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  1. Nov 14, 2013
    Absolutely awesome startup to new ps4. Awesome graphics, awesome multiplayer, great perfomance. The new levolution system works and feels great, especially on flood zone. Ps. 1080р and 60 fps. 10/10.
  2. Nov 24, 2013
    If you're an FPS fan and have a PS4, this is pretty much a required purchase in my opinion. It's one of the highest rated PS4 launch titles and it's just totally amazing. The graphics run in hi-rez at 60 fps with the very new Frostbite 3 engine, so it just looks fantastic. But the biggest improvement is in its Domination mode, which I can't stop playing. Domination feels like what Call of Duty would have evolved into close quarters fighting that looks and feels just incredible a huge improvement over BF3. The weapons look and feel awesome, the levelling system feels just right, I can't recommend a game more highly in my opinion, this is 2013 gaming at its best. Expand
  3. Nov 15, 2013
    single player: too short. not satisfying enough, mostly it sounds like a little showcase for the engine. i enjoyed the different settings and the shooting but generally it does not have much to offer. story is a "meh" and worst of all is that the characters were supposed to be like emotional and cool and engaging but they are nothing but everyday heroes! dunt exoect too much
    well....its just awesome! i am actually impressed how close ps4 is to the PC version, 900p is not bad and it does seems like a 1080p. frame rate is consistent and it rarely goes bellow 40. overall graphics are a reall next gen, the areas are vast and destructable but textures and lightings are so good. some of the textures are a little bit washed out compare to pc but it is not easy to spot. i dont really expect dice to manage to bring their engine really optimised on consoles for now though.
    multi: its just the best. 64 players, frame rate about 40-60. awesome graphics and vast maps. dynamic maps. cool mods and pretty much everything is cool. i like the deep costumization and the commander mode as well. this game can keep you busy for few months easily actually and i strongly recommend it to every ps4 owner as i kniw they will enjoy the multiplayer especially if they never had chance to play on PC.
  4. Nov 18, 2013
    This is my first time playing a battlefield game after playing COD in the past. There's no comparison, this game is COD on steroids. Playing COD is underwhelming and boring now compared to BF4. The amount of detail put into this game is amazing and it really pays off in multiplayer.
  5. Dec 27, 2013
    I really, really want to like this game. But alas, the single player was short, and began feeling like more and more of a chore as a trudged through it to get weapons for multiplayer, and the multiplayer itself is unreliable in performance. I have really good internet, and it's still laggy as all hell. Texture pop-ins plague the game, and frequent audio cut outs subtract from immersion. Don't get me wrong, when it works, it works, but damn. That's only 20-30% of the time. This game is fun, but until EA and DICE salvage what they can from this abhorrent, unreliable, and all around frustrating mess of something that could be so much more, it is definitely not worth the 60$ asking price, let alone the extra bucks to get Premium. This game was rushed, but I can assure you my review was not. Shame on you, DICE. Shame on you, EA. Expand
  6. Nov 15, 2013
    Well first of all two words, Amazing Shooter. This game is more realistic than Battlefield 3. Campaign is amazing. The thing I liked about multiplayer is Levolution. This thing is a moment of seeing buildings destroyed. Although I wished that all maps have Levolution. This game is better than COD.
  7. Nov 16, 2013
    Trolls are trying to bring this games user score down but BF4 is definitely one of the best launch games for the PS4. However, you'll just want to rent the game or borrow it from a friend if you only want to check out the campaign, this is a mainly a multiplayer game (this should be known by now though)
  8. Nov 16, 2013
    Great campaign, great multiplayer, astonishing graphics!

    I've seen lots of complains about the BF4 single player mode, but those people seem to forget battlefield is all about Multiplayer. And compared to previous battlefields campaigns believe, I played them all), its by far the best! I love the score system and the Hit markers on campaign. It gives a new perspective to the game!

    Congratulations DICE, for this digital piece of art
  9. Nov 17, 2013
    The BF4 launch has been a little rocky due to coinciding with the new PS4 launch, but it's expected and playable. We all hope they resolve the multiplayer Conquest issues ASAP. Visual vote: 10 of 10 Single player vote: 7.5 of 10 Multiplayer experience: 9 of 10 (I'm excluding the Conquest issue) New tech/new features: 9 of 10 Removing legacy features such pre-game Squad creation is annoying

    PS4's native support to share images, recording, and live twitch streaming is awesome.

