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  1. Pac-Man World Rally is a paint-by-numbers kart racer with almost zero in the way of unique qualities or challenges.
  2. Load times between rounds are slow, and the wireless play is ad hoc only, so it's hard to imagine the adult who would prefer this to the PSP's other(great)racers. [Nov. 2006, p.124]
  3. 27
    An astounding waste of everyone's time and money, Pac-Man World Rally is absolute crap. [Issue#153, p.69]
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  1. JimH.
    Nov 8, 2006
    I was excited to get this, thinking it would be the mario kart for psp. which in a way it is, but extremely watered down. It takes no talent to beat this game whatsoever. i beat the game in like 25 minutes. Easiest game available for PSP. Great for young kids though. This game is not overall boring, but was not what i expected and the lasting appeal is maybe a week. Full Review »