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  • Summary: The game features a recreation of Japan's Electronics Mecca - much like a virtual tour of Tokyo's Akihabara ward. Major outdoor locales from the city have been carefully recreated, with over 130 real-life shops accurately represented.
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  1. 70
    This magical recreation of Japan’s Akihabara District bolsters a magnitude of content and things to do, while the accessible yet rewarding combat makes traipsing through the cityscape pleasurable, feeling like a blend of a traditional beat’em up and something more like what the Yakuza series has to offer. Unfortunately, an unfathomable amount of fan-service and technical hiccups dampen the experience.
  2. Aug 26, 2014
    Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed is far from a perfect package, but it’s certainly a charming one. It never takes itself too seriously, which makes its wacky subject matter all the more entertaining.
  3. 70
    A flawed, but enjoyable RPG that pushes the limits of taste in western culture. Over-sensitive gamers of the social justice persuasion will hate it, but for those who are only looking for fun can pick this up and enjoy the humor and setting, and appreciate it for what it is: A piece of otaku fandom.
  4. Your dyslexia serves you well, this should have been called 'Akiba Strip'. Par for the course brawling with lite-rpging, bewbs, but also some man-bulge, too. [September 2014, p75]
  5. Aug 20, 2014
    Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed is much like the real-world electronics district of Tokyo that it attempts to re-create: Sometimes it excites you, sometimes it underwhelms you, and sometimes you just so happen to wander into that particular back-alley shop and get very, very creeped out.
  6. Aug 19, 2014
    Akiba's Trip has a bizarre concept that might turn a few heads, but once you strip away the promiscuity, there's little left to keep your attention.
Score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 7
  3. Negative: 1 out of 7
  1. Aug 13, 2014
    So far I love this game! it's really fun and the story seems very interesting, some people may not like it and im sure critics will give it average reviews but if you're a true otaku and love anime such as myself and wanna walk around Akiba this is the game for you! Expand
  2. Aug 13, 2014
    This game is so much more than stripping girls. First let me say there are as many if not more male enemies that you end up stripping, and over time you stop even noticing...its just another mechanic to get through the fights so you can continue the story progression. Which is the true brilliance of this game. There are so many dialogue decisions that you need to make as a character and with 45 different possible endings they actually matter.

    The cast of characters is memorable and each one of them feel well placed. Of course you can only get to really delve into one characters story per play through but the way they do new game plus makes replaying feel like a new experience each time.

    I am a huge fan of visual novels and have been hoping for more western releases of these types of games. Hopefully other people have as much fun as I did with this game and we can show Japanese developers that they can make money over here as well.
  3. Aug 12, 2014
    It was a great yet sexy game where many of the feature is unique from both the choice of dialog and yet to the quirky moves place on the fighting. It is a jrpg so it has its weirdness yet awsomeness to it Expand
  4. Aug 26, 2014
    Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed aka Akiba’s Trip 2 is an Action Roleplaying game that takes place in Akihabara Japan (pronounced ah-kee-ha-ba-ra). Visually, the locale shows striking similarities to New York City. Akihabara tries to create an atmosphere where game and anime worlds come to life. As such, the streets of Akihabara are covered with anime and manga icons, and cosplayers line the sidewalks handing out advertisements. It’s a video game fan’s dream come true.

    I don’t want to give away any of the plot, but the game combines two genres we don’t often see coming together here in the west. Visual Novel & Action RPG. It does so brilliantly, in fact it even gives the player choices during dialogue, allowing every player to shape and mold the story according to the choices they make.

    For reasons I won’t explain, during combat your main goal is to strip your opponents clothing off of them! It’s a hilarious tactic that’s fleshed out incredibly well. You lower their clothing’s durability by attacking different parts of their outfit via the triangle, circle, and cross buttons. Once a piece of clothing is damaged enough, you can initiate a grapple to remove the item. You can pick up items your opponents drop, including clothing, weapons, and money.

    Exploring Akihabara is a pleasure as you can shop at most of the stores, and citizens lining the streets are full of dialogue and unique behavior. You often travel with a companion character who does their best to aid you. You can access your email and faux twitter accounts via smartphone. The game does a good job of making you feel like you are really living in Akihabara.

    So far I love it, the production values are high, there are easter eggs hidden everywhere, and the characters are all unique enough to make me want to actually talk to them. The combat controls aren’t quite as tight as I would like, but they still manage to get the job done. Depending on how long the campaign is, and how many possible outcomes there are…I can see myself playing this game well into 60+ hours.
  5. Aug 17, 2014
    Lets start with the bad:
    -The biggest problem with the Vita version anyways (cant comment for the other versions when they are all out) is
    the lock on system, holy **** its really annoying to switch targets.
    -The popping takes a while, there where many times that I would go into a zone to say, turn in a quest and have to wait 5 seconds for anyone to spawn in. I assume this is a limitation of the Vitas power, but annoying non the less.
    -And the load times, every zone is a loading screen, long ones too, 3-5 seconds. I found myself just using the fast travel option 99% of the time to avoid multiple load times.
    -Bust size is based on clothing, so putting on a boys jacket onto Thoko for example makes her completely flat, and if you wanted to cross dress, you suddenly had boobs... Made me laugh the firsttime.
    -Memes, this is more of a neutral, I didnt mind them given the feel of the game. From what I hear the Japanese version has a ****load of 7chan memes in it that America wouldn't understand so they changed them into memes we would get. Normally I have a problem with memes in games, but given that the cast is a bunch of tech savvy teenager otaku it actually fits the theme really well.
    -I was a little disappointed with no P4G style dating after getting to know the girls (ive only gotten 1 ending now)
    -Nana-Chans stupid freaking minigame that's mostly RNG, I would have liked some way other then up/down, left/right to be able to manipulate it because my game favors up and right apparently.. I was trying my hand at it for an hour and could not get out of the top right corner of the 7x7 grid. I was trying to get all the events in case they gave items and stuff, but I just wound up raging my ass off. I

    The Good:
    -The Gameplay although simple was incredibly fun, the different combos based on the weapon was a neat thing.
    -The cast was really enjoyable and I wanted to get to know them, they made me laugh on many occasions.
    -TnA and SO MUCH FAN SERVICE. This could be a bad thing to many, but I enjoy Fan service in my games so long as the game itself is fun to play without it.
    -SO MANY ITEMS AND COSTUMES, holy **** mixing and matching to make the Swankiest looking guy is a lot of fun.
    -I think I read somewhere theres like 9 endings.
    -"Brotagonist" ~Nana-Chan.

    I have a hard time replaying games after I beat them, I usually have to wait months to replay them, but Akibas trip, I found myself wanting to collect everything, and get the other endings. I really enjoyed the game myself.

    PS, Tohko is best girl.
  6. Aug 22, 2014
    This game is pretty addictive on PSvita, but the only problem of the portable version of this game it's the framerate. When multiple NPC'S spawn in the area, the frame drops a lot. Expand
  7. Aug 16, 2014
    I couldnt enjoy this game at all. A lot of dialogue for yet another trope-tastic anime outing. The combat felt like a glitchy version of an old PSOne game. The only good thing I can say is that there are a lot of endings to encourage some replay....but the overall product was so unenjoyable that I dont see myself going back ever again. Expand