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  • Summary: The war between humans and demons is tearing Neverland apart, and the ensuing chaos threatens to free the evil god Hellgaia from his tomb. Now, the future rests solely in the hands of the Dominators, those who can wield the otherworldly power found within the land’s Spectral Cards. As Galahad, a young and brash Dominator, set forth on a quest to banish Hellgaia back to his shrine forever and save Neverland from judgment day. [Yuke's] Expand
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  1. Neverland incorporates enough gameplay variety to recommend it. Those that may not be interested in the card game genre are urged to get on deck.
  2. 77
    Since the in-game graphics are weak, and the music is bland, the only chance this game has to win fans is its gameplay.
  3. It definitely worked for me, so if you're into virtual card battles or traditional CCG/TCG models, then give this one a try.
  4. The game’s difficulty, weak graphics, annoying voice-work and sound does very little to attract either Trading Card or Strategy fans. If you’re looking for a card-based game for your PSP, I would suggest going back and playing the Metal Gear Acid games. Your other option is to go to your local comic or card shop, buying a starter deck of Magic or World of Warcraft Cards and making some new friends; you’ll have a lot more fun than playing this.
  5. 50
    Often ends up as a clunky, constantly-loading, low-detail, straight up boring experience.
  6. 50
    Neverland Card Battles is indeed unique and the first game to accurately combine a CCG with a TRPG; however, although it is not bad, the execution has just enough holes in it to keep the game from being fun.
  7. 30
    If this is where the series is going, Neverland Card Battles is going to be a tough sell in the future. I'd really like to find something nice to say about it, but the game is so boring, cliche (there's that word again) and badly designed I'd be lying through my teeth.

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