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  • Summary: Ground Zeroes showcases Kojima Productions' FOX Engine, a true next-generation game engine which promises to revolutionize the Metal Gear Solid experience. The first Metal Gear Solid title to offer open world gameplay. Ground Zeroes offers total freedom of play: how missions are undertaken is entirely down to the user. Unrestricted stealth: Imagine classic Metal Gear gameplay but with no restrictions or boundaries. Players use intelligence and cerebral strategy to sneak their way through entire missions, or go in all guns blazing. Each will have different effects on game consequences and advancement. Multiple missions and tasks - Ground Zeroes boasts a central story mode and Side-Ops missions ranging from tactical action, aerial assaults and "covert" missions that will be sure to surprise. Ground Zeroes users will benefit from a clean in-game HUD that shows the minimal amount of on-screen data to give a more intense gaming experience. [Konami] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 64
  2. Negative: 0 out of 64
  1. Mar 20, 2014
    It is surprising, and not a little depressing, that all people want to talk about with this game is the running time.
  2. Ground Zeroes is the bannerman of new generation. Powered by photorealistic graphics, immersive atmosphere and its conveyance. Through short, it paints a spectacular picture for the future of the new generation of gaming and The Phantom Pain.
  3. Mar 21, 2014
    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a fairly brief but exceptionally well-crafted stealth experience that’s well worth the time of any fan – or anybody looking for a great action game, for that matter.
  4. Mar 21, 2014
    An overpriced demo? Metal Gear Solight? It is just a small glimpse into Kojima’s latest stealth vision. But it serves its purpose: I am curious what to expect in The Phantom Pain.
  5. Mar 25, 2014
    Though its brevity's become it's biggest talking point, there's much more to Ground Zeroes than meets the eye. Beyond that it's accessible, featuring the most fluid stealth the series has shown - and delivers a promising glimpse at the future of Metal Gear Solid.
  6. Mar 18, 2014
    In many ways, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is the biggest and most confident game Kojima has ever made, but you can’t escape the fact that while it’s certainly an immaculate world that has been created, it’s just a small fragment of something much larger we’ve yet to explore.
  7. Mar 18, 2014
    Audacious is the word that best describes Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. It contains quality material, but it's little more than a preview of something better, and as such, simply should not be presenting itself - deceptively - as a game in its own right.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 97 out of 189
  2. Negative: 67 out of 189
  1. Mar 18, 2014
    Everyone is **** that this demo, yes the Main Mission is short, but there is still content after that and the game have very high replay value, this is a high quality game, only negatives what other people **** about is that this is a "demo" but they cant say anything bad about the game play, graphics, voice acting etc, Expand
  2. Mar 20, 2014
    I think this game is amazing, i got peace walker HD as a bonus as well. I bought this and peace walker for a combined price of 25 bucks, that the game was short, didn't bother me, i cant' wait for phantom pain! Expand
  3. Mar 20, 2014
    I have gotten at least 6-7 hours out of this game and im glad I bought it. Its very short if you are the type of person who plays it once then drops it. I have gotten S ranks and unlocked the bonus mission which I S ranked. The thing is buy it digital if you want your taste of metal gear now and if you're a die hard fan like me get the retail version for 30. IF you dont like metal gear then just wait until Phantom Pain comes out, buy this for whatever game stop is selling it at or buy it online, then play Phantom Pain. This game shouldn't get the harsh backlash its getting a 5.8, which is saved for buggy or bad design while this has great design, gameplay, etc. Worse case a 6 or a 7, be grateful of the taste you were given instead of hearing nothing until 2015. Expand
  4. Mar 19, 2014
    It's clear from the start what this game was trying to accomplish. It's here to give us a taste for the upcoming full release of MGS 5, most likely coming next year. And there's alot to like here. I loved the new gameplay and the open world vibe it had going on. But there's something to be said about the arrogance of Hideo Kojima when he thinks he can release a glorified demo, throw in some tacked on side missions, and try to call it a full game. However, there's alot to like here and that's the reason why I'm not blasting this game. The main campaign has a good future if this is the type of game we'll be playing. I loved how everything was done and it came together. Plus, 30 dollars, while high, isn't as high as it once was. If this game was still 40 dollars, I would have given it a zero. But the fact still remains that something that should have been a downloadable only game for about 20 bucks was released as a full title. There's also something to be said about Kiefer Sutherland playing Snake. While he wasn't bad, it just isn't the same as with David Hayter. He WAS Snake and taking him away from the character that made his name is just sad. Plus it just sounds so wrong not to hear the regular Snake voice we've all grown to love. The decision has been made but I can already tell you it was a bad one. Expand
  5. Mar 18, 2014
    I beat this game in 23 minutes. It's $30. That's more than $1/minute.