    Houston, TX
  10. Jan 26, 2014
    even better than the PS3 version, the PS4 version of bf4 has shorter loads, a higher resolution at 1080p, and better framerate, now at 60 fps. several game modes now have room for more players, i.e. conquest now can have up to 64 players instead of 24. if you bought the last gen version, you can get this version for only $10 which is nice as well. the only real problems i have is that the game sometimes freezes on the load screen, and while less than the last gen version, there is still some texture pop in, as well as the sp, while a bit prettier, still isn't any better than before. Expand
  11. Nov 16, 2013
    A great edition to Battlefield series! Not a perfect singleplayer but good enough to enjoy considering it is from a multiplayer focused game. Looks great and plays great!
  12. Nov 19, 2013
    Battlefield 4 is a non-stop, fast paced, extreme gameplay, next gen game! The ps4 version nothing but beautiful and amazing. The campaign is incredible and the graphics are gorgeous one of my favorite games ever made. The MP is much better the. BF3 with much better maps all new modes great competition gameplay and you can now play as china. The guns are fantastic and so realistic as well as the attachments the gadget selection up two with one player like C4 & the grenade launcher is great to give it that raw battlefield experience. I can play next gen bf4 MP for hours without realizing Amazing game Expand
  13. Jan 26, 2014
    By this point, almost all of the bugs are fixed, the netcode has drastically been improved, and weapon balance has been tended to. Yes, everyone, you can play it now. Even on last gen, but PC and next gen are where the meat of the fun is. Hell, its much better then any CoD.
  14. Feb 7, 2014
    This games graphics are almost as good as killzones. It is a fantastic fps. I am not good at this game, I feel the lack of aim assist messes with me. My son and his friends are good at it though. I have heard of so many people having issues with this game but I havent had one.
  15. Jan 20, 2014
    The campaign is beautiful - great gameplay mechanics, graphics and sound. Multiplayer has over 60 players, which is very impressive (previous game had around 18), but the graphics there is OK. The multiplayer is littered with bugs, however DICE are working on fixing it. Current patches already solved many problems. Recommended.
  16. Feb 28, 2014
    I was always a cod player. I won't go into the whole thing now. Just to say I realised I was going through the motions for the last 2-3 years. I haven't truly enjoyed cod since mw2. With this game I get the euphoria and the atmosphere and the feelings I used to get from a FPS. It makes me realise how good games can be . Ignoring the amount of weapons (great guns and mechanics) and the maps and the graphics which are stunning. It is the sheer scope of BF4 that blows me away. From endlessly destructible terrain to the amount of action going on at multiple locations at the same time. Dice aren't afraid to go all in with maps , vehicles and weapons. Ghosts made a huge deal about bringing in ONE new gun in the dlc . They talked about level changing events like a tree falling or a gas station blowing up....that stuff happens casually in bf4 every minute of every game. The DLC that has come out has already given us weapons galore, vehicles and 8 amazing levels. Yes , as you can guess I am a convert. This is the best game I have played in years. Expand
  17. Nov 23, 2013
    As a long time call of duty gamer and owner of ghosts on ps4, This entry has changed my favorite military shooter choice. There are moments during big matches that occur that no scripted moment could achieve. Imagine putting c4 on a helicopter and taking it to an objective... Jumping out of the helicopter and equipping an rpg as you take out a packed enemy jeep on your way down to a nearby rooftop. The helicopter lands next to an enemy tank and you blow the c4 therefore taking out the tank and nearby building you were on. You fall through the rubble and land behind an enemy sniper as you knife him in the back. Feeling lelke a king among men you turn around just in time to see an enemy jet barreling towards you as it takes you out in a glorious blaze of glory. Stuff like that is rare, but it happens and when it does it reminds me why I'm a gamer. The campaign is short and a little unbelievable but still worth playing for the environments. My only wish was it had some more character customization in multiplayer like uniforms and helmets and whatnot but that's a small complaint for a game that packs so much value. Expand
  18. Dec 4, 2013
    by far, BF4 is the best retail game on ps4. the multiplayer is intense. 64 player combat in great it truly feels like a war is going on from the beginning of the match to the end. The smaller game modes like domination also feel like call of duty, it's like 2 games in one, awesome and fast paced infantry combat in domination mode, and epic large scale war in conquest. the single player isn't much to talk about, it's fun, but it's short and not really worth replaying.

    the only real issues with the game are bugs. lag in conquest hurts it, the game crashes sometimes too. it's gotten a lot better since release but it has a way to go.

    8.5 out of 10. since I can't select that I am going 9/10 (rounded up) if you want a next gen shooter, BF4 is it.
  19. Nov 25, 2013
    Battlefield has been great! I really am enjoying this game, online and single player. I have been a long time COD fan and just can't play it anymore. Ghosts is terrible and the series has been getting worse. So i tried Battlefield 4 out and it has been great, so much more enjoyable with a nice mix of Massive, Medium and Close Quarters combat in their playlists. I would highly recommend this game. Hope this helps you! Expand
  20. Dec 1, 2013
    Battlefield 4 is an amazing game, ten times better than the PS3 version. The MP is incredible with 64 players, the connection problems has been solved and looks very entertaining. This is the only FPS game for the next gen that I recomend. if you have a PS4 you must buy this one.

    Graphics 9 Amazing enviroments, climatic changes, ilumination effects
    Gameplay 9 The dualshock 4 is
    highly responsible and comfortable
    Sound 9 Great work, explosions are well recreated.
    MP 9 The most incredible MP ever made with tons of weapons, vehicles.
  21. Jan 20, 2014
    The first thing I do when looking for a game to purchase, is to search for one which has a good single player story campaign. But what I did first was to try out the multiplayer and I can say I have hooked ever since. I haven't even touched the single player campaign yet, which means that Dice has done an incredible job of keeping the multiplayer fresh and unique with the huge amount of players involved. Expand
  22. Nov 21, 2013
    The single payer campaign is unplayable. On multiplayer I can only connect on Defuse, Domination, and both Deathmatch modes... and only once on Obliteration. But, even with limited MP gameplay available, I give it a 10. The game is that good... utterly blows away every other MP I've ever sucked at. A beautiful game!
  23. Dec 30, 2013
    I have not had any of the troubles many of the reviewers have had with bugs. I bought the game just after Christmas (so its obviously had some time to get things sorted out) and have no complaints whatsoever. As far as the gameplay, I enjoy BF4 much much much more than BF3 so far. Movements, gun balance, map scale/destructibility, graphics, everything has been upgraded in my opinion. I was a huge fan of Bad Company 2 but was very disappointed in BF3. As such, I was a little skeptical of buying this game, but have no regrets! Also like that the PS4 can handle the 64 player game modes without any issues. I think people who buy this game going forward, and never experience frustrating bugs, will really enjoy it. Expand
  24. Nov 25, 2013
    This game is a true next gen game unlike call of duty ghost, dice actually put a lot of hard work into this game. This game bring a epicness with Frostbite 3, levoulution and the 64 players. There are 4 classes which is Assult/Medic= Heals your team, Engineer= Helps you take at heavy armor, Support= Provide ammo and fire power and lastly Recon= The sniper class.
    The campaign is a huge
    aprovement from bf3 campaign which was decent.
    Ignore those cod haters, they just don't want this game to get a good score.
  25. Nov 17, 2013
    Gameplay in campaign mode is smooth but the story could have been improved upon. Presentation has taken a huge step forward in both detail and overall realistic look compared to BF3 and Gen 3 BF4. Online has been the greatest pleasure thus far with great maps and with more players in each round creates a lot more action. One big issue I have run into is the game freezing randomly or stopping due to an error in which you have to restart your game and I've had this problem more than once and in both campaign and online play. Overall a great game and one Id recommend and fan of shooters to have. Expand
  26. Dec 9, 2013
    Probably the best online multiplayer game I have played on any console in YEARS! The graphics are true next gen and the frame rate is a solid 60 even during the most hectic battles. The one bad thing I don't like about BF4 is the lack of a squad lobby before you go searching for games. If you have a few friends who also play BF4 its hard to join the same server and be on the same team without having to navigate through the menus in search for the switch team button. This is especially more frustrating when you are playing squad deathmatch, you either join teams that only have a few openings, meaning half of your friends or on the opposing team. Its hard to have all your friends in one team and that's down to the lack of a squad setup before you go into battle. BF3 had it, and for some unknown reason EA decided to remove it. EA in my books pulled a Microsoft, if it's not broken then its worth fixing!

