The Mummy PlayStation
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  • Summary: Relive the action-packed theatrical experience of the mummy in your own living room! Journey back to the city of the dead, Humunaptra, to battle its evil residents, filled with the terrifying visual and sound effects of the movie, the spine-tingling adventures will captivate you into a world of discovery and fear. Are you brave enough to challenge the living dead and defeat Imphotep, the guardian mummy? Expand
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  1. And like the movie, the game begins to seem pointless after a while, which qualifies it as a rock-solid rental.
  2. Tack on a "Police Academy's" worth of god-awful zingers, third-grade-level dialogue, and "witty" remarks so sour they'd curdle milk, though, and you've got the makings of a highly playable, thick 'n' chunky piece of interactive fromage.
  3. The inclusion of different gameplay elements drag down what is otherwise an oftentimes surprisingly playable game.
  4. 55
    There are a good amount of weapons to pick up and use, there are tons of artifacts and power-ups, and it's got all of the trappings of a good adventure, just none of the imagination, good gameplay, or polish.
  5. A movie rip-off perpetrated by greedy execs who are certain that the people who enjoyed the movie will be intrigued enough to shell out for this stinker. No doubt the true Imhotep is presently trying to kick a hole in his sarcophagus lid to get at the Konami programmers who have blasphemed his name by attaching it to this abomination.
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  1. Sep 13, 2014
    Um dos piores jogos de sua geração. Jogabilidade truncada, aliada a péssimos controles e um dos piores sistemas de posicionamento de câmera já visto. Quase todos os jogos baseados em filmes são ruins este não foge a regra. Expand