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  • Summary: Need for Speed Rivals inserts gamers behind the wheel of both sides of the thin blue line, daring them to cross that line as either a cop or racer in order to gain any advantage in the street’s ultimate rivalry. Players decide between two distinct career experiences, each with its own set of high-stakes challenges, rewards, pursuit tech and cars. The intensity of the action is enhanced as a result of AllDrive, a feature that destroys the line between single player, co-op and multiplayer. Through AllDrive, friends are connected to one racing world where their races and chases can collide at any time. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 53
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  1. Nov 15, 2013
    Need for Speed: Rivals takes some of the best features from prior franchise entries and combines them with a seamless single-multiplayer mode to create an absolutely terrific, utterly bonkers race-and-chase game that looks and sounds as good as it drives.
  2. Nov 17, 2013
    Need for Speed Rivals proves how impressive a PS4 racing game can be by offering a fully realized product that blows past conceptions of what a launch title can offer.
  3. Rivals is a sequel that confidently overtakes 2012’s Most Wanted. No doors are blown off, but needs are very much fulfilled. . [Christmas 2013, p75]
  4. Nov 15, 2013
    Need for Speed: Rivals is very much in the tradition of Hot Pursuit, but that great, familiar gameplay has been infused with enough new elements to make it as thrilling here as it's ever been. It sure is good to hit the open road again.
  5. 80
    Rivals offers thrilling arcade racing of the kind the kind that you can just pick up and play a few rounds of, and has enough graphical prowess for you to show off your new console for your friends. We could do with a little more innovation next time, though.
  6. Nov 22, 2013
    Need for Speed: Rivals is one of the most impressive launch games for PS4. It is very pretty visually, and it has enough content to keep players busy for quite some time. There are some drawbacks to its design, but nothing that will derail the fun.
  7. Nov 28, 2013
    The rivalry aspect never gets a chance to bloom as the huge open world only lets in six players at a time. The sound is astonishing and the concept of a huge world just waiting to be explored is an interesting one, but in the end Rivals never climbs beyond mediocrity.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 78
  2. Negative: 22 out of 78
  1. Nov 15, 2013
    Best auto game ever! Works like a charm on PS4. I'm really impressed with the gameplay and the graphics. The multyplayer is very entertaining. A small downside, but nothing to make me not to rate this at 10, are the fps lock at 30. EA execceded my expectations with this new NFS. Expand
  2. Nov 26, 2013
    This is the most fun I've had with a Need For Speed game since the original Underground came out. The controls are spot on and the gameplay is fun and addicting. The only small qualm I have is it seems to switch host often, interrupting the experience. A small price to pay for the fun you can have, seamlessly switching between racer and cop. Expand
  3. Nov 15, 2013
    Since rivals is the only racing game on ps4, it may take your free time. Open world is large and beautiful, and you can see most turns clearly, unlike in mw2012. Cars are nice, so is their customization. All drive feature is fun, and since the events are randomly generated, you can drive as long as you like without completing the same event again and again. I wish I had Driveclub, but unfortunately it's been delayed, so nfs is a good temporary replacement and 4 day exclusive to ps4)) Expand
  4. Mar 15, 2014
    Need for Speed Rivals delivers both in terms of the visuals and in terms of the gameplay. Well worth a buy, but I first must mention the ups and downs of the game;

    To start with, the choice between cop and racer is something which has existed for a while now, but is executed perfectly in this game. Playing as the police, you will have to patrol Redview County to hunt down racers, take on challenges, and perform multiple tasks that are predetermined in the base before setting out into the world. Each task is varied, and stretch from completing a certain challenge to driving at a specific speed by a police camera. Completing these tasks will progress you through the game, and with that, through the story (the story being something which, in my opinion, felt rather cheap and lacking). The same goes for the racer career, although in that, you must race one another and evade the police, racking up speed points and climbing leaderboards.

