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  1. 91
    Fantastic fun converted perfectly to Sony's handheld. All the Metal Slug you could ever want. [Issue #150, p.86]
  2. The games that are presented on Metal Slug Anthology are a marvel of art and design. There are, frequently, excruciatingly tough but all of their peaks are surmountable by the persistent and/or the talented.
  3. Metal Slug Anthology is already a tremendous deal for your money, and the fact that it's portable makes it all the sweeter, especially since you can save the game when you quit and return to where you left off.
  4. A complete package for any fan of the addictive shooter even with the annoying load times that show up often. Still, it’s hard to ignore the action-packed collection that is still just as fun as the day you plucked that first quarter in the arcades.
  5. For good or for bad, it is the small price we must pay for getting what is otherwise such a great collection of games in convenient travel size. [Jan. 2007, p.80]
  6. If you are the type of person to get easily flustered, stay away from the Metal Slug Anthology because it will eat you and your entire family for breakfast and pass you all by lunch.
  7. Metal Slug Anthology is the ultimate collection of the seven most intense run-and-gun video games ever made.
  8. The breakneck action of SNK's playfully over-the-top military shooter series makes for a great fit on the PSP, despite some additional load times.
  9. It's a tribute to the developers that, despite its rock hard nature, ageing graphics and sound, all of the games in Metal Slug Anthology have been so carefully and lovingly created that you always want to go on to see what's coming next, because you know it's going to be big, packing more weapons than a Mafia family Christmas and it's probably going to kill you.
  10. What you almost certainly won't appreciate is the fact that multiplayer is ad hoc only and requires both gamers to own the disc - understandable perhaps, but a lost opportunity nonetheless. Still, this is arcade history, perfect for portable play.
  11. Still as fun as it was in the arcades years ago; although it has minor technical niggles, all of those are forgivable if you've got the 'Slug in your blood. [Apr 2007, p.99]
  12. If the idea of single shot kills causes a sharp pain to run down your spine, stick to modern action offerings, but if you want a challenge look no further.
  13. 80
    Some may be concerned about the ability to continue consistently, but SNK has created a system that allows you to choose how often you're allowed to continue, meaning you can blast through the games in one sitting with no fear of death or play like you're on your last quarter.
  14. Metal Slug Anthology offers seven amazing games for the price of one, quite a deal when you consider that just one of these Metal Slug games ran for well over $200 on the Neo Geo. There are a few lengthy load times to worry about, but other than that this makes for a near perfect collection of some of the best 2D action games ever made.
  15. 80
    Does it stand up to the uninitiated? Yes, to a degree, it's fun, playable and defiantly addictive.
  16. 80
    When all is said and done SNK has done a remarkable job of bringing seven of the greatest arcade games ever created into one neatly organized package and made it affordable.
  17. 80
    It's a phenomenal value, with $1400 worth of Neo-Geo arcade bliss in a $40 package, along with a few extras and two-player compatibility.
  18. The PSP port in itself is not perfect, but with 6 and a bit full games, all of which are pretty damned well polished side-scrolling shooter experiences, it comes pretty easy to recommend to anyone looking for a bit of classic coin-op action.
  19. 75
    For die-hard PSP fans that can’t get enough Metal Slug and don’t mind the somewhat overbearing – and all too frequent – load times, Metal Slug Anthology is a solid purchase. For anyone else, save your cash for the impending April release of the PS2 version, which is sure to support arcade sticks, two player play, and a much larger screen.
  20. It's entertaining, amusing and its screen-filling boss battles are impressive, but it's completely throwaway. [Dec 2006, p.96]
  21. The only issue I have with the package as a whole is the random shoddiness of the emulation. One minute you can play through a section with all guns blazing from every part of the screen and you’ll get bucketloads of slowdown occurring.
  22. While some of the seven games here suffer from irritating loading issues, much of Metal Slug Anthology emerges unscathed and victorious to offer amongst the finest shooting on PSP.
  23. Even though some of the Metal Slug games can be pawed off as minor upgrades, they each have unique characteristics that keep them interesting.
  24. Get the PS2 version of this collection. Do not get this version.
  25. 55
    Metal Slug's simply impossible at times, and the brief joy of rescuing all of the POWs and reaping their particular rewards turns out to be short-lived; you'll rarely register the bonus that comes with rescuing them and then defeating the boss that stands between you and level's end.
  26. Metal Slug Anthology was supposed to be one of the portable system's A-list titles. Instead, due to reasons that probably couldn't have been helped, it ends up being one of the system's biggest jokes.
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  1. Nov 3, 2013
    Metal Slug Anthology on the PSP is a perfect port from the PS2 version. Seven games all bundled in on one ultimate Metal Slug collection. The best part of this version is that you get to take it on the go and play it everywhere. Full Review »