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  • Summary: Play some 2-on-2 action or relive challenges from the past NBA season and before, earning rewards and unlocking items in four game modes of the Crown. And with the addition of 16 new International teams, and the FIBA tournament, you can now compete as your country in your quest to become the best basketball nation in the world. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. 61
    NBA Live 09 combines lackluster gameplay, lackluster graphics and a lackluster contingent of mini-games to form, you guessed it – a lackluster basketball game. To put it simply, this game should only be played on a dare.
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  1. MilanA.
    Oct 14, 2008
    NBA live 09, although having a decent gameplay for the PSP basketball game and the ability to play it over and over again is mainly disappointing due to the fact that it is almost exact replica of NBA LIVE 08. There is no big difference in the gameplay or the graphics. Teams are updated, but not entirely (as usually is the case). Good new innovation is 2 on 2 mini game, and great innovation is the 24 team World FIBA Championship which completely bought me. There are fans out there of International and Euroleague basketball and not only NBA, just as muself, and it is great fun to be able to play with International players. I m waiting for the day when I'll be able to play Euroleague on PSP or PS2/PS3. This being said another disappointment is that many rosters are wrong here, and players that never played for the National team, or that have played long time ago are in the roster. Overal NBA LIVE 09 is fun, but too similar to 08, and if you are not excited about 24 FIBA teams stick to very similar 08. Expand
  2. PeterY.
    Oct 18, 2008
    EA's portable offerings are downright pitiful. They're not even trying anymore because everyone knows that people only buy PSPs so they can hack them. There are tons of annoying bugs that have been present for at least the past three versions. The player lock doesn't work properly and the rebounding is horrible; they put a force field between your player and the rim to prevent easy offensive rebounds because they're too lazy to program the AI to go grab boards for the CPU. Jumping at or putting a hand in the face of a computer opponent does nothing to hinder the shot percentage, you need to block the shot. The graphics are also a mess, janky players that will walk out of bounds twice a game. The only bright spot are the minigames. NBA 09: The Inside is a much better game, although that's not saying much. Please EA, don't even release these games anymore because it's clear you're not even trying. Expand
  3. darolislam
    Aug 11, 2009
    This game was just garbage! Absolutely garbage! From the game play of NBA live 09 on PSP to the graphics of this horrible game, there is just no difference from 2008 to 2009. The best game that EA sports has released was nba live 2006. Hopefully nba live 10 won't be such a disappointment. Expand