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  • Summary: Pilot the most technologically advanced shooter ever created. You're a suicide pilot up against Earth's final assault. Cut through hordes of enemy fighters and battle the most monstrous bosses ever designed. Pilot fully loaded tactical fighters. Modify speed and agility on the fly. Single, double, and triple gunpod designs. Extendible claw for stealing enemy weapons. Armed for gatling guns, homing missiles, cannons, and more. Two bonus fighters earned through meritorious battle. Expand
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  1. A masterful game. It is a game with non-stop action and can be pretty tough at times. All of this is combined with just enough of a brainwork requirement to make this game more interactive, hence more enjoyable.
  2. 95
    The graphics in Einhander are stunning. Before this I'd never seen 3D move so swiftly...Great graphics, high difficulty, lots of secrets, breathtaking CG, variety, and a killer soundtrack. There is honestly nothing more than I want out of a shooter than Einhander gives.
  3. Einhander is one of those games you never want to get rid of, because no matter how good you think you are, it's always a challenge. Combined with the audio and visual elements of this game, Einhander is nothing short of a great gaming experience!
  4. 90
    The foot-tapping techno music tracks accompany each stage perfectly, and the sound effects shine with a plethora of explosions and other sounds of destruction.
  5. 90
    Not only did Square 'rekindle' the side-scrolling genre with Einhander, but it has literally surpassed and set the standard - it's one of the best shooters I have ever played.
  6. This really is classic stuff. Most games of this ilk can be effortlessly breezed through within a couple of goes, but not this monster. Despite having ten continues as standard, you''ll lose them within the first three levels -- leaving vast chunks of unexplored terrain that''ll have you begging for extra credits. [JPN Import]
  7. And while the fruit of its efforts may not be the miracle this genre needs for a complete revival, it's just about as good as shooters get.

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Score distribution:
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  1. Dec 23, 2012
    This game is great. I first played it in 2000 on the PS1 and I've played it every now and then since then.

    Costs a pretty penny if you want
    to buy it nowadays. Expand

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