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  • Summary: For centuries, all was peaceful...until a fierce Black Dragon suddenly appeared and destroyed the capital city, Granadis. Valen, freshly graduated from Dragoon school, must now ensure the safety of the world's six dragons and try to track down the evil Black Dragon. Follow his adventure to save the world. [NIS America] Expand
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  1. There's so much to do, and so much depth in this game. [Aug 2007, p.69]
  2. 70
    Even with the dime-a-dozen characters and plot, it was still an enjoyable romp on the PSP.
  3. Dragoneer's Aria misses the mark in critical categories, especially in light of recent competition. You can do far worse than Dragoneer's, that's for sure...but with Brave Story out, you can now do far better.
  4. 55
    The flawed implementation of energy and mana as well as the interminably slow battle mechanics really drags down the game.
  5. If you can forgive the game its worst weaknesses and have the Japanese voice track turned on, Dragoneer's Aria can be a decent way to waste a few hours at a time as you slog through the hemorrhaging plot. But don't expect it to be easy even with the bland combat.
  6. 50
    All things taken into account, the game turned out to be a huge disappointment. Being a mish-mash of games I had played before in the past, the integration of different aspects of these popular games in the genre did not bring this saga any justice.
  7. There are far better examples on the PSP all of which don’t have you suffer through terrible dialogue, monotonous battling and mind numbingly slow gameplay.

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