You can search for all the animus fragments, gather shanties for your crew, and loot chests. You will also climb the viewpoints, defeat naval bases, and swim for sunken treasure. That is just scratching the surface for story and side missions because I highly recommend you play this game. The story is good, but not fantastic.

    This game is 50% an Assassin's Creed game and 50% a pirate game. Personally, the sailing portions in the 3rd game didn't appeal to me, and although I liked it better here, the game was easily superior when Edward was stalking someone preparing to kill them. The sailing portions were fun, but got a little repetitive. Naval battles were fun, but there was some major difficulty spike issue that I had through my play through. When you are on land, however, you stick the Assassin's Creed basics. You will tail enemies, assassinate targets, climb rooftops and trees (By far the best part in this game is the nature aspect)and have sword fights. It basically sticks to the roots of the very first game, but flows so much better.

    The music is amazing. The visuals are downright gorgeous and the sound effects are AMAZING. These are honestly some of the best sound effects I have heard in a game. The way rain hits the gravel and Edwards sprints through the muddy terrain sounds like it's happening right next to you. Seeing a humpback whale breach is amazing as you sail the seemingly endless ocean is breathtaking( see what I did there?)

    -The game can get a little repetitive as the land segments haven't changed much in the past years.
    -Some of the surrounding characters were rather dull and seemed unimportant and sometimes hard to follow story wise
    -Difficulty spikes were littered throughout the game, which got frustrating at some points
    -Why must we have present day segments? It wasn't as bad or as long as Desmond sequences but they were just pointless and took me out of the experience.

    So far the best PS4 game I have played. The story alone will take you 20ish hours and that is without side quests and the bunch. Much better than 3 in every way. Buy this game if you haven't already. Also I want to get Freedom Cry too! :)
  17. Sep 18, 2014
    This is a really good action, stealth and adventure game. The story is ok, but the gameplay is what really makes this game great. You spend most your time on-land, where you will be killing enemies, either by stealth, combat, or gunfire. There are a lot of side missions as well, with good rewards. However, as you are a pirate, you also have a big ship that you can customise and upgrade, and of course use to take down other ships or fortresses. Expand
  18. Sep 16, 2014
    This game was nothing short of amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, but as one of the game designers for this game pointed out during a demo, your lovely ship, the Jackdaw, is the second main character here. Frankly, one I enjoyed more than our standard protagonist even. The ship combat is addictive and about an authentic as you could possibly want in a video game. It hits all the right high notes. Your cheering crew singing sea shanties as you crash through the waves seeking a target with water washing over your desk is a surreal feeling. The 'legendary ship' encounters are particularly on-point and satisfying after overcoming them. If you played one of the previous Assassin's Creed games and have ever fancied yourself a pirate, it'd be downright criminal to not play this. Expand
  19. Sep 10, 2014
    I played the game at launch of the Playstation 4, and it was the best launch title in my opinion. It was Assassin's Creed with exploration. Getting the chance to play as a pirate was pretty awesome. The only downfall it got pretty repetitive, but still well worth it, I put 60 hours into the single player campaign and to me that is worth it. Multiplayer though in Assassin's Creed just isn't for me, it is unique but gets boring. Expand
