• Publisher: Konami
  • Release Date: Sep 18, 2007

Mixed or average reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 20
  2. Negative: 4 out of 20
  1. It seems that the developers at Creat have gotten the balance just right with Contagion and served up a slice of fun pie. It may be a small slice, but it's a tasty one nonetheless.
  2. This looks sharp and, most importantly, feels good as you pull the trigger. [May 2008, p.115]
  3. If you can appreciate old-school first person shooters, where enemies weren't expected to have the best survival instincts, then the single player mode is still worth the time it takes to play through it. [May 2007, p.66]
  4. This is nothing more than a cobbled together batch of decade-old FPS conventions and cliches. There's just not much heart and soul in this game, and the stiff mechanics don't work well enough to make you overlook its weakness. [May 2007, p.96]
  5. Simple, repetitive gaming, that offers immediate fun, but little real substance. [June 2008, p.91]
  6. Get ready to live the glamorous life of a military security agent, with great benefits, adventure, l33t hacking and rote levels and enemies that leave you stumbling around with a profound sense of deja vu.
  7. Coded Arms: Contagion is a by-the-numbers first-person shooter that does nothing poorly, but nothing particularly well, either.
  8. Sadly, the uninspiring action, lack of story and scantily designed levels will leave you wishing there was more to this game that isn’t horrible but not great either.
  9. 60
    The game works and I got a minor amount of satisfaction completing higher level missions in the story mode. However, The clunky menus, gun fire that sounds like a woodpecker trapped in a metal trash can, and freeze-framing of the character in the middle enemy assaults are just more examples in which there just wasn't enough effort put into Contagion.
  10. 58
    Just wholly uninspired. You'll never feel connected to the major (Does he die when he dies in A.I.D.A.?), the enemies (Are these real people or AI like Agent Smith?) or the game (Why am I playing this?).
  11. Coded Arms: Contagion just doesn't do enough from its predecessors to really stand out. From the awkward control scheme to the lack of diversity among stages and adversaries, there isn't really anything extraordinary to take out of the experience.
  12. The dull gameplay and generic storyline is not enough to save this falling franchise.
  13. And I'm somewhere in the middle, because even though Contagion does have an interesting techno facade and a completely tolerable control scheme, it still feels like every shooter I've ever played. [June 2007, p.95]
  14. The random levels are gone, but the blandness remains. [June 2008, p.84]
  15. Unfortunately, in a genre where players expect the newest games to completely blow them away (pun intended), Coded Arms: Contagion's run-of-the-mill FPS action just doesn't impress.
  16. Do your part to stop the spread of Coded Arms Contagion and its uninspired strain of first-person action. Crippled controls and multiplayer malaise prove far too potent against its beautiful looks.
  17. Contagion is further proof that Coded Arms is a shallow series.
  18. There is nothing to set this apart from every other mediocre first-person shooter you've ever played, and nothing to make it worth recommending.
  19. At this rate, Konami should just delete the series and hope that whatever's wrong with Contagion isn't actually contagious. [June 2007, p.82]
  20. 40
    Coded Arms: Contagion might stave off boredom for a while with its relatively attractive engine, recycled hacking mechanics and obsessive upgrading, but its virtually pointless encounters and drab, forgettable air conspire to make it little more than fodder for buyer's remorse.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 27 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 2
  2. Negative: 1 out of 2
  1. Jan 8, 2012
    Same Same Same Same,then again Same Same Same Same. Coded Arms Contagion still didn`t make their promises to make a good game And Entirely Forgettable Map because of randomly generated map. Full Review »