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  • Summary: Coconut Dodge features two modes of play. The default mode is ideal for casual players interested in a quick and fun "game-on-the-go"; the Maze Master mode is primarily targeted at the hardcore audience willing to explore each level to its fullest by applying strategy, wits, and perseverance on a quest to reach a specific number of points before the end of each level. In this mode there is a specific pattern of movement that can be memorized and mastered with enough experience and quick thinking, and this is where Coconut Dodge really excels: beneath its visually simple façade is a hard nut to crack as the game is loaded with addicting and varied gameplay. The in-game tutorial is highly recommended to all audiences as it explains the various Power-Ups and their use within the game. Expand
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  1. 100
    This is the perfect example of how a MiNi has to be. It is simple, but with great gamplay, it looks good and the most important thing: it full of fun! One of the best MiNiS you can get.
  2. Coconut Dodge is an excellent mini for an excellent price. Do. Not. Miss. It.
  3. Gameplay here is simple, but it definitely has that "one more go" feel about it to see if you can get further than you ever have in the main game.
  4. This game grows on you in a curious way and winds up with you in furious determination to get 'just one level further this time'.
  5. Finally a PSP mini where the developers add another update to please the gamer. Diligent and favorable! This game is addictive but doesn't offer variety. Solid game, little price.
  6. 70
    And that's the thing, really. You'll either really like Coconut Dodge for the addictive score-chase, or you'll be bored with it's one mechanic. Buy accordingly.
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  1. Positive: 16 out of 16
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