  20. Sep 7, 2014
    This game is so overrated, it's annoying. C'mon people, it's basically just a clone of AC3, same visual style, same gameplay, no new tricks, fewer less interesting weapons and of course the sailing, which we also got to see first in AC3. I really don't understand how so many people hate AC3 and just loves AC4. I get that many still mourn Ezio's departure from the series, but hey he isn't the only thing that matters. I love AC, i've played every game ever since it's introduction in 2007. My favorite of them all (besides AC2 because it was a vast improvement over the first in everything) is AC3. Why? Because Brotherhood only introduced 1 new thing, summoning assassin's, Revelations is probably my least favorite. In every game that followed AC2 they gave us maybe 1 new thing to do or weapon to attack and then took something else away. In AC3 everything changed, Connor's running/jumping/crawling style is the same as Edwards. The Tomahawk was badass my favorite. The 2 swords Edward has are the only thing different from Connor. He's basically Connor, just with plastic surgery and 2 swords. The graphics are really great, i have to say that. But overall it just isn't anything we haven't seen before, even the main story. I really miss Desmond btw, i think it's lousy we have to play as some random Templar, really makes it feel this franchise just became a moneymaking machine with no depth or anything. Can't wait till' ACU, that looks real innovative for a change. Expand
  21. Sep 7, 2014
    AC3 over AC4
    I think that this is a wonderful game in terms of graphics but I think everything else was horrible. Being on the water was one of the worst experiences and this was really downgrade from AC3. The missions and side missions were not intriguing especially the ones on the water. AC3 was fine because only a tiny bit of the game was on the sea so it was sort of a nice change yet
    I wouldn't applaud it. The fighting was way too easy, anyone could take out a group of 1,000,000 guys by them self! The game forced you to play the missions and not just roam around because if you did you couldn't do anything! If you make a game like that at least make the missions fun! you didn't need any strategy or be stealthy at all you could just run right into a fort. AC3 over AC4 Expand
  22. Sep 3, 2014
    It's truly is amazing how far Ubisoft has came since the first Assassin's creed game... This game is amazing obviously, just like every other Assassin's creed game! The Characters, Graphics, Voices, Open world and everything about this game is perfect! 10/10 all the way, one of the best Next gen games so far!
  23. Sep 1, 2014
    Epic. From the lush graphics, the fluid gameplay right down to the absorbing soundtrack. The game massive and littered with a million things to do. The characters are actually interesting and leaves you wanting to know more about them. The main protagonist is a breath of fresh air compared to previous efforts. The only downside is that in many ways it doesn't feel like an AC game. Indeed it didn't have to be. There was no need for the modern setting to even be in this game. I fear Ubisoft were worried if it didn't carry the name it might not have sold as well. I think the next incarnation of AC will go back to the more traditional style which is a does however leave some scope for a future pirate style game which I would fully embrace. Expand
  24. Aug 26, 2014
    I have never played an AC game until this and I was pleasantly surprised.

