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  • Summary: Once again taking control of the liquid Mercury 'blob', players must avoid various obstacles and hazards to reach the end goal. The Mercury blob itself has now been given an overhaul and has 4 varying 'states' – Normal, Solid, Fast and Slow. These states allow for larger more complex levels, which in turn mean a greater challenge and more enjoyment to be had for the player. The number of levels has more than doubled – now 160+, and with the newly added feature of Downloadable Content more levels will be made available at a later date. Wireless 2 Player modes have also been an important addition, with 5 sub games each providing a challenge against the computer or a friend. [Ignition Entertainment] Expand
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  1. An endlessly inventive and incredibly addictive game.
  2. As it is, it's a beautifully made, unique, and sadly under-the-radar title; it's exactly the sort of unique experience the PSP needs, and something I can't imagine the DS quite matching (sorry, Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll).
  3. Success, however, is equally rewarding, as gameplay quickly becomes absolutely addicting. [jan. 2007, p.83]
  4. There's a good variety of puzzles, and don't be fooled by the cutesy looks; this is one neat but very hardcore puzzler. [Nov 2006, p.82]
  5. Mercury has always seemed like a great fit for the PSP, and Meltdown improves on an already impressive game.
  6. While it may be exactly the same as Mercury at heart, there’s enough extra content to make it interesting. [Nov 2006, p.124]
  7. After finishing playing it for this review I promise I'll never play this game again and that speaks volumes, sadly.

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