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  1. Feb 7, 2014
    OVERALL: I’d say this game is a recommended purchase if you want a streamlined Lego experience that’s probably more akin to a high quality iOS/Android game than the open world game you’d get on the console. It looks great and still retains the humor you expect (it interweaves scenes from the movie). There’s a lot to unlock and there’s a lot of challenges that make an effort to breathe life into existing levels so you play them over and over again. If you’re expecting a console port, you’ll be very disappointed. If you want 10-15 minute levels with more time spent to beat specific level challenges, this is good for you.

    Long Review: I went to two different Gamestop stores. The first one didn’t get any. The second had one based on the number of pre-orders they had: none.

    The game itself plays a lot like the LEGO: Marvel – PlayStation Vita game. It’s isometric and it’s quite linear. It’s either get from point A to point B or to solve a few puzzles by using Item A with Item B. They mix it up with a few drag-and-drop mini-games too, like having a 3D model of a wrecking ball and dragging the correct piece to a spot from a selection of six pieces (example: place piece C into the slot). This breaks up the pace a little bit, but outside of that it’s pretty much the same ol’.

    The game is broken up into chapters and each chapter has three different levels. Inside each level has a dozen or so challenges, such as collecting 12,000 studs or finding the mini-kit. The levels always play the same, so the replay value comes from wanting to complete the challenges. Why would you want to complete the challenges? They offer unlockables for you to purchase with studs, such as new characters (who may have abilities you need to complete earlier challenges) or tools (which may have abilities you need to complete earlier challenges). The store itself becomes available after the first chapter. Completing a chapter also allows you to replay those three levels in “free play mode”.

    This is the core loop. Beat the levels. Unlock things. Go back to unlock more things.

    I actually like the linear path this game uses and how they’ve laid out the level progression and challenges. I don’t have a ton of time on my hands, so playing a level for more than 10-15 minutes at a time (like I remember in Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy – PlayStation 2) is really the only way I can enjoy the game realistically. There’s still the 90 or so characters I get to unlock and I’m looking forward to completing as many challenges as possible.

    I’ve read that the storyline in the game follows the movie quite closely, so if you haven’t seen it you should be ready for some spoilers.

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