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  • Summary: Fuelled by EA SPORTS IGNITE, FIFA 14 feels alive with players who think, move, and behave like world-class footballers, and dynamic stadiums that come to life. Players have four times the decision making ability and feel alive with human-like reactions, anticipation, and instincts. With 10 times more animation depth and detail than previous consoles, FIFA 14 delivers the dynamic movements and biomechanics of the worlds best footballers. Players are agile and athletic as they plant, pivot and cut, and explode out of each step. The increased fidelity has a game-changing effect on gameplay. Plus, the artistry and athleticism of footballers will come to life with the addition of hundreds of new types of skills and hundreds of new behaviors. And for the first time ever, fans will feel the electricity of a living stadium as the emotions of new 3D crowds rise and fall around the stories on the pitch. Expand
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  1. Dec 19, 2013
    As comfortable as your fave Predators, but better to look at. A must-buy for footy fans. [Jan 2014, p.71]
  2. Dec 3, 2013
    This is not only the most well-realised soccer simulation on the market, it's also one of the best launch titles available for Sony's next generation system.
  3. 90
    With FIFA 14, EA Sports has the reigns of the soccer industry firmly within its grasp, delivering a prominent title that will appease the large majority of fans of The Beautiful Game.
  4. Dec 18, 2013
    FIFA 14 exudes polish from every pore. It’s a great all-rounder, able to entertain players of all abilities. Until Battlefield fixes its problems, there isn’t a better multiplayer game on PS4 either. Sports fan or no, there aren’t many more complete games you can pick up this launch window.
  5. Nov 27, 2013
    FIFA 14 doesn’t take any major leaps forward, instead focusing on fine-tuning the major innovations the series has taken in the last couple of years.
  6. Jan 10, 2014
    Next-gen FIFA is a step in a good direction, although it’s not that different from the FIFA 14 released for PC, X360 and PS3. New animations are visible throughout the whole match and the veterans will also appreciate new, more realistic ball physics. [01/2014, p.48]
  7. Nov 20, 2013
    FIFA 14 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is a step above it's peers. Whether you're scoring in front of a screaming Kop or eking out an unlikely cup victory, FIFA 14 produces special moments that will live in your memory long after you've put the controller down.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 44 out of 85
  2. Negative: 34 out of 85
  1. Nov 17, 2013
    Great game, I Love That. Living world, motion, graphic, FUT and of course license is awesome. I can't stop playing FIFA 14.FIFA 14 is better than ever
  2. Jan 23, 2014
    It's fair to say that if you're expecting a vastly different version of Fifa 14 on the PS4 you will be disappointed. If you're are a massive Fifa fan then the slight improvements in the crowd and transitions between passages of play are welcome additions.

    It looks stunning and plays slightly better than the PS3 version. Should you invest in this if you already own Fifa on PS3? Only if you are a diehard fan, if not I would not bother and wait for the next one.
  3. Mar 17, 2014
    Overall I like the game. I like the manager mode. What I don't like is the passing AI. Sometimes I try to pass the ball to a wing player but the AI somehow sends the ball to the striker. It can be overly difficult too. Opposing defenders can make great tackles that I doubt their real life counterparts can make. Expand
  4. May 11, 2014
    I LOVE this game, but it does have its falling points.