    Bottom line, if you want a true next ten title, BF4 is that game.
  27. Dec 22, 2013
    Wow! What a fun game! I'm writing about muliplayer since I have not touched the campaign (and I propably won't). The game is awesome! It takes some time to get used to the dynamic of it but after couple rounds it holds you in front of your tv screen. The maps are the best part of it, it's a huuuuge improvement since BF3. Level design is at the top level. Lot's of weapons to choose from and every can be modified. He spawning is a little bugby but since you select on where to spawn it always feels like it's your fault not the game. I have not experienced any problems from Orgin of PSN. Expand
  28. Mar 6, 2014
    Gigantic map and graphs of the next generation. Being able to compete 32 vs 32 makes the game even closer to a real battle. We clearly see that the game is 1080p . The new system Levolution make the game more realistic. This game clearly deserve a 10 :)
  29. Nov 16, 2013
    I don't really know why the user score is low haha. Has a great physics engine as well as an amazing dynamic map system! Can't wait for the expansions and it has a great selection of weapons!
  30. Dec 9, 2013
    Battlefield 4 is a blockbuster game made by EA and DICE. It uses the Frostbite 3 engine and has stunning graphics. I got the PS4 on the day of launch and I have got COD Ghosts and BF4. I have completed both the single players and BF4's is better in my opinion. The saddest part has got to be Pac's death. I liked Pac. He was one of the only characters I could connect with. Apart from that BF4 is a great game for destruction. The is a lot of it to. I have crush many people but running round a house with C4 and then blowing it up. The roof would collapse and kill them. As I said really good at disruption. There has been one or 2 bugs. EG I had to do a whole mission again becuase my battlefield crashed, but that's okay becuase the gameplay makes up for it. Apart from that it's just a muderfest and that is always fun!

    The multiplayer is a masterpiece on the PS4. It does have some lag issues but it is generally really really good. My favoraite Map is ether Segie of Sanghi or Parasol Storm. All the maps are great except for one. Goldman Railway on conquest is a bloody nightmare. All my games on that map was just me running back and forth. My best score was 792. Yeah not good. The 64 player server are great to! There are a few issues but again it makes up for that by the gameplay. They have fixed the leveling system. Now you can get to Lv15 in 4 hours. In BF3 it took round about 10-20 if your a newbie. (Not a newbie, K/D on BattleLog is 4.28.) Now there is something called BattleLog which is a vw thing to see your stats and stuff blah blah blah but the bottom for it is on the touchpad. This is really annoying and you can't remind it ether. I have been in the middle of a fight then opened it accidently so many times.

    Oh well.