    Don't buy this game. Rent it for a day.

    I own every MGS and every
    game Kojima has ever made (including Policenauts, Snacher, etc)

    Now that we've covered the fact that this is a $30 demo and a shameless cash-grab that will undoubtedly be a huge tarnish on the otherwise amazing reputation of our beloved Kojima, let's move on to all of the changes to the game itself.

    0.) NO CODEC! - You know that little communication radio? The small feature that let you call people, save games, get help, get hints, hear funny conversations, etc? You know, the little thing that has been in EVERY major MGS release? Well now it's in ALMOST every major MGS release. The codec is gone.

    1.) No more camo - You remember that small "active camouflage" mechanic in MGS4? You know, the little mechanic that basically defined the series? Yeah, well that's gone. And not just it, the entire camouflage concept all together.

    2.) Inventory - The simple, streamlined inventory that was perfected over generations of MGS' is just gone. Period. The simple HUD inventory that would momentarily paused the game while you accessed it has been replaced with an ultra-generic D-PAD option we've seen in so many other games. It also doesn't pause the game. This is a lot more irritating than you'd think.

    3.) Health/Stamina gauges - It turns out that we didn't need these either. MGS has now joined the ranks of health-less, stamina-less, auto-regenerating shooters. How progressive.

    4.) Rations/Drugs - Naturally, without a concern for health or energy, we don't really need rations or medications anymore, right? So if you're looking for that fix of Diazepam and a warm can of rations, you've come to the wrong place.

    5.) Combat - Among other things, the CQC system we've gotten used to over the years has also been modified with an unusual *MENU* that appears when subduing an enemy in combat. The ability to stick to walls has also been altered.

    6.) No more mini-map - This is a bigger deal than it sounds. If you remember, the mini-map showed you the visual field of the enemies in addition to navigating complex areas. Now to access your map it requires going into an entirely different screen.

    7.) No Hiding - No more hiding in trash-cans or closets. If you're trying to get away from an enemy your only option is to run.. or lay on your belly.

    8.) No easter-eggs - This is a huge one. This is an ENTIRE GAME without any obvious/interesting easter-eggs, funny messages, clever conversations, entertaining posters or weird magazines.

    9.) Super-Generic Level - There is only ONE TINY MAP IN THIS ENTIRE GAME. It's a generic, open military base with no buildings, no interesting hiding spots, nothing.

    10.) No saving - Autosaves only.

    11.) No more money - This means no more Drebin, no more purchasing guns or items and no more upgrading.

    12.) No card-board box - What more do I need to say about this one?

    I hate to use the word "fanboy," but the people who are saying things like "the negative comments clearly come from people who have never played a metal gear game in there life" [sic] or operating on the "if you don't agree with me you're wrong" -mentality might have a *tiny* bit of bias :).
  6. Mar 28, 2014
    Why couldn't this be like dead rising 2 pre game? 5$ for a 4 hour game with 5x more content.
    What your getting for 30$ is a game with a
    playtime of 1 hour and 30mins TAKING YOUR TIME! And mini games that last from 10 to 15 mins. Gets low replay value fanboys dont understand that this is nothing but a demo.

    To the good it was fun REALLY fun good story nice characters! thats why its a 4 not worth 30$
  7. Apr 7, 2014
    Long time fan of the Metal Gear series all the way back since the beginning. I've been there since PlayStation 1, so you could say that I'm a huge PS fanboy and a huge MGS fanyboy, too. Words cannot describe the ways in which my soul has been crushed by Sony and Konami.

    First of all, the PS4 is a lackluster system, and anyone who owns a decent gaming PC knows this is a fact. The blind people who can't afford a decent PC won't understand that the PS4 could have been so much better than it is. They took the one thing that set the PS3 ahead of its time and took two major steps backward with x86 support (thank you lazy game developers, you have put us back into gaming stone ages.)

    Secondly, as a Metal Gear fan would know, this game is criminally short, yet it has the MGS brand behind it? It's almost as though Hideo Kojima is selling us out here. It's not longer a PlayStation exclusive, so you can download this on the PC if you want, no point in buying the subpar PS4.

    Guys, I won't buy a PS4 anymore. Maybe in a few years, after major price cuts, I'll pick one up. But with piss poor performance and a lackluster lineup of games to play, I've lost a ton of faith in the supposed "next-gen" gaming.

    I would give this a negative score if I could, my disappointment is palpable.

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