Generally favorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 19
  2. Negative: 0 out of 19
  1. It doesn’t take the psychic powers of Prof. X or Dr. Strange to predict that a pulse-pounding, butt-kicking, mask-wearing adventure is in your immediate future. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is a no-brainer purchase for any self-respecting Marvel fan.
  2. Unlike most handheld ports, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance offers more than most console versions of the game do, with more bonus characters and play modes than even the next-gen offerings.
  3. 89
    Every piece of the game is well-executed, and given the PSP's exclusive gameplay modes, it is easily the best version of the game for anyone who's not going to fault the PSP's inability to match the Xbox 360's graphical power.
  4. The failings of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which rob it of achieving videogame immortality, are far outweighed by the novelty of playing a game with so many comic book characters all in one game. It’s addictive fun!
  5. The game includes tons of gameplay, a plethora of Marvel characters, a great presentation, and successfully balances the action and RPG elements, while letting players choose just how much they want to micromanage.
  6. A chaotic ride through the Marvel world. Exciting, fun and even moreso when you play with friends.
  7. Raven improves upon the great work it did with the X-Men Legends games, creating a lengthy adventure that touches upon nearly every last corner of the Marvel Universe.
  8. While the game does take advantage of the PSP’s networking abilities, some of the limitations really show up here, such as the lack of a second analog nub. Still, the controls aren’t too bad once you get used to them.
  9. 81
    One of those games that doesn’t have a ton of faults, yet isn’t among the true classics of gaming. Despite a few welcome wrinkles to combat and character customization, this is pretty much the same game we’ve seen before.
  10. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is certainly worth picking up. With an adequate campaign and more playable comic book characters than you can shake a stick at, plus bonus side missions for all of them, you’re definitely getting more than what you paid for.
  11. A vast improvement over the "X-Men" titles, although some may find it a little too simplistic. [Feb 2007, p.83]
  12. Non-stop beat-‘em-up combat. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is unquestionably the best action/RPG available for PSP. It’s exciting, addictive, and very well paced.
  13. Overall, Ultimate Alliance is entertaining no matter which version you decide to play. [Jan. 2007, p.80]
  14. 80
    This is the best comic-book beat-em-up from Activision to date, with a huge list of characters to choose from, many villains to defeat, and the ability to go at it solo or with friends.
  15. Sure, the levels and even the gameplay get a bit repetitive at times, but there is always great action and the potential to share that action with your friends, and that is what really make this game rise above its predecessors and a total joy to play.
  16. The PSP version's framerate is almost universally choppy, but it is exact same game (and a little more, level-wise).
  17. 75
    If you only snag one copy of this game this year, the PSP version is definitely more than worth your money.
  18. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance indulges those of use with itchy button mashing fingers by giving us the opportunity to smack around a myriad of bad guys with our favorite superheroes.
  19. This is definitely the greatest example of comic book fan-service ever conceived, but the gamer side of my brain has too many issues with the title to let it off the hook for those reasons alone.
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  1. Jan 14, 2013
    There's a few things that let the package down, but Marvel: Ultimate Alliance isn't anything short of amazing. The main draw here is the character managing; a leveling up system for your heros which includes managing items, levels, stats and your team abilitys. This is extremely addictive and will keep you coming back regularly. Once you get to the end of the game and you have your pretty much unstoppable hero. Its an amazing game, once it kicks off. The game is very slow to get started and figure out how to do everything. The story here is pretty solid. It'll give you reason for doing this actions and there's plenty of choices to be made that will effect the end outcome in the end of the game. You won't even notice you make the decisions. If you're an **** throughout the game by the end you'll have an apocalyptic future which really had no major link to the main story. But luckily you'll be able to travel around the game world undoing your wrongs. The only big issues I have with this game is the graphics and the slow pace of the story. But both emend themselves by the end of the game. Full Review »