Generally favorable reviews - based on 67 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 67
  2. Negative: 2 out of 67
  1. It plays like a dream, blurring the lines between both genres that it covers much more than any other game. And it looks the part too, as it is easily the best looking handheld game you'll see to date, along with God of War.
  2. 95
    It's so hard not to like Crisis Core because it does so many things right. [Apr 2008, p.76]
  3. 94
    What makes Crisis Core so great isn't just one thing, it is many things. The presentation is the best I have seen on the PSP; the gameplay is simple and addictive with a great twist on the traditional JRPG, and the story is emotional and fulfilling.
  4. Just like saying you wouldn't date Cindy Crawford because of her mole, refusing to play Crisis Core based on these small issues amounts to simply being overly nitpicky.
  5. It doesn't matter who you are, if you own a PSP, you owe it to yourself to pick up this title. And if you don't own one, yes, Crisis Core and a few others will certainly make it worthwhile.
  6. With an incredible plot and accessible gameplay this is an instant classic. Brilliant. [June 2008, p.66]
  7. Not only is Crisis Core one of the best looking PSP games on the market today, but it also marks the best spin-off Final Fantasy title that has come out of Square's big Final Fantasy VII Compilation effort, easily blowing away such dredge as "Dirge of Cerberus."
  8. PSP fans, rejoice. This is the killer-app that you have been waiting for; the game which will send PSP units worldwide flying off the shelves - just like what Final Fantasy VII did for the original PlayStation.
  9. The simplicity and the gambling factor of the DMW are what make the gameplay so appealing. It’s fast, easy, addictive and perfectly suited to a portable experience.
  10. It may have its pros and cons, but its pros are so wonderfully abundant tht it really doesn't matter. A fine, fine game. [June 2008, p.90]
  11. Crisis Core is more than a nostalgia trip for FFVII fans - it's a fresh and exciting game in its own right, and arguably the single most impressive application of the PSP's power.
  12. The familiar soundtrack, environments and fleshing out of back story will delight the game's fanatical army of followers. More importantly, however, is that Crisis Core's overall quality makes it a must buy for all PSP owners, whether you're into your materia or not.
  13. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best games on the PSP and possibly the best-looking.
  14. As opposed to previous spin offs in the Final Fantasy series, Crisis Core is actually a fantastic adventure in it’s own right. The presentation is amongst the best you’ll find on a portable system, as is the story and characters. As a prologue to the events in FFVII this is as much a fan service as it is a great place to start for the uninitiated. One of the best games to grace the PSP platform so far.
  15. An exciting and poignant journey that every fan of role-playing games should take.
  16. Even without the Final Fantasy VII moniker, Crisis Core would still be a great action-RPG game on the PSP. However, the game actually adds to the original’s universe, making it a title that fans will definitely want to check out.
  17. Crisis Core is a full, complete, dignified game. [Apr 2008, p.65]
  18. I was starting to get worried that maybe Final Fantasy VII just shouldn't be revisited with some of the previous games, but Crisis Core blows any doubt out of the water. Get this game, and then join us in praying for a PS3 remake.
  19. 90
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a game that every PSP owner should go out and buy.
  20. With amazing graphics, an intriguing new combat model and one of the best RPG stories I've experienced in years, Crisis Core may just be the game that makes you completely forget about God of War: Chains of Olympus!
  21. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a game that should surprise everybody whoever plays it for all the right reasons. It’s terrific fan service to those who love Final Fantasy VII and the series in general.
  22. This is the kind of game that makes us think, “why aren’t there any more PSP games as stunning as this”?
  23. 90
    It's taken far too long for non-American, English speaking gamers to get their hands on Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. But the good news is, largely Square Enix has managed to live up to incredibly high expectations.
  24. Crisis Core stops being a simple Final Fantasy spin-off immediately and may stand as one of the best releases for the series on a handheld.
  25. Those who aren't alread obsessed with Final Fantasy VII may disagree, but I for one am grateful for the depth Crisis Core has added to the FFVII universe and wholeheartedly recommend it to fans and newcomers alike. [May 2008, p.64]
  26. 90
    Crisis Core is a triple-A tour de force with enough panache and stylistic flavor to infuse your PSP with enough mako energy to last you ten lifetimes.
  27. It is a must buy for all Final Fantasy fans and a terrific starting point for anyone who hasn't been lucky enough to play the original Final Fantasy VII.
  28. Crisis Core has everything a Final Fantasy VII fan would ever want: reams of backstory and exposition about Zack, hours of fun gaming in a familiar universe for a handheld console that causes horrible hand cramps, and most importantly of all, a decent excuse for everyone to revisit Midgar.
