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  • Summary: Ferocious beasts and monsters have invaded your lands! Delve deep underground and create a grand dungeon to lure the evil and vanquish it forever. Action RPG/Simulation Hybrid - This title captures the unique and enjoyable mix of dungeon creation and monster slashing into one, creating a unique experience unlike anything else on the market. Fast, Blistering Action with RPG Elements - All battles occur in real time, allowing continuous action that won’t slow down the game. Choose from a variety of attack types (over 450 different weapons to choose from), including melee, ranged and magical, all of which have a different effect. Choosing the right combination of attacks for the right situation can either spell victory or defeat! Dungeon Design - Carve out a dungeon and delve deeper into the ground using simple, intuitive controls. Strategically layout and improve your dungeon to lure monsters and vanquish them to earn valuable assets, such as spells, gold and treasure. With over 90 different parts to choose from, the only limit to your creation is your imagination. Items, Missions and More - With over 700 items, 90 quests, 150 different monsters, countless spells and recipes, Dungeon Maker 2 is full of content and replay-ability. Dungeon Exchange - Trade your customized dungeon with friends and show off your dungeon creation skills. Explore each other’s dungeons and see what kind of monsters and treasures they have defeated and obtained. Anything you find in their dungeon can be brought back and used in your dungeon, giving this feature limitless potential. [UFO Interactive] Collapse
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  1. 80
    Though it's hardly a looker, and really isn't a game that can be played with any real progress for less than a few hours at a time, Dungeon Maker II is absolutely, positively addictive as hell.
  2. If you let it, Dungeon Maker II: The Hidden War can be a habit-forming title. Gathering the necessary components and designing and tailoring dungeons is great fun, and running around slaying whatever decides to come live in them provides a whole different incentive to stick with it. While some areas of the game are hit-or-miss, the solid core gameplay is what will keep players coming back for more.
  3. Fortunately for those craving a new portable RPG, those flaws aren't game-breaking, and if the dungeon-building concept piques your interest(you can share the dungeons you create, too), the game's shortcomings are easy to ignore. [Apr 2009, p.81]
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