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  • Summary: Oz awakens to find himself in Misred - a cursed land at the globe's western frontier - with a dark shroud covering certain memories from his past. The land in front of him contains many labyrinths that hold treasure and danger in equal volumes. Without knowing where else to go or what else to do, Oz commits to take up arms in order to hunt down artifacts and eke out a living in this world that feels so new to him. One day, he will have to face his past, but until then, he has no choice but to trust those around him, and in his newfound abilities as a Demon Gazer. Expand
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  1. Apr 22, 2014
    Demon Gaze is an enjoyable and enormously addictive title that strikes a good balance between endearing JRPG-style narrative and compelling dungeon-crawling exploration, let down only slightly by somewhat repetitive combat.
  2. Apr 22, 2014
    Demon Gaze will not revolutionize the JRPG genre, but it's a very well crafted game, that delivers tons of fun and high longevity. If you love dungeon crawlers, you should give it a chance.
  3. Apr 19, 2014
    Demon Gaze is what it is and it is fantastic at doing what it does. One for veterans of the genre only though.
  4. Apr 21, 2014
    Demon Gaze is not a game for those looking for fast, easy rewards; you need a great deal of patience to find success, and sometimes it feels like the game's narrative is actively working against your desire to progress to new places. But when you are narrowly clutching victory from the jaws of defeat, laying waste to a challenging foe through party synergy and clever planning, or finding an incredibly rare piece of loot that completely changes how you use a party member, you feel like your efforts have yielded delicious fruit.
  5. Apr 24, 2014
    A well-crafted and occasionally imaginative dungeon crawler that is let down only by its questionable presentation and sky high difficulty.
  6. Apr 23, 2014
    An unlikeable, frustrating, and boring JRPG dungeon crawler.
  7. Apr 23, 2014
    Demon Gaze is colorful, brash, and spunky, but it's little more than a wonky journey through dungeon after forgettable dungeon. If it's a grind you're looking for, you can do far better than the mediocrity of becoming a Demon Gazer.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
  1. Apr 22, 2014
    I am overly impressed with this game- amazing interface efficient battle and an enjoyable grind (One of those rare times where I actually had fun grinding out something, even if it is random it's almost addictive.) The story and characters are a bit deeper than something like the EO series, but you still have that wonderful since of control as you decide everything from voice to appearance of your characters, something that I didn't think about before but being able to change an annoying voice is pretty nice.

    Not for everyone, but really hit the spot for me. Now to go back to the dungeons!
  2. Apr 23, 2014
    I have played the Japanese version extensively before playing this English version. A polished and modern take on the dungeon RPG genre. Highly recommended. Expand
  3. May 11, 2014
    an impressive rpg, with a good story, and good first person exploration and battle system. you explore dungeons in order to kill demons and get gold to buy things and pay your rent at the inn you're staying at. the boss' in the dungeons are powerful demons that, if you can beat them, will be captured and fight for you. you can create and get rid of party members as you please, and rent out rooms to increase your party size. the combat is also in first person where you can see the character portrait of the member as they do an action. it gets grind heavy at times, but in a surprisingly fun way, although some people may not like that, as well as the frequent random encounters with enemies, along with the overall difficulty, although the difficulty can be changed a bit. Expand
  4. Jul 26, 2014
    Demon GAze is a good game but not perfect. I have been waiting for this game for a long time and i should say it does not disappoint me.
    story is not bad, also it features small stories about the characters we meet in the game and our relationship with them. Perhaps really sexualized but then thats how Japanese games are ~_~ there is nth wrong with it as long as u can enjoy its humors style.
    The combat and dungeon exploring is really deep and well designed and making character's section is really deep and fun.
    The only downside to the game is the really dated graphics.
  5. Jun 17, 2014
    This game is a classic JRPG that will hold no punches on new comers to the genre with the earlier objectives begining much harder then the later ones once mechanics are learned proper. That being said the game is beautiful and the characters are all classic troupes and you be thrown for a loop with unique characters but they are all lovable in their own way but it is obvious which ones were made to be most liked. This is one of the few games out there that everything about your party is customizable to the extreme from everything to their skin to their class to their voice etc etc. stats are determined by class so there is no option to make a unique class however the main character is considered unique. If you dont mind fan service and gameplay that is predicated on moving forward/discovery this game is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it will take anywhere from 30 hours to 50 hours to complete depending on your play style. I for instance wanted full map completion extra and trophies so i did a little extra work here and there and ended at 43 hours and there was actually end game content albeit it was about 1 dungeon and a boss basically.