    -Substanded Singleplayer
    -Beautiful multiplayer
    -Frostbite 3
    -Beautiful Graphics
    Score 94/100
  31. Nov 27, 2013
    After reading about all of the issues people were having with the game after launch, I figured I would wait until they released a patch to rectify those game breaking problems before I decided to jump into Battlefield 4. Boy was I glad my local GameStop got a pre-owned copy in. I've been blown away by this game since the opening sequence. Absolutely amazing graphics, entertaining campaign, and hands down, one of the best online multiplayer FPS's currently. The Frostbite 3 engine works like a charm, the Levolution system is a blast, no pun intended, and the amount of customization and weapons is so much better than Ghosts. The only reason why I gave this a 9 is because randomly after a while of playing online, the audio cuts in and out and can be a little bothersome. Hopefully they patch that soon but otherwise, if you're looking to experience the PS4's potential and wanting to satisfy your competitive side online, look no further than Battlefield 4. Expand
  32. Dec 2, 2013
    This is my first time playing a battlefield game after playing Call Of duty in the past. There's no comparison, this game is like all the call of duty's on steroids. Playing Call of duty is underwhelming and boring now compared to BF4. The amount of detail put into this game is amazing and it really pays off in multiplayer. i half to rate this a 10.
  33. Dec 5, 2013
    After watching my roommate play COD, there really is no comparison. This game rocks, and is my fav so far in the franchise. Like many others I was more than a little miffed with all the bugs which all but made the game unplayable for the first few weeks. Today is Dec 6th and I still got kicked right out of the game twice in a 2hr session.... not cool EA/Dice. Even with all the problems, I'm still thrilled with the gameplay/graphics. Expand
  34. Dec 19, 2013
    Best shooter of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  35. Dec 27, 2013
    Very fun and chaotic multiplayer especially in massive gamemodes. My only problem with multiplayer is the slight lag im getting at times but it does very little to ruin my experience. This definitely isn't the game to get if you're looking for a story although the single player does give a great tutorial if you haven't played a Battlefield game before. Battlefield 4 also has graphics that make this game look downright beautiful. Expand
  36. Jan 21, 2014
    This is an amazing game. The fact that they can get a 32 vs. 32 player FPS game with the amazing detail they include to work is astounding. This is pretty much the only game on play on my PS4. It offers hours of fast paced action on a plethora of types of maps. You can go from the wide open fights of Golmud Railway, to the confined grenade and PDW fest that is Operation Locker. The battlepacks are a great new feature that keep you wanting to play more and unlock new things. The 2 greatest changes from battlefield 3 to 4 is Levolution and Customization. Levolution and destructible environments are breathtaking and play a huge part in the gameplay and strategy especially on the middle objective of Operation locker and the Tower in Siege of Shanghai. There are an extremely large number of attachments and camoes for weapons and vehicles that really step up from the few choices in BF3. It would be a ten out of ten if it were not for the DLC delays and the bugs in the filters when searching for a server that fits your liking. Premium is also worth it because you get weekly new things, early DLC access and cool new weapons such as knives. The carbon Fiber knife is definitely the best. If you do not have this game, you should go and pick it up and if you can afford it, get premium. I have ghosts, but i never play it when I have BF4 available. Expand
  37. Jan 26, 2014
    single player is alittle short but realistic, graphics are above average.
    what sets this game apart from all other games on console is the multiplayer.
    all consuming battles, 64 players per match. like online shooters buy this game!!!!
  38. Mar 6, 2014
    Ok, I haven't read one review that DIDN'T say single player was crap. I LOVED the single player! I beat it twice and will probably go back for the remaining trophies after a while. MUCH better than gear of war or some **** like that! Not last of us quality but seriously what are they comparing it too? COD? WAY BETTER than the Ghost campaign (which I also beat and wasn't that bad either) Multiplayer is amazing, what more can I say. People give it a low score because of some tech problems that will be fixed...I NEVER had a problem....I think I couldn't play conquest for a couple weeks maybe...that was it...I've been playing fine for months and having a blast everyday. Next to Awesomenauts, this is my favorite PS4 game. Expand
  39. Mar 7, 2014
    Battlefield 4 was always going to be met with high expectations, but i feel it has really delivered. I first played on ps3 and found the game to be a solid upgrade on BF3, then following its launch i upgraded to ps4 and the difference was certainly apparent,better graphics, bigger maps and a huge number of players all contributed to making the game the best yet on the new genoration of consoles. The multiplayer is again the key focus of the game with the campaign only serving as a short but entertaing side show. The multiplayer also needs alot of bandwidth to work effectively, if your provider is not up to the job you will like I, experience lag and occasionally be booted.
    Overall a great game, easly the best yet on ps4 and xbox1 well worth the money!
  40. Mar 27, 2014
    The game is simply awesome. Campaign is short and as for me it was just kind of tutorial for the multi player which this game is all about. BF4 looks great (not really next gen as it's not, but I'm still pleased with it), physics is really good, sound is great too. Multilayer game play on huge maps is astonishing. Infantry and range of vehicles on the ground, boats on the water, planes and helicopters in the sky... With all that after each round maps are left in ruins and filled with craters after explosions.
    Awards system makes game more attractive, as you need to play it to unlock accessories, weapons or vehicles. This causes every player has their own mastered skill set, using different range of weapons and/or vehicles which makes the play more entertaining as you just can't predict what the next round would look like.
    I got this game with PS4 on a release date and it was great choice, I just don't need any other games at the moment. My score is 9/10 due to few minor bugs.
  41. Mar 24, 2014
    Battlefield 4's dazzling debut on the PS4 begins in spectacular fashion. It looks stunning and plays awesome. It's a damn fine start and step-up. The frostbite engine is fantastic and pays off in some style as graphically it takes it to a whole other level. It's of the highest quality! The single player campaign is short and sweet but still good fun even if it feels like a missed opportunity because multiplayer is magnificent. It's vintage Battlefield at it's supreme addictive best. Each game mode brings a variety that keeps it fresh enough to play over again and never tire. The game feels and runs greatly, ofcourse there has been complains regarding online but having played it, I can only report that it's been utterly brilliant and nonstop. I've had no issues. All i can say is multiplayer is massive and marvellous! CoD may have came along and be setting world records but the quality is the key here, Battlefield is a total triumph and healds & shoulders above it's rival! With more DLC to come it's safe to assume things can only get bigger and better! The only disappointment is that DICE have missed a great chance with it's storytelling in single player, there was a chance to make Battlefield 4 the ultimate shooter! Expand
  42. Apr 1, 2014
    It really is tons of great fun! Even the multiplayer is badass! They know the true feeling to make it feel like war! The walls can be blown up!
    Singelplayer is a action movie game!
  43. Apr 11, 2014
    This is the best first person shooter I have ever played! You can drive tanks, jets, jeeps, helicopters, jet ski, etc. You can be a sniper or go with a shotgun, however you like to play a shooter, the game lets you play the way you want to! Most maps are large so you can choose how you want to attack a target, this gives you room to maneuver - charge or retreat. I can play this for hours at a time :) Expand
  44. Jan 10, 2014
    Best ps4 game available, get it, love it, play it. What more can I say to pad out this review, how about if you don't love this game you are a cissy little girl and shouldn't be allowed near daddy's game console ever again.
  45. Dec 26, 2013
    A very entertaining shooter in both single player and multi-player, a shame co-op is missing but it was never a necessary addition anyway. will likely continue to play until BF5 comes out or some other shooter manages to beat it.
  46. Jun 11, 2014
    Very good game I have been playing it since it came out, and my first impressions were pretty good. Of course the only problem with it is EA because battlefield was being battlefield (connections and glitches) but overall a good game.
  47. Jan 21, 2014
    Best game on PS4 so far, hands down, played it for over 500 hours and it's still fun. I don't know why some trolls are trying to score it down, it is the best shooter I've played on a console.
  48. Jul 10, 2014
    I decided to buy Battlefield 4 again for my PS4 because I just had this burning feeling that it wasn't as bad as my first immersions had led me to believe. Now that I have actually beaten the campaign and played a lot more multiplayer I really begin to tell you how completely off my first impressions were! Once the difficulty is turned down and you really have a chance to get to the characters and get invested in their story the campaign becomes a very engaging experience! Also now that I have found my groove with the multiplayer it is now a major addiction for me! The final thing that really won me over about this version of the game was of course the graphical improvements! The biggest disappoint for me with this game on last generation consoles was the graphics and honestly the second that it put this into my Playstation 4 it made me wish that I had waited for this version! Expand
  49. Dec 29, 2013
    Campaign is decent and the collectibles are actually easy and fun to collect as much as there are but the game really counts for the Multiplayer, the online part of this game is amazing, Massive 64 people battles with amazing graphics on the PS4.