    This game plays very well, for the most part. The majority of the
    gameplay is great, but some of it needs to be reworked. The shooting is awesome with the 'Real Ball Physics' and with the news of them collaborating with Adidas for next year, it should only get better. The passing can be a little bit off sometimes, but most of the time it's okay. The only things wrong with the gameplay are the headers, 'Intelligent AI', player movement and referees.
    The headers aren't anything like reality. The defender, no matter how much of a height advantage they have, will frequently lose them as they stand rooted to the ground like idiots. They make no effort to climb or battle half of the time, which removes some of the reality from the game.
    The 'Intelligent AI' only makes a difference 1/50 times. Too often have I been running for a gap only to have it filled by an offside teammate who I then run into, killing the play. Also, my teammates will be running into a good position, only to stop or change direction and miss the through ball. They also completely useless in defensive positioning.
    The players move well without the ball, and the momentum added with the motion physics engine is great, but there is something very wrong. When running with the ball with a winger that has 95 sprint speed and 97 acceleration, I will be outpaced easily by a defender with 78 and 76 respectively in those attributes. It really frustrates me having a pacey player outpaced by an average one.
    Finally, the refereeing is very dodgy. The push/pull feature is especially bad. The opposing players will pull on my player from behind, drawing level or even pulling my player to the ground. In the real game, that's a foul. The ref will rarely, if ever call that on the AI. If I attempt to do it, I get a yellow card. The double standards of the referees is very antagonizing, and doesn't help the game seem real. The handball feature is incredibly unrefined, causing the ref to call fouls under fairly random circumstances.


    This game has a decent amount of features, but could do so much better. The basics are all there, (Kick Off, Career Mode, Skill Games, Create/Edit/Delete Player, Ultimate Team, Practice Arena) but there is one glaring omission in my mind. For the next-gen iteration of the game, EA Sports have gone and removed the Creation Center. This was a great feature on the PS3/Xbox360 that really shouldn't have been left out. With the added power of the next-gen consoles, it could even have been on the console as opposed to online. If it was an issue of under-use, they should have made everything free, not paid. Nobody was going to pay to use their created teams in career mode. The detail with which you could create players was awesome, dictating their potential, traits, winter styles and alternate positions, all things that can't be edited with the Create/Edit player features. They could also add in a stadium creator to add the gravy to the cake, but that's just something I've wanted for years. I get so bored of Ivy Lane.....


    Overall, the gave looks great. The 'Living Worlds' look amazing and so do the players. Many of them have game faces, more than on the previous-gen version. The kits are thinner, less solid. They could be separate from the players though, as they are stuck on them like hair, which looks weird. The players without game faces look decent, but could look a bit more realistic. The exterior shots of the stadiums are stunning, but they could have worked harder on the surrounding areas, rather than areas that lack any sort of character whatsoever. They could have also done exterior shots of the generic stadiums, seeing as they designed them themselves. The ball can look detached from everything around it though, not reacting to the players' feet like it should.


    This is the only game mode that I devote any real time to. I have noticed a few bugs in it, some minor, some major. The setup is good, it looks smooth. The problems lie with the e-mails, Global Scouting Network, transfers, international management offers and feel. The e-mails are glitchy, not appearing half of the time. This causes you to delete it, thinking that it's a different e-mail.
    You can hire different levels of scout for different prices. The 5-star scouts give no more information than the 4-star scouts, though.
    The transfers are annoying. When I add a player to the transfer/loan list, hardly anyone makes an offer, leaving me with unhappy/unwanted/inexperienced players. There is also no way to ask for another teams player in a counter offer.
    International management offers can't be turned off, which is annoying when you don't want to manage an international team.
    There is no atmosphere to the career mode. If the press conferences, matches and news stories were more engaging, it would be perfect.

    Great game for a release title. (Yes! I used all 5000 characters!)
  5. Mar 29, 2014
    A game made for Ultimate Team and not much else. The game i was most hopeful for when it came to launch for my new PS4, preordered the game. GOT NOTHING! meanwhile If I preordered the ps3 version they would have given me the dumb 24 pack deal. Then they sent out the buy fifa 14 for ps3 now and get 12 rare players bonus (20$ ut pack)

    Fifa 11 i played UT, 12 i played be a pro, 13 UT but seriously that time, spent around $100 over the course of the year and had a 500 - 35 - 98 record, played on Ultimate, with the occassional online game (i hate the jerks online but still) cashed out for around 700 000k. Bought packs around and best i got was 1 thiago silva, up until that point I only ever got 1 TOTW and it was a crappy romanian striker worth discard value.