    TL;DR : pro: Looks Great, Compliments its battle system well, story isnt knew but compelling enough, enjoyment comes from discovery mostly and figuring out the story.
    con: grindy, not a beginners jrpg, decently long for a hand held game, leaves a bit to be desired if you are coming off a console rpg or a western one for that matter.
  6. Aug 17, 2014
    If you played Etrian Odyssey on the DS/3DS, this could be considered the VITA version of that game: it's a dungeon crawler rpg with lots of anime-like characters in which you create your own party of 5 and go explore the dungeons until you beat the final boss.

    However, the game has some HUGE differences that makes the game very unique.

    For one, the story is probably better told here: unlike EO, which you do get a good story but barely any dialogue, DG is a lot more based on interactions and dialogues and your main character IS a main character, and not a bunch of warriors: they'll call you for name and there's a lot of story behind him, making the game very interesting. On top of that, the interactions between characters it's not always based on the story but sometimes it's what they call "A slice of life", basically people talking of their problems and enjoying/hating their lives. In addition, this is where fan-service actually works, because it's not distracting and, well, it fits! The inn, which is your hub, it's filled with people, and these random interactions makes the characters look alive, whereas in most dungeon crawlers the sub characters are easily just quest givers, or not even visible. On top of that, there's some good voice acting, very funny characters to interract, an interesting story to follow, and you get a good plus on the story side.
    Too bad you cannot talk to your own group members.

    The second point is the combat system, which is turn based (aka, if you hate turn based, move aside) and you'll fight with a group of 5 people most of the times: there are about 6 classes to choose (except the main character, which is a "Gazer") and few races to choose (which are basically stats distributed in different ways: there's no real limitations in race/class combo, as far as I noticed, but I might be wrong). Here comes another big difference: most of the classes do not use mana, except for the healer and the wizard (and the gazer) and this is a decision not taken randomly because the battles are all about being speedy: many characters can attack multiple characters at once and most of the times the screen will be filled with lots of enemies (I had over 15 enemies once!). The game is based on killing your enemies as quick as possible and considering the healer doesn't have a lot of mana (I'm around level 20 right now, and she barely has 120 mp), it's very recommended to do so. However this defeats the tactical purposes of some classes, except when doing bosses, because you'll just want to kill fast enough so you get less damage (and luckily, the paladin is one strong defensive class), and some classes have some unique skills that really helps (wizard can slow, but they're very weak to begin with, and the assassin is a high RNG fighter, but it's not very useful since its main stat is luck and bosses are usually immune to insta-death skills). It's still a very fun game to play, but for those boss battles you'll need to be prepared.
    Also, the game is very simplified in many aspects: each class learn their skills with levels and at each level they gain 1 stat point to be put as you please: each stat actually give a lot of benefits, like vitality increases also your defense and agility increases also your dodge, but aside that you kinda miss some complexity behind them (whereas EO it's far more complex and each class can have different speccs). You also can use artifacts that gives you skills from other classes (slash is a must have!) that really helps a lot if you have the right ones and gives some more complexity.

    One more thing to mention, is the difficulty...which is rather silly. I'm playing on expert and it's not very hard, but it is on some specific points, and one of them is the rent: each time you go back, you need to pay some money for your rent, or else you'll get a debt: this is an obvious decision to force the player to stay out as much as they can, but if one character dies you're either forced to go back or continue playing without a character: as far as I know, I don't have a resurrecting spell, and lacking one character means lost experience for him/her. Perhaps later I'll have one, but until then you'll be forced to go back, pay the rent, and then go back out again. In addition, you start with two character slots and this makes the game harder because you don't have a healer right away: I would have preferred to start off with a full team, and being challenging, rather than starting with 2 and being hard for the wrong reasons.

