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  • Summary: Jabberwock Island was, at one time, a popular tourist haunt. This now populated island remains oddly pristine. You and your classmates at the elite Hope's Peak Academy have been brought to this island by your cute teacher for a “lovey-dovey, heart-throbbing school trip.” Everyone seems to be having fun in the sun...until Monokuma returns to restart his murderous game! Trapped on this island of mutual killing, your only hope of escape rests in solving the island’s mysteries. But be warned—sometimes the truth can be its own despair. [NIS America] Expand
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  1. Sep 30, 2014
    Every bit the game that Trigger Happy Havoc was, only more refined and paired with a fresh story and features in a longer (but more enjoyable) package. I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better sequel, and have no idea how Spike Chunsoft is going to top this in Danganronpa 3.
  2. Aug 13, 2014
    Goodbye Despair may fall into some ridiculous scenarios and dialogue that clash with the game’s otherwise dark atmosphere, but when Danganronpa 2 is at its best, there’s little else that hits harder.
  3. Sep 3, 2014
    It's a must-play for Visual Novel fans, and those who enjoyed the first year of the deadliest high school ever will find that the return trip is even better.
  4. Sep 2, 2014
    It’s the strength of the storytelling that makes Danganronpa 2 a veritable tour-de-force, even with its somewhat quirky gameplay mechanics.
  5. Sep 29, 2014
    Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is an accomplished amalgam of storytelling, character interaction, and deduction – plus, a macabre attitude that isn’t afraid to show its true colors.
  6. Sep 11, 2014
    Danganronpa 2 builds on its predecessor's foundation for a murder mystery that is brimming with personality.
  7. Oct 1, 2014
    We were hoping for some really big new things in this new DanganRonpa after the disaster of the former episode. Nope. The game mechanics haven't changed a bit. The story and the deliberation phases are quite interesting but it's still the sleep-inducing game we've known since last year.

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  1. Sep 9, 2014
    A wonderful sequel to probably the best game on the Vita, Dangonronpa 2 seeks to answer alot of the questions left open in the first game, while trying to establish a new cast to tug at your heart strings and become emotionally invested in once again. While the cast isn't as great as the first one, the individual cases are superior to the first one in terms of mystery, intrigue, and creativity. Overall it's a wonderful sequel to one of the best visual novel style games I've ever played.
    The characters in this game are probably the weakest link but they're not even that bad. The issue was there were too many annoying characters, whether it be their voice and how they sounded, to the absolutely dumb decisions they made throughout the story. There were a few really well done characters but there weren't as many as the original game. However, one of the bad guys in this game, while a bit confusing at times, is probably one of the best characters I've seen in a long time cause you can never tell what they're thinking and that's great for a mystery game like this.
    The individual stories in this game were wonderful and filled you with a sense sadness to see how things shaped out. People weren't just killing to kill like they did a few times in the past game. Alot of the cases involved in this game play out in a special way that will really make you think. I love some of the mysteries that the game presented and I feel like it's about time that some of the REALLY vague things they told you in the first game were finally explained in decent detail. While things are still kinda glossed over for the overall story in the game, this game answered alot of questions left by the first game.
    In the end, this is a wonderful sequel to a wonderful game that I'm truly grateful they localized for a western release. I would say both games have their strong points but I can't rate one above another. Both are excellent and really get you involved in the mysteries they set forth. Hopefully they make another game in the series as the absolute charm that this game gives off is something that I haven't seen in gaming in a long time.
  2. Sep 9, 2014
    A fantastic game that never lets up with its pacing. You will laugh (especially at the wonderful Usami who's voice work is brilliant) and cry at the many, MANY emotional parts in the game. The voice work is great for all the characters. The art is amazing with well drawn characters who are very well developed and easy to relate to. The story keeps you guessing with a massive twist that will blow your mind. The cases are not too hard to solve if you really think about it as even in hard mode you have unlimited tries. The only things that is affected is your score. The music is catchy and compliments the drama and comedy of the game.

    This game is up there with my other favourite game, Persona 4 Golden, in terms of gameplay and story. The only thing I detest about this game is the obvious exploitation of its female cast (except the bit where its important the the case). They didn't need to show skin to make this game great and it put me off a couple of times. The random shower scene was unneeded and inappropriate. The first one had no obvious exploitation and it was still great.

    Still 10/10 though as I never got bored.
  3. Sep 17, 2014
    This is a fantastic game.

    If you've played the 1st game, you owe yourself to play this game. If you haven't played the 1st game
    Danganronpa: Happy Trigger Havoc, play it—so that you can play this game. Danganronpa 2 builds strongly upon the 1st game; in other words, to get the most enjoyment out of this game, play both games.

    The story-line is wonderful; it had me wondering and guessing the whole time. The characters felt real and in the end, I became attached to them. The game-play of the class trials is improved this time around—it flowed better. Overall, this game is better than its predecessor. I loved the characters more, and the story blew my mind away (...and I thought the 1st game was intense).

    Verdict: INSTANT BUY. This game is marvelous. I highly recommend it. A lot of people are missing out on it. Don't be that person to miss out on this game!
  4. Sep 7, 2014
    Since I played the first game, I've been eagerly awaiting for the localization of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.
    I knew that fans who
    already played the japanese version were stating that this sequel was even better than the first episode - and after playing it myself I can easily understand why.

    As usual with Spike Chunsoft games, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is essentially a visual novel.
    Expect lots of reading, but despite a not exactly "top class" translation the dialogues and writing is captivating and definitely interesting.
    The pacing of the story is great, gradually ramping up until a finale that left me with my jaw open. The last part of the game is really something that must be experienced. The first game is known for its plot-twists, but the sequel blows that game out of the water. You will not expect what's going to happen, and this is good.

    Having played the first game, Trigger Happy Havoc, is requirement if you want to fully understand and appreciate the whole storyline. The developers are expecting the players to be up to speed concerning the plot of the series, so do yourself a favor and get both games if you can.