    That being said, they made a big deal about strength and hold up play and chemistry styles and whatever else, and that all proved to be horse s h i t. I used the app and grinded out a good BPL team with 100 chem and thought out chem styles for each player, then used a good amount of my 10dollar bonus money from the ps4 purchase on ut packs. Bought about five packs, best i got was Gary Cahill (who i actually was happy to get because he went right into my team) but sadly i noticed that EA's need for greed has really increased, out of 15 plus rare i ended up with 2 player rares. The gameplay is worse than 13. There are bugs. I have this audio bug that i couldnt get rid of just terrible.

    You can't choose who takes throw ins, REALLY

    the big innovation in UT is that you can choose who is captain and who takes set plays, and the numbers on the jerseys, and you don't have to discard consumables because they realized that slows some people down on flushing money on packs. WOW this should have been the case from the get go. I approve of getting rid of the aweful formation cards which punished players for trying to experient try things, but chem styles is a joke.

    everyone plays the same for the computer. it cheats you on anything higher than semi pro which i suspect is the max anyone reviewing it in the media plays on.

    It is a soulless moneypress that ea uses to cheat millions of players out of millions of dollars. Taking the love of fantasy football and making it into a gold mine with no real fair transaction for the consumer. Hundreds of dollars to rent cards for a version. What a system, and the fact that we all buy that crap means that it will only get worse and worse.

    I am done with EA and their souless game that does not capture anything more than the veneer of football. The gameplay is souless, the tactics are bankrupt, and the so called innovations are lies.

    would you like to leave this screen and go to UT now? NO i will not be donating money to EA. Pes sadly is abysmal and with the licencing as such it will always be EA as the winner by default.

    I'd rather buy a jersey, and play real soccer than waste another dime on UT 14 which is all it is to EA.
  6. Jul 15, 2014
    Let's start with the good. Graphics are very good..... Er, that's about it! There's something different with FIFA 14 compared to all the previous titles, and thats the stupid, at times unbelievable scripting. I remember pro evo, the first one, there was scripting there too, but not this bad. Ron Vlaar vs loic Remy in a foot race? Remy would win right? Nooooo! Super Ron! Give any player with superior speed stat to a defender 5 yards, the defender will catch you up quick, it's like you running in treacle! goalkeepers do stupid things, tackle the opposition at least 3 times before you get the ball. CPU mostly has ~90% pass acc at the end of the game, come on I was playing against Crawley! Most of my goals are scored with crosses/headers, most of the oppositions goals are chipped through balls that you cannot defend against! Gets boring very very quickly. Don't waste your time or money! Expand
  7. Jun 14, 2014
    by far one of the worst games of all time. even when you launch the game it says fifa 11, they didn't even bother to remove that. i swear to god EASPORTS payd the reviewers to give this game such a high score. it's a **** disaster. seriously players becdome invisible, players teleport. corners are soo OP to the point that you want to take a knife and throw it at EASPORTS, players teleport randomly when you watch replays of the celebrating, corners are soo dumb that its litterely insane. modric catched up to me whit no stat card and i have biabiany. seriously the stats are **** its like the speed on the players cards don't even matter. penalties are pure luck. in fact everything in this game is pure luck. not to mention that it looks absolutely disasterous, especially the crowd, it looks like something from like 2001, and the corwd looks like 1996. seriously. i can't tell if the game is riddled with hackers or just pure aids. the PC version is even more buggy than the other versions. i hate how these sports games always gets away soo **** cheap, seriously id rather play big rigs: over the road racing, because at least that is fun. this is just whoever has the more aids wins. and you can have a bronze player with like all 90's physical stats high/low workrate and 80 ballcontrol and 50 dribling and like 70+ positioning and like 80+ finishing and shot power and like 70 heading accuracy and then he will litterely be the best player in the game. and i swear to god some players are just plain stupidly buggy. like benteke for instance, when you look at his card stats you would think he would be decent but no he is just plain broken, better than messi and ronaldo ingame Expand

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