    The graphics and open world, created by the use of ships, and the amount of customization made the game fun. However, the amount of random glitches and useless exploring required to achieve these upgrades got boring quick.

    There is some fun challenges with community events and elite ships, but unless you have
    friends who play, you can feel rather isolated in a game that seems to want some form of co-op.

    Definitely recommend this game.
  25. Aug 22, 2014
    Excellent game...had the free roam option so you can sail around and do as you please or follow story line.was not to short and had a decent story line....
  26. Aug 13, 2014
    Assassin's Creed IV:Black Flag
    Game-play:The game play is awesome i love it,ubisoft use the same techniques as AC3 but they have improve them and now is has no glitches and the dual sword play is awesome,the ship battles have also improved and you will really enjoy shooting with your cannons at the enemy
    Story:A great story with pirates,assassins and templars with well made characters
    that it will take you about 13 to 14 hours
    Graphics:I see some improvements,the game still looks amazing
    Notes:There are lot of weapons and outfits for edward and a lot customisation options for his ship,some times the characters do not appear on the screen but that is only for a few seconds,the side missions are awesome and really fun to play,the huge open world is amazing and you always have something to do there are 4 major cities in the game an lot of small places to make the world feel alive and it succeeds to do that,a must buy masterpiece
  27. Aug 6, 2014
    Really fun. It takes what 3 did with it's shop battles and expands on it really well. There's a few little annoyances that never seem to get sorted in the sequels like climbing up weird angles on the ship mast, but it's not enough to put you off. Multiplayer is good fun too.
  28. Aug 2, 2014
    Overall a mediocre experience. The controls are good, really good graphics, a great looking open world. But, other than that it really isn't that much different from AC3. I personally think that AC3 was more innovative in it's overall gameplay experience. It deferred much from the other AC games in style and combat. There we was also first introduced to sailing ships, although it's much more developed in AC4 and much more a part of the game than AC3. AC4's style is almost identical to AC3 (like running, walking, crawling, jumping etc.), the combat is also almost the same (like the special movies where you kill 2 opponents at a time with your pistols or rope darts), the combat style is a little different because obviously we now have 2 weapons at the same time, but not as cool or fluent as Connor's axe (that is my favorite AC weapon of all time). Ubisoft really got lazy with this one, also there's not much variety in the gameplay (like sailing all over the world which is freakin' huge looking for animus fragments and chests is really boring after a while and painfully repetitive) and the lack of different weapons you can buy like Ezio's many gadgets (grenades etc.) 2 handed weapons (which you can get in this game, but only from the guards). And i really think it's boring that you can get the most damaging sword in a matter of hours as damage levels are only as high as 5. There really isn't much of a challenge in the AC games, i really miss a difficulty level you can choose from. Enemies are easily overcome even if there's 20 surrounding you. And the story is like any other AC game. It's overall repetitive and certainly not improved that much from the other games. This game is way too easy, and incredibly overrated. AC3 is much better. I really don't understand how so many people can think this is far superior to AC3, and think AC3 is the worst entry in the series (Revelations anyone?), maybe it's the nostalgia from the Ezio games and you just thought all other characters and settings that came after, no matter how great, was complete a** in comparison. I really hope that AC Unity will come up with many new things and ideas, because if this, repeating everything from the previous games over and over again, continues i'm done with this series. I love the AC series, i played the first one when it came out and have now played all games (except for the dlc add-ons) and praise them for the style and gameplay. But ever since AC Brotherhood (because of the summoning Assassin's to help you) i really don't think the games have come up with anything new. Luckily from the looks of it, AC Unity will finally show us something new and exciting. Can't wait. But in the meantime 3 stars for this clone Expand
  29. Jul 31, 2014
    Best Assassin's Creed game since 2. Probably my most played PS4 launch game, lost to do in single player. Loses a point for having pointless Multiplayer trophies.
  30. Jul 29, 2014
    Don't waste your money with AC IV for PS4. This only a mediocre game for a PS3, and its flaws are even more unforgivable in the next-gen console.

    The graphics are inconsistent. There are some amazing lightning + rain effects, but for the most part you feel you are playing a PS3 game, unlike Tomb Raider, who really looked better in PS4.

    The game mechanics are poor, and you will find
    yourself playing a game from 7 years ago in your PS4. Combats are as poor and minimalist as possible and Main quest doesn't make any sense. Are you playing an AC mission or a "legendary pirates" one? Whats the link between those famous pirates and the AC main plot? Most missions from the main plot are always the same: you need catch someone in annoying missions, you need to hear some conversation while no one notice you are around, you need to kill some specific character that is as easy to kill as any random enemy, repeat, over and over again.

    The "office missions" are so bad and boring that you won't believe they are putting that kind of thing in a so called "AAA game".

    AC is an open world game, but I never thought an open world game and Caribbean would be THAT boring. The pirates will sing the same songs over and over again, the small islands all look the same, and usually all you can do there is to open some random chest and find some random treasure.

    The cities are not as enjoyable to explore as the ones from previous games, people waking on the streets all look the same...

    I believe those professional reviews giving this game favorable critics were made after few hours of gameplay. In the first 10 hours, this game really seemed amazing, but after that I realized there was nothing new to do in the game. After completing 25% of the game, I just decided to stop wasting my time in Caribbean.

    The early Assassins Creed Unity gameplay suggests the first AC game for next gen is coming this year, and it exposes how bad AC IV is as PS4 game.

    Avoid this one.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. Apr 20, 2014
    The PlayStation 4 version of the game is mechanically the same as the PlayStation 3 version, but the new engine is eye-poppingly awesome.
  2. Ubisoft significantly improved the multiplayer side of things. Also, story takes you places.
  3. Jan 4, 2014
    It’s difficult to imagine Assassin’s Creed ever leaving the sea behind.