    I recommend this to anyone who likes FPS.
  50. Apr 24, 2014
    Despite suffering from bugs and glitches, BF4 is head and shoulders above its competitors and predecessors. With great gameplay, breathtaking graphics, a large array of weapons, and realistic combat, Battlefield 4 fulfilled everything we asked of it. The levolution system barely causes hiccups during games, and maps such as Flood Zone show off this capability. The campaign is better than expected. Overall, Battlefield 4 impresses gamers with a great gameplay experience. Expand
  51. Nov 17, 2013
    Great game, this is a true next gen experience. Battlefield's graphics on PS4s hardware will blow you away, looks just like a top notch gaming PC graphics. The gameplay is very smooth and there's more customization than the previous installments. Everything is also very well balanced and there's not really any OP/Nerfed weapons or vehicles. Levolution makes this the best battlefield yet and the environments feel so alive.

    Despite having a top-notch Multiplayer experience, the Single player still hasn't sold me. It had plenty of potential but couldn't live up to it. It does a bad job of making me really actually care for the characters. I understood how the characters cared for each other but it was hard for me to get that feeling. It's also very short, gets repetitive and gets stale pretty fast. Spec Ops the Line and some early Call of Duty titles proves that you can have a great Campaign, but battlefield has yet to live up to that mark.

    This is a multiplayer based game so I can only knock off one point for the poor Single player, but man does that Multiplayer deliver.
  52. Nov 23, 2013
    This review supersedes my previous negative review for Battlefield 4 (PS4).

    First the bad news. Though it was very discouraging that 64-player Conquest was unavailable at PS4 launch and for the week that followed (plus persistent connectivity save data errors), DICE has resolved whatever issue was present and enabled the "flagship" mode. Though the framerate drops occasionally and
    there are still blue-screen errors (attempting to view Battlelog in-game from the menu screen), the game now "works" as promised, so I can thus give the game a more positive review..

    Now the good news. And there is a lot of it! Graphics are realistic and gorgeous a totally immersive experience for the player. For the most part, 64 player MP Conquest is smooth and fast-paced, and the higher head-count makes for unparalleled action. It is epic and invigorating to see jets and choppers tanks and other vehicles, plus dozens of foot soldiers charging into battle over the command points. The most fun I've had in MP in years.

    The SP campaign is entertaining and the revamped "points" system makes it have more replay value than predecessors. However, MP is "where it is at." Controls have been revamped, and though there is contention in the community, I think it is an improvement (especially the more intuitive vehicle controls).

    I'd give this a 10 if it weren't for the launch day problems and crashing issues. That said, make sure you back up your save files via USB or the PSN cloud (easy enough). Highly recommended still, however. Buy it. I doubt you will be disappointed.
  53. Nov 21, 2013
    I bought this game with my PS4 a couple of days ago because someone did not pick their PS4 up on time. I must say, people are being very harsh on the single player campaign of a game whose main focus is on multiplayer. Anyways, I only played the first mission and a bit of the second and sure it is a bit cheesy but I enjoyed more than the BLOPs 2 campaign. It think the campaign is more for acquainting new players with the game. Don't buy this game if you aren't going to play the multiplayer mode.

    Speaking of multiplayer, I have only played for a few hours and as a COD player I have to say it takes a little bit of getting used to. The basic FPS controls are there but there are a few changes such as turning your laser on and off to avoid it being seen against a wall or something. It also temporarily blinds opponents if you are aiming at them. Bullet speed is tracked and you will have to adjust for moving target and distant targets because your bullets will drop. The squad system is very interesting and really promotes teamwork which IMO makes the game more fun. I wish more people would voice chat on PS4. That would make the game more enveloping. There are many attachments and other customizations to try.

    The graphics are quite good. I have been playing in 1080i so I won't be too critical. There are still jaggies but the view distance is very good as well as lighting and particles.

    So that's enough positives for now. There are a million interesting features they put into the game. But here are some negatives. For one the spawns can be annoying. Sometimes I will spawn right in front of the enemy or vice versa. Again, I wish people would voice chat more on PS4 because that would be even more fun and allow for more strategic and involving gameplay. Also, for some reason I can't get into a game of conquest. All the other game modes have been working fine. I haven't been able to try vehicles yet. I don't know if they are in a different game mode or not.

    I would recommend this game to people who enjoyed COD but want a deeper, more realistic experience. It's a very good game and you won't be disappointed unless you are expecting a lot from the single player campaign.
  54. Nov 29, 2013
    There is a lot of false information and fanboyism being spread about this game. I shall clear it up.

    Firstly, this game does *not* run in 1080p 60 fps. The PS4 runs it at 900p 60 fps. That is 1600 x 900 resolution. The PC is the only platform that can run the game at 1920 x 1080 resolution (1080p). The Xbox One runs the game at 720p 60 fps, which is 1280 x 720 resolution.