  29. 87
    An excellent RPG. Incredibly well paced with a touching and sometimes amusing story, and a great levelling-up/combat system, though you do get the feeling you'd enjoy it more if it was on the PS2. [Issue#167, p.90]
  30. For me Crisis Core was the only reason to get a PSP. And I wasn’t disappointed: Crisis Core is the best followup to Final Fantasy VII yet. Only the sometimes boring side missions and the stubborn camera have to be criticized. Buy and enjoy!
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 325 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 96 out of 113
  2. Negative: 8 out of 113
  1. Feb 15, 2014
    Ah, the PSP - still one of my favorite consoles. Still almost always in my pocket, always loaded with something awesome I can enjoy. I can clearly recall the surprise when I got it as a gift... and I recall the thirst to get this game. Crisis Core was the first game I sought out for my brand new PSP. I had just gotten into the Final Fantasy series, and I liked what I was seeing (though I believe I had not played anything yet). Sadly, the only FF available was the FF1 remake, which in my opinion hasn't aged that well, but that's for another time.
    Almost two years later I ordered the game online and when I received it I hardly could wait to get home and put the UMD in. My Final Fantasy craze was still in it's heat, and since Final Fantasy 7 was one of my favorites, and Zack was my-second best favorite character (next to Vincent), it was like a match made in heaven - a Square Enix game, in 3D, portable, with an awesome story and character to boot, and it wasn't a JRPG - perfect blend, just my type. And you know what? Looking back at my golden days of free-time, gaming, and back when the PSP was my only console - this game is the one I remember loving the most, and out of all my PSP games I think this is actually my favorite, because the time spent with it was pure joy to the extent that I don't ever want to play it again, because it might ruin the memory.
    Graphically, everyone by now knows that this game is one of the best looking games on the system - almost no pixelation, beautiful animations and very high-detailed sprites. Some of the environmetns and dungeons seem a bit uninspired, but that's no biggie at all in comparison to the overall picture. The translation is noticably a bit hit and miss, so is the voice acting, but for the most part - it's awesome. The cinematics in this game are insanely good - on a level only Blizzard and Square Enix could achieve nowadays (in my opinion).
    Not only does it look great - it sounds great. Most of the OST of this game is still on my MP3 player and I find myself listening to "The Price of Freedom" and "The Summoned" pretty often, and for good reason. Renowned composer Takeharu Ishimoto has delivered some of the best soundtracks in gaming history and it's always an honor to listen to him in a good game.
    Now, to be frank, this game's story probably isn't as good as I remember. But I do remember the shocking moments of it being really unexpected and the narrative being well told, though a little slow at times. This story is part of the giant ark that is Final Fantasy 7 and it does the overall story justice. Since it is a prequel to FF7's story, ti can be enjoyed anyone without ruining the movie or the other games, and veteran fans of FF7 will love seeing the relationships of their favorite characters. To be honest, I consider Crisis Core's story a bit better than FF7's - it doesn't try to be that epic, and in the end - it ends up packing a slightly bigger punch.
    The gameplay of this game is the hardest thing to comment on - it cannot be easily summed up and you would best understand it if you play it. It seems highly overcomplicated when you think about it, but it's one of those things you learn to do without even noticing really quick and in the end - it can be quite rewarding. This time around the battle system is active - no waiting around, no turn-based combat - almost full action. Your actions are somewhat limited to a slot-machine mechanism, and though it sounds a bit luck-based - it's not that big of a deal. The only downside I've found in the gameplay that drove me really mad in some points was the fact that the random encounters are still here and still annoying. But the good fact is, that the game is not so grindy - I hardly had to grind, and since the battle system flows much faster - grinding would hardly be that big of a chore.
    Overall, this game is amazing. I've often pondered which is my favorite PSP game. I could say Ghost of Sparta, because I really think it is the best God of War game, I could also safely say Dissidia 012 - another brilliant and content-packed Final Fantasy game from Square, but none of those games take me back to pure joy and wonder as Crisis Core. I suppose I am a bit santimental over it, but I trust it is for good reason. Also, I have to point out, that the ending of this game is one of the best directed and executed finales in all of gaming. I'd advise you reach it, if you have a PSP. This game shouldn't be missed, no matter if you are a FF fan or not - this game isn't restricting as your typical JRPG. It's almost sold out now and it's become quite rare - I assure, it's for very good reason. I should give this game a 9/10, because it has it's flaws. But I'm going to let this one slide just because of my memories. Forgive me, dear reader, but I suggest you play it too and see that even you would let one point slide at the end, even if it isn't a 10/10 for you - this game requires respect for good reason.
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  2. Jan 28, 2014
    One of the best character of final fantasy series Zack Fair.Game was really good especially cutscenes and story.Quality is good enough for psp i guess. Full Review »
  3. Jan 23, 2014
    This is an amazing game. The combat system is simple, but it suits the storyline quite well. This is a story driven game with a lot of cinematic cut scenes. After skipping the pointless side quest missions, this game won't be very long. It's definitely worth the time spent and anyone with access to a PSP won't regret playing through it. Full Review »