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  • Summary: Vice City, 1984. Opportunity abounds in a city emerging from the swamps, its growth fueled by the violent power struggle in a lucrative drugs trade. Construction is everywhere as a shining metropolis rises from foundations of crime and betrayal. As a soldier, Vic Vance always protected his dysfunctional family, his country, himself. One bad decision later and that job is about to get much harder. Kicked out onto the streets of a city between glamour and gluttony, Vic is faced with a stark choice - build an empire or be crushed. [Rockstar Games] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 46 out of 50
  2. Negative: 0 out of 50
  1. Not only is this the greatest game on PSP, it also leaves a large percentage of the PS2 back catalogue looking ordinary. But it right now. [Dec 2006, p.76]
  2. While Vice City Stories is just as important a chapter in the GTA saga as any, it's another re-tread of the ageing GTA3 game engine. The missions feel familiar and so do the driving and the save system - they're all remnants of a six-year-old game, after all. Upstart "Scarface" feels fresher...But this is top-drawer entertainment. [Dec 2006, p.68]
  3. Like last year's game, VCS impresses like few other games on the PSP. [Jan. 2007, p.90]
  4. Either way, if you enjoyed most GTA games but felt like Liberty City Stories was just missing a few too many features, then you'll really get into GTA Vice City Stories.
  5. What VCS does to make things a bit more interesting when off the beaten path of the core story missions is to introduce a new gameplay dynamic in the form of an Empire building system.
  6. An improvement over its predecessor in almost every area and as such the new lord of free-roaming gangster simulations – there's nothing to match it on PSP. But the narrative feels a little undercooked.
  7. The pressure of following in the footsteps of one of the console’s greatest successes seems to have removed any sense of humour from the game.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 29
  2. Negative: 3 out of 29
  1. Nov 7, 2011
    This is one of the best games on the PSP because it has so much to do. The missions are so great that you'll want to replay the missions more than once. The open world is also large and fun to explore. Expand
  2. AndrewM.
    Dec 2, 2006
    Absolute brilliant game, excellent graphics, great gameplay and a huge amount of thing to do and thats not even including the story missions. Story line is very good with loads of missions to get through, this game in my opinion makes the PSP worth having and could only be topped by San Andreas Stories or sumtin along that lines. All in all great came would recommend to any one. Oh yeah theres loads of vehicles to choose from too. Expand
  3. NadeemZ.
    Jul 3, 2008
    I like Vice City Stories on PSP.This is the best game I've ever played on any system besides San Andreas. And even then it's better in other ways; no gangsta vibe here, plus the 90's sucked compared to the 80's. It has a deep, realistic, almost sad plot while still retaining a sense of humor. This also has the best soundtrack I've ever heard in a videogame. Also, while I wouldn't give this to anyone under 13, there is nowhere near as much cursing as there was in SA. All in all Great Game! Expand
  4. Jan 8, 2013
    This Grand Theft Auto Vice can't inch up to the original which was a thrill, But Vice City Stories can't make a perfection. In Vice the missions are easy and hard and has a leveled difficulty. However, Vice City Stories has it mixed up. On the half part of the game it is easy a part of the start is easy and a part of the start is hard and some time after Mission 37 its hard but at mission 45 its easy. The graphics are good but the sunset bugs when in a mission because the light heads to you. Its generally kind of a equal but mostly a game that needs a few tweaks. Expand
  5. AlecB.
    Nov 7, 2006
    The game was very thought out and had a fun and great story line to it unlike the last gta that came out for the psp. the character, the story line, the action. the city, and the sweet 80s music make this game a kick ass show. Expand
  6. Mooj
    Nov 7, 2006
    Great game, many improvements. Its great that you can drive boats, swim and drive helicopters. However, as much as I'd hate to say it (and this is coming from someone who has owned EVERY GTA since the day they were first released [including the PC original]), the games are becoming stale. The missions seems very similar, the weapons remain the same, many cars are used over and over. I think the real problem lies in the omitting of online infrastructure mode, however. All that aside, Rockstar has nailed the Vice City map and still made an excellent game. Sure it has it's flaws, but it still is a great game and I would recommend picking this one up ASAP. Expand
  7. FreddieR.
    Dec 11, 2006
    GTA games are all the same and are getting more duller in every one they make this is the worst of them all.

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