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  • Summary: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is a Role Playing Game based on the novel, manga and anime, Sword Art Online, and reflects the charming characters and breathtaking environments from the virtual reality world called Aincrad. In a simulated Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game setting, players find that they are captured within the game and must explore and defeat enemies until they reach the highest floors of Aincrad to beat the game and free themselves from the fantasy world. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 23
  2. Negative: 1 out of 23
  1. Aug 22, 2014
    Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment transcends its license to become a truly engrossing portable role-playing game. Unfortunately, this lengthy adventure is far from perfect, with problems ranging from bad translation to simplistic missions. But none of that gets in the way of one of the most ambitious anime games ever constructed.
  2. Aug 19, 2014
    This is a big, ambitious game, and like any big, ambitious game, there's some stuff that goes wrong, but a lot more that goes right. And with all that right stuff…well, that's what makes the game so worth playing.
  3. Aug 20, 2014
    It's not easy to get into, but it does offer a lot of content. If you are looking for a dungeon-based RPG, this is a great choice.
  4. Jul 4, 2014
    An interesting action rpg that mimic an MMO. This PsVita Edition includes two games: the progression can be a little bit repetitious, but there's a lot of content for the light novel fans.
  5. Aug 20, 2014
    If you’re a fan of Sword Art Online then this is a must buy, with it’s alternate reality separating it from the series.
  6. Aug 27, 2014
    A competent JRPG with some considerable flaws, and one that is best enjoyed by those who are familiar with SAO.
  7. Aug 19, 2014
    Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment isn’t just a bad game. With its awful story, tedious combat, and inexcusable translation, it’s an out and out insult to anyone who might buy it – fans of the series especially.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 16
  2. Negative: 2 out of 16
  1. Aug 28, 2014
    A hard action jrpg game based on a current anime? and for a handheld? SURE!
    This is the kind of games that Vita was lacking, and we are
    starting get them in America!

    I'll think the score has to be 8.9, really good cell shading graphics, in depth history, kinda hard game if you want to rush it, but very repetitive when you are moving through the waves of monsters, but, that's like any other jrpg.-
  2. Aug 19, 2014
    If you're a fan of the series this is a fantastic game, comes with a HD remake of the first game previously only released in Japan, so you are getting 2 games in one! Expand
  3. Aug 21, 2014
    Sword Art Online is, in many ways, a MMO for one person: You. If you come in expecting a traditional JRPG experience, you may get disappointed. Story, combat system, crafting, and "what you do" is heavily MMO-based. For some people, like me, that is a massive plus, because it gives you the open virtual world experience of a real MMO without the tedium and annoyance of having to deal with other players. It's great for a dose of escapism.

    SAO very much feels like an online game (including your interactions with other characters). So if that's your thing, look no further and dive right in. Ex-WoW players, for example, who suffer from withdrawal symptoms, will find a cure here. Also folks who dig the .hack games will have a ball with SAO. You can grind as much as you want, without anyone stealing your spawn spots. :) Note, also, that the combat is largely melee-based (hence the name), though there are healing spells. But if you want to play a mage or an archer, you won't get your fix here. There are numerous types of blades, though, and skills (also passive ones), so it's not just 1H swords and little else. Far from it.

    Now, gamers who look for a deep, meaningful story with a narrow, linear design, SAO is probably not an ideal candidate. It has fantastic combat, but again, it's MMO-styled, with "hotkeys" and all that jazz. Watching the anime show that the game is based on (it spins off at around episode 14) is optional. It enhances the experience insofar that you meet "old friends"; but the game does introduce the player to everything that's necessary to know. Don't worry about being unable to get into the world of SAO without having watched the show. You'll be fine. (As someone who doesn't typically watch anime, I'll say that I really enjoyed the show, too.)

    Finally, it is a large, long game that will keep you entertained for many hours. There's post game content too, and in September '14 there will be a free expansion/DLC that adds even more content and additional zones. SAO will keep you busy for a long time -- if you like the MMO-style.
  4. Aug 20, 2014
    This game is a very good game and deserves a solid 7 but im giving it a 10 to counter the ahs who rate with 0s. Hollow fragment is a huge world with lots of place to explore. Battle are exciting but after 50 hours yes they can get repetitive. Like 90% of the jrpgs i have played. The cut-scenes are extremely well crafted but are few and the rest of the story unfolds with the typical jrpg dialogue windows. The characters graphics are really good representing the anime really well but the environments dont have good resolution and are a little blurry. Still the environments have lots of details and variety that counter the lack of resolution. The enemies are beautiful also -beautiful among monster that is- and have a good variety. After lots of hours everything can get repetitive, but lets be honest games with the greatest praises are repitive too after so many hours. In conclusion Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment is a good and fun action jrpg that can keep you company for many hours and since its a Vita exclusive you can play it in many different places. So have fun in Aincrad and dont mind the haters. Its not a perfect game but its definetly not bad either. Expand
  5. Aug 20, 2014
    awesomesauce... insert the good parts others have already said, yatta yatta, ditto and all that. love the game. ................................................ Expand
  6. Sep 5, 2014
    If you enjoy the anime you should have no problem with this game. I was really hesitant to buy this because I read so many complaints about the translation. I had only seen a few episodes of the series and with each episode I was pulled closer to buying the game. I don't find the dialog to be as bad as people let on. There are typos here and there and some grammar issues. But if you look at this as being a simulation of a MMO guess what? Those games when dealing with other players are full of bad grammar.

    The combat system is unique and takes some getting used to. The tutorials are important. The game guide is important. Again, in a real MMO there is a level of complexity that takes time to master. The story and characters are great. The emotions are well animated and the underlying Japanese dialog adds feeling to the game.

    The dating sim is a bit strange. The chat bubbles come across as nonsensical but it is a minor part of the game and it is easy to pick up on response patterns to get through it. I don't think this part of the game was intended to be actual dialog but more like thoughts or emotions coming across.

    Overall the game is fun to play and hard to put down. It does play more like an MMO at times and I enjoy that aspect. I find myself getting the same level of enjoyment as I did with Persona 4 Golden.
  7. Aug 23, 2014
    A weak entry in my Vita's colorful library. It suffers from inexcusable "Engrish" translations that range from confusing to cringe-inducing, and uncomfortable story sequences spawning from the game's attempt to incorporate "dating sim" / harem elements centered around the "married" main character. I find myself unqualified to determine if this is made better or worse by how fans will be used to this.

    That said, it is a solid dungeon crawler experience. It is possible to carry through the game avoiding optional challenges, the complexities of combat, and its upgrade systems... However those that find themselves spamming "O" will miss out on a semi-thrilling experience that comes from conquering high-level optional enemies through reaction-based inputs, well-thought-out set-ups, and a varied playstyle.

    The story sequences CAN be genuinely appealing to a broad audience when they avoid the harem/fanservicey pitfalls that ostracize any but the most accustomed players. Unfortunately this is only roughly 50% of the time.

    This score would easily jump 3 points with a translation that was a little more true to the story's script. Seriously. Did we hire a Japanese major undergrad and give him Google Translate and tell him to have at it, with no context for the story, characters, or sensitivity to tonal variation?

    That last point would be there if they could only change the story to make me feel a little more comfortable sharing it with anyone that isn't a die-hard SAO fan, with a high toleration for Japanese media's infamous harem and fanservice techniques.

    Once again, aside from that, it's decent. Anyone that has played games like 358/2 Days will feel at home with the graphics and (to a degree) combat.

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