Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 29
  2. Negative: 3 out of 29
  1. Even if the game had been optimized more and some of the mechanics streamlined, this game would be a hard sell for most gamers. But, for those looking for a deep and challenging strategy title, Generation of Chaos will fit the bill.
  2. If you have the patience for a large scale strategy game with depth, and you can deal with the steep learning curve, Generation of Chaos will provide you with plenty of engaging gameplay.
  3. Suffice to say that this is a very complex game. For a statistician or a strategy/tactics aficionado, particularly fans of Disgaea-like games which nearly drown players in stats and quirks, Generation of Chaos will be well-received.
  4. All positives are undone by nasty technical problems like huge load times, slower than snail mail gameplay, and a story that wouldn’t hold the attention of a lobotomized bag lady.
  5. Generation of Chaos delivers real-time strategy thrills on the go; but Disgaea fans be warned: this is not turn-based tactics!
  6. For the most part, players become spectators in their own war, forced to play only the tiniest of roles in the successes and defeats of their armies. [Apr 2006, p.72]
  7. 70
    I think most people will find Generation of Chaos too tough to get into and end up overwhelmed by the amount of things they can do before they ever get settled into their own style of play.
  8. 70
    A true gem of a game buried in some questionable menus and a sloppy interface.
  9. While the complexity of Generation of Chaos could have been a positive for the game, without a gentle learning curve and in-game assistance, the complexity turns out to be a negative factor for the game, restricting the fun that can be had with the game.
  10. This isn’t a game for those who don’t like to work hard, and I’d recommend this to college students/graduates looking for a fun, extremely deep and complex turn-based strategy game with infinite replay-ability.
  11. 67
    Generation of Chaos has a bunch of cool ideas, but a bulk of the appeal lies buried underneath a confusing interface and a poorly designed menu system.
  12. While the game can be fun, and is very unique, the difficulty in truly understanding the game will more than likely turn away most gamers.
  13. Generation of Chaos is a unique and interesting strategy game that manages to be somewhat enjoyable despite its technical shortcomings and exceedingly steep learning curve.
  14. Sadly enough, the game has all the right elements but it’s too hard to ignore flaws do a great job of overshadowing the good stuff. This is not a bad game, just a poorly designed one.
  15. 65
    What little action there is to see is so far out of your controllable scope that you'll watch the battles simply to delude yourself into thinking there is something worth watching in the game.
  16. Turn-based tactics types will adore this if they persevere with it. [Nov 2007, p.84]
  17. But Generation of Chaos is too chaotic and takes an entire generation to play. Most folks will opt for something faster and easier to love.
  18. Ugly and complex, it's a game you'd best play only if you absolutely adore tactical RPGs.
  19. As good as it gets on PSP in the strategy department, but even if it's the only game in town, it's not worth picking up unless you're desperate or willing to tolerate numerous gameplay and technological hassles along the way.
  20. A game aimed squarely at the hardcore SRPG fans out there, misses out on capturing the mass appeal by a LONG shot. It might be the PSPs first RPG, but it seems to echo the first efforts on the PS one and PS2 in that it's only mildly amusing.
  21. Generation is simple in a way that requires dozens of obtuse concepts to be learned with little justification. It simply isn't a good game, and it is definitely the weakest game in NIS America's lineup.
  22. Ultimately, the momentum needed to truly get Generation Of Chaos in motion is an enormous commitment, and it's a game that just - only just, by the skin of those teeth that need to be pulled - manages to offer enough of a reward to make the investment worthwhile. [June 2006, p.96]
  23. There may be a very deep and interesting strategy game laying somewhere within Generation of Chaos, but you're going to have to work to find it. [May 2006, p.111]
  24. 50
    Here's the major problem: You're only allowed to control the main commander during the skirmishes. When you're not issuing seemingly useless orders to your head honcho, you're forced to sit and watch your nameless grunts swing wildly until they eventually hit something (the enemy, if you're lucky).
  25. Like that hot chick at the bar - good looking but boring after five minutes. [Apr 2006, p.95]
  26. 50
    If you're playing for the satisfaction of building up power and conquering territory, or for the unique experience of, say, creating a badass platoon of headless knights and running across a friendly vampire bat to stick by their side in battle, you'll probably be able to ignore the game's problems and focus on your accomplishments within the game.
  27. 40
    By no means a completely wasted effort, just one that fails to live up to its alluring potential.
  28. While it's deep, it's one of the most confusing, user-unfriendly games I've ever experienced.
  29. I'm sure there's a small cadre of super-hardcore math majors into intricate medieval costume drama and puzzling out the mysteries of Generation of Chaos, but I'm not one of them.

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