    Now, on
    to the game. The PS4 version of this game has been rated harder than the XBO and PC versions because the PS4 version is currently much more unstable than the XBO version, and the PC version has had longer to be patched, as it released a good 2-4 weeks earlier on the PC, depending on your region.

    The single player campaign is improved over Battlefield 3's, however it's still nothing amazing, but nobody buys a Battlefield game for the single player, right? We buy it for the multiplayer. The multiplayer (when it works) is fantastic. I much prefer it to Battlefield 3's. I have this game on the PC as well, and being able to play 64 player Conquest Large (a feature PC has had for years now) is refreshing. The game plays nicely, the graphics are not quite up to PC level but almost there, and the framerate is solid, with very rare drops.

    Levolution is good fun, keeps the battle moving, and has some impressive effects. Smaller things such as the ability to swim underwater make more of a difference to gameplay and tactics than you might think as well.

    Graphically the game looks fantastic, definitely a noticeable improvement for next-gen consoles. As I said, not quite as good looking as the PC, but considering the PS4 only costs £350, it is very impressive.

    To summarize, a great game, but needs to have it's bugs fixed. If you are coming to the game from older Battlefield titles, a lot of the game will be familiar, however a few things will have changed, such as the vehicle disable system, vehicle controls, and the general "feel" of the game. It feels much more "tight" and responsive, though some people don't like that. Personally, it's my favourite Battlefield game yet, and I will be playing it until the next release in the series.
  55. Dec 28, 2013
    Everything is a large step-up from BF3. The best thing about this game is that they allow a new form of achieving your unlocks called "Battlepacks" which give you a random 4 unlocks for either one of your kits. The game has an adrenal feel to it in terms of the maps which are based entirely on BFBC2. I love the levolution concept and the ability to have more objects to destroy which they did not include in BF3. The game actually demands more teamwork than in BF3, however the guns feel like they deal the same damage. Amazingly enough, the recon class has been improved meaning you now have a way to measure your enemy/target from a long range and use your 8x scope to actually get headshots with the snipers. Really great, I do recommend this to anybody who likes the pushing factor of playing as a team and winning. The HUD system has been improved drastically, and the menus/spawning menu have been highly optimized to helping the player choose where they want to spawn with a tactical point of view.

    The only reason I gave it a 9/10 is because it doesn't really include detail on the buildings such as in Seige of Shanghai. I get to the top floor and their isn't much to do their except camp, or be killed by campers.
  56. Dec 27, 2013
    Love this game on Ps4. It truly is a fantastic design fo next-gen console's and PC's. Love all the maps, pacing, the new levolution dynamics for amazing destruction and the graphics look killer! Downside is the single player campaign, yea the story was not so good.
  57. Dec 30, 2013
    Another fantasticc addition to the allready great Battlefield series. Levolution adds so much more to the multiplayer and paired with the fantastic frostbite 3 engine makes this the best FPS multiplayer around. Great Job Dice
  58. Jan 1, 2014
    This game pisses on COD Ghosts this year Graphically, Sound wise, and multiplayer with its robust maps and vehicles. If you want to show off a game to your friends on the next gen this is right next to NBA 2k14 in visual fidelity. All games aren't perfect though it is extremely disheartening that DICE decided to due away with partying up in lobbies. Leaving your friends to mash the R3 button wishing to get into the game. Have more than two or three friends forget it. You get in the game with your buddy great, only to find your on the wrong team. not sure why they let you switch teams the entire game seems a bit unbalanced, other than that If they copied call of duty in this reguard the game would be 10/10 Expand
  59. Jan 2, 2014
    Overall the game itself I not to big of a step up from BF3, but it is a step up. -There is a bigger variety of guns you can use (9/10) -more game modes which are actually really good, depending on how the players you are playing with play. (10/10) -Levelution is pretty cool (7/10) -Graphics are superb as usual (8/10) -Story is kind of confusing in the start but is actually really good (9/10)

    -Compared to Call of Duty Ghost this game is a whole other level which call for duty can not touch.

    overall: 8.5/10
  60. Jan 8, 2014
    This game edges so close to video game perfection, and falls spectacularly short in the most unmissable fashion. The game's single player campaign is over in two hours in a rather unconvincing and vague story of Tombstone squadron, who throws characters by the player only for them to expire rather soon after. It's hard to keep track of names, even if only for the three hour story. The plot is predictable and clichéd and utterly, heartbreakingly rubbish. The squad's attempts at humour and sass to authority harken back to the days of Bad Company, who were actually funny, believable and loveable characters. Unlike the forgettable and agitating characters of Battlefield 4.

    Other than the awful writing, this game is GOLD. Every gamer worth her/his salt should play this game. The game's visuals run at a blistering 60fps consistently and look gorgeous. Bullets tear chunks of concrete and send them hurtling across your line of sight with sparks flying and rain splattering across the screen. The weather physics are impressive and Frostbite implies a bright future for EA's endeavours in the next generation of consoles. The multiplayer maps (already boosted with the China Rising DLC) are huge, memorable maps with destructible environments shining through in spectacular fashion. Upgrading to next gen has allowed up to 64 players to batter each other senseless with jets, helicopters, quad bikes, tanks, jeeps and all manner of weaponry while two Commanders gleefully oversee the whole affair with omnipotence. The Commander has made a welcome return after a substantial hiatus, and allows two players to take a top down view of the map and offer UAV support, direct individual squads, drop supplies, designate vehicles and generally shift the flow of combat. A good commander makes a noticeable change to the efficiency of a team. The communication between players is available on a wheel of commands to keep players in communication with one another even without microphones. The servers offer a generally consistently good connection with 64 players, but going from 20-Player squad death-matches to 64 shows a noticeable drop in the otherwise seamless connections.

