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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 19
  2. Negative: 0 out of 19
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  1. 100
    The atmosphere is captured perfectly, the cinemas are perfectly interleaved with the action, really drawing you into Gabe's chaotic world.
  2. 100
    An action-packed espionage thriller, Syphon Filter’s intense gameplay combines with tight control and a slick style to deliver the PlayStation’s best third-person action game.
  3. 95
    The stealth aspect of Syphon Filter is fantastic. Pure bliss. "Metal Gear Solid" and "Goldeneye" fans will absolutely dig the many mission objectives just within a single level, which are sometimes split up into two or three different parts.
  4. I think 989 Studios did a great job in creating a realistic environment. It is almost like you are playing your own interactive movie.
  5. A wonderful game that manages to combine the action/mission based elements of "Goldeneye" with the military overtones of "MGS" into one slam blam package.
  6. With the perfect combination of all-out mass slaughtering and stealth missions, Syphon Filter is an unexpected gem that comes highly recommended.
  7. The game isn't terribly long, but the thrill of making your way through the levels makes the game seem longer than it really is.
  8. What especially impresses me is that although the presentation is smooth and competent, it is understated and lets the brilliant gameplay speak for itself.
  9. The one frustrating aspect of the title. The difficulty level. It starts out really easy and progresses to insanely difficult.
  10. This is easily the sleeper hit of the year with action that rivals the highest grossing action flicks. Mel Gibson watch out!
  11. "So this is what 'Metal Gear Solid' was trying to do." The level of immersion that this title provides is simply unparalleled in console gaming, and that is what makes the gameplay so spectacular.
  12. Despite the slight lack of originality and a couple of minor problems, Syphon Filter grabs you and doesn't let go.
  13. It shouldn't be confined to live under the shadow of the ["Metal Gear Solid"] because it is much more action-oriented in design. The bottom line is that Syphon Filter is an excellent slab of gaming goodness.
  14. Graphically this game is really well done. The PlayStation probably isn't going to get much better at this point.
  15. The enemy AI is great; perhaps the best part of the game. Enemies will roll, crouch, sidestep and run to evade your fire. They'll even attempt to sneak up and ambush you.
  16. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Gamers took to the hero Gabe Logan with such enthusiasm that the mere mention of the franchise name still gets folks excited. [Nov 2001, p.52]
  17. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    While tolerable at the time, should've been titled "Metal Gear Weak." Try again, sorry. [Jan 2004, p.189]
  18. The controls in this game are nothing for you to write home about, although they get the job done. The graphics in Syphon Filter are a mixed bag.
  19. It's derivative, yet brilliant; intrinsically flawed, but fantastically playable.

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#15 Most Discussed PS1 Game of 1999
#12 Most Shared PS1 Game of 1999
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  1. Apr 25, 2012
    It's One Of The Best Game I Played On Play Station 1 And Great Story Lines . And The Graphics Are Good In 1999 , Really Good Game .
  2. Jun 16, 2013
    When released on the PSone Syphon Filter provided an entertaining mix of stealth and action orientated gameplay. Unfortunately as with manyWhen released on the PSone Syphon Filter provided an entertaining mix of stealth and action orientated gameplay. Unfortunately as with many games of that era the graphics and controls don't really stand up when played today meaning that this is one game best left in the past. Full Review »
  3. KeithE.
    Mar 2, 2005
    The best shoot em up yet great selection of weapons great story lines.