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  • Summary: Final Fantasy Origins delivers the first two games in the Final Fantasy series. Originally released in 1998 in Japan, Final Fantasy II never came to North America, but now RPG fans will be able to experience the emotion-packed sequel and its predecessor with all-new event scenes, enhanced graphics, and improved sound. Whether you're on a quest to recover a magical Crystal or on a journey to stop a merciless ruler, both games provide grand stories complemented with deep characterization and touching music. Expand
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  1. The sound is excellent and the music consists of lovely tunes typical of the series. [Apr 2003, p.85]
  2. If you can get pass the obvious dated graphics then you will be in for a serious treat.
  3. Unlike the later games, Final Fantasy II showcases the most involved learning and experience system of the series - all weapons, shields, and spells have some associated skill level in using them.
  4. 80
    Anthologies can be a sketchy business, but Final Fantasy Origins delivers the goods and shows that, even now, the current crop of high-gloss, tech tour-de-force games have ancestors that can and should be honored.
  5. 75
    Play this to understand where Final Fantasy, which has done so much for gaming in general, has come from. Play this to appreciate how good things were even back then, even if they aren't really the same. But if you want what you had before, save your cash. Time and gaming has moved on - even if I haven't fully.
  6. A no-brainer for anyone that enjoys RPGS.
  7. Pleasant graphically, but disturbing as a more complete experience.

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