    At the time of writing, any noticeable problems with connections and saves seem to have been ironed out, and the game plays smoothly and fantastically. Levolution is surprisingly underwhelming on some maps and could have offered much more for the players, but this may develop as the new map packs are released. The game presents a fantastic new engine in spectacular fashion, with all manner of mayhem being unleashed on the battlefield each time a new game starts. It's easy to become addicted and it's hard to praise many other games after playing this. Get this game. Battlefield is FPS of champions.
  61. Jan 12, 2014
    This is my first time playing a battlefield game after playing COD in the past. There's no comparison, this game is COD on steroids. Playing COD is underwhelming and boring now compared to BF4. The amount of detail put into this game is amazing and it really pays off in multiplayer.
  62. Jan 16, 2014
    PS4: 9.5 out of 10 if possible.

    Battlefield 4 is by far my favorite of any of the Battlefield games that I've played. The graphics look absolutely incredible, the campaign was okay, and the multiplayer is absolutely incredible.

    BF4's campaign story was just so-so in my opinion. While the gameplay itself was pretty fun, the story was lacking, and each level ended with a very over
    dramatic cutscene in which the character barely makes it out of a situation alive; these cutscenes occurred so frequently that it was almost unbearable by the time it got to the third mission. One thing I really liked was the scoring aspect they incorporated into the campaign. The scoring definitely made me want to try harder to get head shots and multi-kills, but still didn't quite make up for the mediocre story and the over dramatic cutscenes at the end of each level. Overall, the campaign was just okay and felt lacking in both story voice-acting, but the scoring aspects did make it slightly more enjoyable.

    That being said I've never really bought a Battlefield game for the story. As for the multiplayer, this may be one of my favorite online multiplayer experiences EVER. The 32 vs. 32 game types are absolutely insane! There are people and vehicles everywhere and stuff is constantly blowing up or getting gunned down. The maps are absolutely gorgeous and are the perfect size for the amount of players on them and each map is extremely different from the next. This Battlefield has incorporated A LOT more guns in this game then any of its predecessors that allows for literally billions of possible load outs. The leveling system is perfect in my opinion. I never felt as if I got something too soon or should have gotten a particular vehicle attachment or perk sooner. That being said I am constantly unlocking things every level just because there are literally thousands of things to unlock; so while I am unlocking things every game it's never overwhelming or unexpected.

    I personally have been very lucky and haven't experienced too many of the bugs and issues that many other players are having. I'll occasionally get kicked out of a game for no reason or have trouble connecting to a server but these occurrences are extremely rarely.

    Despite the online bugs and an okay campaign Battlefield 4 is by far one of the best shooters I've ever played and would recommend this game over ANY other Playstation 4 release title, hands down.
  63. Jan 22, 2014
    Battlefield 4 is the pinnacle of the series. EA took everything they have learned from the previous games and used it to perfect this one. The story is thrilling and captivated me throughout the game. But the real gem of the battlefield series is the multilayer. It takes a bit of patience at first but one you get the hang of the game types it's amazing. My friends and I play as a team regularly.

    On another note. The game has it's bugs due to EA rushing it out early. With each update it gets better but it's not entirely fixed. EA is working on it currently and hopefully they will finish it soon.
  64. May 17, 2014
    No problem with the game, the game is absolutely fun and I star from 7 00 am starting playing and y finish at 6 00 pm, the graficks are so real ......
  65. Mar 11, 2014
  66. May 19, 2014
    The best ps4 launch game. The multiplayer is awesome destruction, 64 player combat makes this an awesome buy. If you enjoy playing with friends online then you should definitely pick this up.
  67. Apr 29, 2014
    this game is amazing, the game is so realistic and its so easy to get help of the interent if your stuck on a mission or if you just dont know how to change your setttings. the online part of this game is very hard compaired to call of duty, you need practice and motivated to learn how to play this game, the way the menu is setted out, personaly i think it could of been a little easyer setted then what it is, but as soon as you figure it out the game will porbebly be the best therd person game you will play, it beats call of duty by alot but its also like call of duty the way its hard because theres so many people on the game that are really really good at the online play. me personly i love the game and the graphics on the playstation 4. its amazing snm! Expand
  68. Apr 4, 2014
    Riktigt, riktigt bra, dem flesta buggar som spökade spelet vid release verkar vara fixade.
    Kampanjen i detta spel är ett av dem bättre i ett Battlefield spel, skulle vilja säga att kampanjen är mycket bättre än säg Call of Duty Ghosts kampanj.