    Probably the games biggest feature is the seamless integration between both single and multiplayer. Whilst driving along, you will occasionally meet with other players, who may either be with or against you on the driving grounds. With this, you can either take them down, team up, or leave them be. Although I found this rather evolutionary and clever, it seems to get in the way quite a bit, and may leave you slightly disoriented from time to time.

    Something which people seem to cling onto with dear life in the Need for Speed franchise is the cusomisation options. With this, you can change the colours of your cars, upgrade performance (in the racing career) and pursuit tech, and add and swap out vinyls. It's certainly no Most Wanted, Carbon, or Underground, but for what it's worth, it serves well and feels merely like an addition to the bigger picture that is the games true core; racing and chasing.

    I mentioned earlier, but will bring it up again; the game looks beautiful, like a true next gen game. I really felt like I was playing on PS4. The water details, weather, and environmental textures are all fantastic, and all add to the immersion.

    The handling on the vehicles seems fair, but not strictly realistic. However, this is no simulator, and you wouldn't expect something such as this to be realistic.

    In terms of content, the game has multiple challenges and tasks, along with a good collection of cars, side tasks (cameras, jumps, etc.) and of course, the multiple environments (fields, mountains, beaches, small towns), the game really does seem to deliver. The ultimate downside to the content is the map size; it feels incredibly small, and thus, the transitions between environments feels hollow and cheap (jumping straight from a lush valley to a freezing temperate is rather disorienting). This also makes you feel a large sense of deja vu, and rightly so, as you will constantly return to the same spots over and over again. However, the races and chases feel truly tense and deliver as they should, so some flaws can be forgiven.

    Overall, the game is great, but is not without it's flaws; small map and lacking cusomisation for cars are the first that spring to mind. I can't give this game a perfect score, even if it does look and feel like a perfect game, but I can certainly recommend it.
  5. May 11, 2014
    Boring map, lifeless driving mechanics, lackluster sound and bad car models. The graphics are not a step up from Most Wanted 2012 despite it running on Frostbite 3 in 1080p. As a sequel to Hot Pursuit 2010, Rivals does a good job in giving the player more freedom by adding more content. You have more choice over how you progress in the career, and you can actually use your speed points to upgrade cars and buy pursuit tech. As a racer, you have an incentive to escape the cops. Unlike Hot Pursuit, this game is open world ,albeit nowhere in the same league as Burnout Paradise in terms of content. However, much of the magic that Hot Pursuit had has been lost. The driving attempts to be less arcade and drifty, and in doing so, it's lost the sense of speed so it's no longer intense. There seems to be no difference between a good and bad driver. You can crash and be as imprecise as you like and still get the gold medal in a time trial. The promise of customisation is poorly realized. Visually all you can do is change the colour and number plate, and performance-wise you can do some basic upgrades but no tuning. Furthermore, there are no tiers of cars. The performance difference is substantial in the menus, but on the road it's difficult to tell apart a Cayman S from a 458. There's just so little excitement in this game. I's just full throttle all the time with no need to be precise or skillful in any way. You can't be bad at this game. So in summary, the attempt to offer more of the same is a sensible idea, but overall Rivals lacks the excitement that Hot Pursuit delivered. The additions are not substantial enough, so I would suggest avoiding this if you have played Hot Pursuit. Expand
  6. Nov 27, 2013
    Awful PC port is not what next gen should be. Shame on you, EA. Its locked on 30fps and it runs horribly on towns sections, making it unplayable on GTX550, even at minimal graphics. Expand
  7. Sep 21, 2014
    Complete downgrade from burnout paradise. It has the free roam, but there is no interaction with anybody online. You have to all be in same area, if your lucky enough, On top of that, their pursuit mode is fucing garbage. T-boned rammed a car full speed and i used a ram special ability , causing the computer driver to fflip multiple times. It barely did any damage as he resets and drives away. I give it a 0 because of **** like that. Expand

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