Bushido Blade PlayStation
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  • Summary: "Bushido" is the soul of Japan - an ancient honor code deeply followed by samurai warriors for centuries.
    Plunge into real world battles across vast 3D environments that you can run, slice and tear through.
    Sword matches become unbelievably real where one critical blow is the
    mean difference between death and victory. Expand
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  1. Bushido Blade is a classic. The sequel for this fighter is already creating waves in Japan, so it shouldn't be too long before we're embroiled in an even more sophisticated adaptation of the most horrific of activities.
  2. More brutal than anything we've seen before on PlayStation, the open structure of the game and lack of energy bars are welcome additions to a genre which was frankly getting stale.
  3. This game is a definite winner and will make your blood pressure soar in excitement if you're a gamer who enjoys fighting. The realistic fighting, great graphics and entertaining story line deliver value for its price.
  4. The kind of game that comes along only once in a long while. By pushing the boundaries of gaming, it has secured a warm spot in my jaded reviewers heart.
  5. 80
    The most I can say for Bushido Blade is that, despite the fact that I bought this PSX title in mid-1998, when I was a fresh-faced young lad in my freshman year of high school, it STILL gets pulled down every few months for some more play. [Review Date: Sept 2005]
  6. Despite the problem of too much realism, I found that BB still keeps me playing. The relatively quick duels are addicting, even if many of them are determined by luck.
  7. Once you get to grips with the controls and get into a close fight it can get very exciting, and finishing an opponent with a perfectly-timed parry and counterattack is really satisfying. Unfortunately, most people won't want to spend the time it takes to get into Bushido Blade.

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  1. CharlesB.
    Nov 29, 2009
    I've always loved this game. A friend and I would play it for hours on end. If they could update it and bring it online it would be huge I imagine. The free roaming and interactive environments were outstanding for their time and the realistic sword fighting was terrific. Come on Square get to work on a new one!!! Expand