    Multiplayer..... har inte haft så roligt online i ett FPS spel på länge.... Fast jag suger på FPS spel online haha :)
  69. Apr 17, 2014
    A great game for PS4 I really enjoy the Multiplayer, there are many gamemodes and there are some really nice looking vehicles! However I cannot say the same about the Campaign. You did not really get to know the characters in the Campaign and (this is my Opinion) The story line felt quite boring. Also the game is quite slow to load on PS4 and if you are on for more then 3-4 hours the game starts to get a bit glitchy. I have to say though the graphics are amazing! It actually looks real on next gen! Overall I give this game a 9/10 score for a great Multiplayer and phenomenal graphics! Expand
  70. Sep 14, 2014
    That was the first game I played in ps4 that had a "next-gen" feeling. It is a great addition to the series. Apart from the rather short but intense single player mode and some bugs I think that DICE did an awesome job on this one. The multiplayer mode is unmatched, however, it could use some tutorial mode to help players understand the concept incrementally.
  71. Apr 20, 2014
    Game is absolutely fantastic, amazing graphics and maps. So much more realistic than any COD game in terms of the gameplay and power of the weapons. More difficult than any COD game but still very fun. The reason it isn't a 10 is because the EA servers are very poor and there are occasional glitchy movements in the larger conquest games. Still incredibly enjoyable.
  72. May 14, 2014
    Look this game was not meant for Single player, so if you buy any multiplayer game with that in mind, then you get what you deserve, other than that yes sometimes there is lag but that can be helped when people play inside there region Unless they have areal good connection, Point is this you don't have an ego and you have friends who like mp, this game is the one to get.
  73. Jun 29, 2014
    Two things i want to say. People don't get into vehicle by teleporting into them second. In a stinger versus helicopter battle the stinger will always win.
  74. Jul 29, 2014
    This game has been out for nearly a year now and let me say that this game has come a long way. About 98% of the previous bugs and glitches that plagued Battlefield 4's launch are now nonexistent and any other issues are minor and very, very rarely happen. The singleplayer campaign is definitely better than BF3's, which I could hardly stand, but still not the main focus of the game and in all truthfulness, you likely won't bother to complete it. Besides, you know this is a multiplayer game when the first option in the main menu is to go to multiplayer. As for the multiplayer itself, it is Battlefield at it's finest. If you can't tell what that means, just go look up multiplayer gameplay. Expand
  75. Jul 31, 2014
    i really liked this game .its first bf game i play and i really liked it style .because its not just shooting and reloading like cod .and it requires skills to play plus it has nice graphics
  76. Sep 10, 2014
    The campaign was different and unique in it's own way. Battlefield 4 gave you a little more freedom to how you wanted to complete your missions. The campaign is still not the selling point of Battlefield, Multiplayer is definitely the seller. At launch Multiplayer was terrible with bugs and lag, but very enjoyable when it worked. Now looking at the Multiplayer today it runs smooth and with 64 players in a room the battles are intense and action packed. This is by far the best FPS out there. Expand
  77. Oct 17, 2014
    Is this the reason why you bought a New Gen console? It was for me. And yes, I remember the extreme frustration that came with not being able to play this game. However, I was fortunate enough to trade in for multiple PS4 games so when Battlefield wasn't working I could play Assassin's Creed, Fifa, etc.

    However, if this was the only game I bought and the only reason I got a PS4, this
    game would get a score of 1... at the time at least. Now with the looming Battlefield Hardline, I thought I'd mention that this game is better than Battlefield 3 on previous gen consoles. 64 players make it hectic, fun, but can strain a slower internet.

    The single player campaign is more enjoyable than 3 but not quite the caliber of the Bad Company series. It's also relatively short (I beat it in around 7-8 hours) and I have a tough time not thinking that Call of Duty: Ghosts had a better story with more interesting "set pieces" even if it was over-the-top Hollywoodized.

    Comparisons aside, Battlefield 4 does offer a lot of variety in it's well-polished multiplayer and it can be fun to lone wolf as a sniper or help out random allies. However, Battlefield is the most fun while playing with friends and squadmates that know what they're doing and play their roles well.

    I'm also glad to see "Base and Spawn humping" has been addressed, ie. jets no longer have to take off and enemies cannot get to your base. That doesn't mean a game cannot be severely mismatched due to some balancing issues. I found myself quitting out of unbalanced matches after only one map and staying in balanced matches longer than I should have.

    I also think Battlefield 4 creates a better since of accomplishment doling out upgrades, new gear, awards, and "battle boxes" frequently. And balancing weapons and equipment better than predecessors.

    The vehicle controls take some time to get used to and are quite difficult. That can be a good thing because Air Superiority can more easily be combated. It feels as if the game has a more "rock, scissors, paper" approach to combat and an infantryman with the right equipment and skill can actually repel or defeat armored attacks.

    I also found myself using the PS Share feature for those awe-inspiring moments that your friends may not have believed in the past. Now you have proof.

    You may have heard of Levolution (sp?). Levolution basically alters the way a map or area plays. It is not a fluid organic thing however. It is a scripted event that you typically know is coming and when. They are cool, but some levels end up being cooler than others. Examples include map flooding, hurricanes, skyscrapers collapsing, etc.

    Also, I'm a big fan of multiple approaches in a multiplayer match, especially with this franchise, and Battlefield 4 really seems to take this into consideration. There aren't as many bottleneck areas or areas where a tank can dominate . Basically, all maps feel like they were tested thoroughly to ensure the proper ebb and flow of combat and to discourage any one aspect from dominating a map.

    Some negative staples of the Battlefield franchise still exist, like the aforementioned server imbalance, nerfed sniping, awkward melee, taking an objective only to lose it right after leaving, and "micro transactions leading to dominance" among a few other issues.

    Speaking of transactions. I am a fan of the Premium service. I waited and purchased it when the third DLC came out because I still got access to previous Gold Packs, Premium exclusive content (typically aesthetic), and it financially made since. However, I hate the fact that anyone can spend real money to unlock the best weapons, equipment, etc. It's pricey and a person still has to have the skill to back it up, but it can be frustrating in certain scenarios (especially with jets) or when your gun does get outmatched.

    Also, in case you didn't know; Battlepacks have different tiers (gold, bronze, etc) and have random goodies inside. These are typically scopes, camo, etc. and the odds of getting something more useful are increased (if not guaranteed) with the higher quality battlepacks. You can also spend real money on these.

    None of the micro-transactions should surprise you if you knew that EA publishes this franchise.

    All in all, I've had my fun with this game. The DLC is arguably worth it (I love it), Battlefield 4 is not perfect, but it is great. And I'm not quite ready for a new Battlefield to come out. I'd give this game a 9.5 now if I could.

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  1. Apr 16, 2014
    In comparison with the current-gen of consoles, Battlefield 4 is the shooter for the next-gen consoles. The graphics are even more stunning than before and there’s an ability to play with more gamers on the console. Choose the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One-version above the current-gen versions.
  2. The issues aren’t ruinous, and in the case of the multiplayer more an inconvenience that EA needs to address than anything else – but it’s enough to take the shine off what should be one of the best shooters on PS4.
  3. Feb 13, 2014
    Battlefield 4 is an excellent multiplayer FPS with wildly varied vehicles and interesting maps. [Jan 2014]