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  • Summary: Parappa returns to win over another generation of fans with all new PSP exclusive features. Players can once again join Parappa in his quest to win the heart of Sunny Funny and learn from their favorite Rap Masters like- Chop Chop Master Onion, Instructor Mooselini, and Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken. Complete with all the music and addictive gameplay that made it an instant classic, Parappa the Rapper is sure to please fans both old and new. Play all the songs and funky characters from the original game. Download and play 8 additional song remixes to extend the fun. Share a Parappa demo with all your PSP friends. Ad-Hoc Multiplayer: Battle with up to 4 PSP's to see who the true Rap Master is. [Sony] Expand
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  1. 88
    Retains all the charm it had ten years ago. [Issue#155, p.84]
  2. PaRappa the Rapper is not only a rollicking trip down memory lane, it reminds you how groundbreaking the game was and the path it has laid down for so many pretenders in its wake. Well worth a look for PSP owners.
  3. PaRappa is just as refreshing today as he was 10 years ago, though somewhat hampered by the PSP's control scheme. [Aug 2007, p.101]
  4. 68
    If you've never played the original game, it's worth a quick look. But for anyone hoping PaRappa can compete strongly in today's music game category, look elsewhere.
  5. Entertaining and charming, but a little on the "incredibly short" side.
  6. Provided that you are willing to persevere with the game’s difficulty, Parappa provides a lot of fun.
  7. There's a sense of satisfaction to slogging through each challenge in normal mode, but with only six levels to beat even this proves to be a hollow victory. [Aug 2007, p.109]

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  1. Mar 15, 2011
    One of the great games that has been created for the PlayStation to the PSP. It's still the same from the original PS One classic.