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  1. Apr 12, 2012
    A decent Bejeweled clone with horrifically expensive micro-transactions and long load times, the Vita's first freemium title is a misplaced first step into the brave new world of free games on portables.
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  1. Apr 13, 2012
    Although I'm giving it a 3 - it's not all that bad, it's terribly cynical, and it's the kind of game that can damage the Vita's reputation... but as long as you're not sucked in to actually paying for anything - it's actually not a bad distraction for 10 minutes a day... there are worse things you can do with your time!
    Nice power-ups, clever features, but horrendously restrictive... almost to the verge of unplayable unless you do unlock everything... but ignore all of that, and it's 250mb of space that is better filled with this than being empty!
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  2. Aug 7, 2013
    There are many games like this. The power ups are good, but because there are hearts that need to refill, otherwise you can't play, makes the gameplay just suck. Full Review »
  3. Feb 24, 2013
    I enjoy this game. As far as freemium games go, the business model of this game is fair. The heart system (commonly known as energy in other freemiums) replenishes quickly. Also, you don't have to pay for crystals you get them easily enough. Treasures of Montezuma Blitz makes great use of the Vita's rear touch pad, which is something you don't see very often in Vita games. It also adds new game play elements to the original ToM which makes the game fun for people who have ToM experience in the past. The game uses a level up system which gives you unlocks and rewards This gives the game an addictive quality which is excellent. The only things that I don't like about the game is that it can be hard to know when you are in kicker mode and some of the trophies are ridiculous. For example, you are rewarded a silver trophy for playing the game 100 hours. Overall, I would say give this game a shot. Full Review »