    Still, I do recommend this game, because it's a very good rpg, with some decent challenge (EO is much harder in my opinion) and I love the story and the characters in this game more than the others. Avoid it if you hate turn based or old school RPGs
  7. May 13, 2014
    Demon Gaze: A good-looking but bland tasting RPG.
    Demon Gaze is a first-person dungeon-crawler JRPG. Aside from having to choose the Gazer
    class as the party leader, the player is free to pick from a pool of seven classes and five races (who start with different base stats and are locked out of certain equipment) to fill the rest of their party. The crux of the game revolves around defeating and capturing demons (the game’s bosses). Capturing demons will allow the Gazer to equip their key, giving them a suite of bonus skills and the ability to summon the demon in combat (who acts like a sixth, uncontrollable party member).
    I enjoy Demon Gaze’s art. There are plenty of bright colors and the character portraits are unique and fun. While there’s little movement during dialog, the character’s expressions are varied so it doesn’t feel like you’re simply talking to cardboard cut-outs. The voice acting is also very enjoyable and adds to the NPC’s personalities.
    The game is very, VERY linear. At the beginning of the game, the bulletin board where members of the inn post quests and the like is almost overwhelming. However, after a while you discover that all of those quests you assumed were sidequests are actually part of the main thread. There are only three sidequests in the game: Gather soul skulls for the mortician, Prometh, scrounge for black mushrooms for Pinay, the maid, and buy/find a set of rare clothing for the stylist, Kukure. All three of these sidequests are given fairly early on and you gradually complete them by finding hidden treasure (via treasure maps) within each area. The story itself “meh”. While on par with most JRPGs, nobody will remember its plot after a few weeks.
    The game allows an online component called “Gazer Memos” which are signs with short blurbs written by other players. These signs can warn others about upcoming hazards, help navigate a maze or notify them about nearby treasure and how to obtain it. While useful, seeing the memos scattered about an area really ruins the atmosphere. Also, since every treasure has been discovered and noted by fellow gazers, treasure maps become wastes of space in your inventory.
    Demon Gaze’s level designs are uninspired. While pretty to look at, there are no interesting or new themes to the levels (there’s a ruin level, a graveyard level, a forest level, ect.). Puzzles and gimmicks within the levels are just as uninspired and many levels have the same gimmick, such as damaging floor tiles, leading to monotony.
    Combat occurs on an almost static screen; enemies only flash when attacking or being dealt damage and there is the occasional swipe or flash from an ability or spell. The entire game is in first-person, so you never see your characters react. Also, there is a very limited diversity of monsters in the game, making palette swaps common.
    The difficulty is another problem that plagues Demon Gaze. On “cool” (the game’s normal difficulty), all the random encounters are little more than annoyances. Boss fights are either “decimate the party on the first turn” difficult or “could beat blindfolded” easy depending on the party’s level. There’s no sweet spot where you feel triumph over a difficult foe. You either crush the boss or be crushed by the boss.
    Demon Gaze is flip-floppy on how much technical information if wants to give its players. For example, you can read up on demons’ abilities that you’ve yet to face or capture, yet it never tells you what exactly your stats do. I can safely assume that strength increases my standard attack’s damage, but what exactly does mysticism do? And why, despite leveling nothing but intelligence on my wizard, do her spells seem to do the same amount of damage as they did 3 levels ago?
    Demon Gaze’s biggest fault is its combat: there’s just not a lot of strategy. While there are elements (air, dark, earth, fire, light, and water) and some monsters have weaknesses due to what class of monster they are, the extra damage is rarely noticeable. This is even more frustrating when facing bosses who, despite having titles such as “Fire Dragon Woman” and “Earth Iron Woman”, don’t have an elemental weakness. Status ailments (K.O.’d, poisoned, paralyzed, ect.) don’t last very long on monsters either and their most common medium, as special effects on weapons, is unreliable, meaning these effects aren’t a consistent factor in fights. This means most fights boil down to slugfests. The strategy I used for the vast majority of fights was to use the samurai skill Slash, which attacks an entire line of enemies, and the healer skill Holy Shield, which absorbs a bit of damage done to the party for a turn. There were no moments where I thought “Okay! I need to silence the enemy healer while rushing their archer in the back.” Most of the time, I didn’t even need to make a decision about how to attack, and thankfully, pressing the triangle button will make your party perform all of their actions from the previous turn. So almost every random encounter can be won by holding triangle. Bosses are somewhat exempt from the holding triangle play, but their fights are no more strategic. Boss fights are won simply by cranking up the defenses on your characters while chipping away at their health with your strongest abilities. Again, bosses have no elemental weaknesses and aside from a few who will remove your party’s buffs and/or who will rearrange the formation of your party (moving the members in the back to the front and vice versa), there is not a smidgen of thought involved in these fights.
    I picked up Demon Gaze because it seemed similar to the Etrian Odyssey series. I love the gimmicks that each new stratum brought and challenging combat that the E.O. games have brought me. Unfortunately, Demon Gaze, while similar at first glance, doesn’t have much of what made its fellow modern dungeon-crawler great. I took a bite, expecting a taste of the epic fun I hold dear. Instead, what I took a bite of what just a good-looking but bland tasting RPG.

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