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  • Summary: [PSP Minis] Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 comes to PlayStation Portable and PSP go minis! Follow a thrilling story in Quest Mode - main characters of the graphic novel embark their adventurous journey while you earn artifacts to help them out. You’ll enjoy intuitive tile-matching action, easy to learn controls and multi-level zoom navigation. Depending on your proficiency you’ll be able to hide or reveal locked tiles, undo your last actions, shuffle tiles on the board and get a hint when you can’t find the right pair. If you especially appreciate look&feel, you’ll love to have Mahjongg Artifacts 2 on your glossy PSP: the game offers gorgeous graphics, rich audio, beautiful backgrounds and variety of tile-sets featuring traditional styles of different countries. [G5 Entertainment] Expand
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  1. The graphics are rather typical for a game of this style, the controls are a bit iffy when you’re trying to navigate towards a specific tile with just the d-pad, but it’s nice to have a mahjong game readily available on the XMB and this is as good as you’ll need.
  2. 72
    Manages to mix a story mode with the tile matching to surprisingly good effect. [Issue#188, p.87]
  3. Look, it's mahjong. This isn't the next big thing. It's a fun, casual game that will fill in the gaps between your action games and hardcore role-playing games in your PSP library. It's a great road trip game, with its 100 game boards and various game modes. I can wholeheartedly say that it's worth the $3.99 asking price...if you like mahjong.
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