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  • Summary: (Also known as "Guilty Gear X2 # Reload" It has been a week since the world has heard from the small Eastern European kingdom of Villtania. As scattered reports from the Villtanian refugees who have fled the country dribble in, the world is hearing a horror-filled tale of devastation by monsters and biogeocenosis experiments summoned for war and world domination by Villtania's leading scholar, and self-described sorcerer, Raimond. The once beautiful Villtanian countryside now runs red with the blood of its people. The United Nations have declared an international emergency and while unable to commit any of the world's armies to this strange, supernatural conflict, they have offered a huge reward to any hot-shot mercenaries or hunters brave enough to take on theses monsters from another dimension and restore order to Villtania. Warriors from around the world, some for the sake of justice, others for money, have stood up and gathered in the Villtanian battle field. Now, a new war has begun. Expand
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  1. Although Guilty Gear Judgment was recently released in the U.S., it's well worth paying a little more to get the import, since the U.S. version contains Guilty Gear XX #Reload, the previous entry, instead of Guilty Gear XX Slash.
  2. The main problem Guilty Gear Judgment has is that it is already outdated or replaceable.
  3. If you're any sort of fan of 2D games and crazy-ass violence, you owe yourself a crack at this one.
  4. If you like 2D beat-em-ups, and you're hungry for a good one, you really can't go wrong with Guilty Gear Judgment.
  5. The combination of fighting game accoutrements such as combos, psych bursts, and overdrive attacks coupled with traditional arcade action gameplay is surpisingly appealing on a portable system. [Sept 2006, p.64]
  6. If you're an arcade stick purist, or even if you are a high-level player who uses a standard controller, the PSP hardware is far too flawed to allow for perfect gameplay. See this as a portable training ground for the home or arcade versions.
  7. Frantic, violent and definitely worth a bash. [Nov 2007, p.112]

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