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  1. Mar 22, 2014
    Patchwork Heroes is not easy to explain but it is basically a fast paced puzzle game that see's the player charged with destroying airships against a time limit. To do this you have to saw off sections of the airships which causes the smallest section to blow up. Once enough of the airship is destroyed the level is complete. Further complications such as power ups, enemies and airship sections that can't be cut with a regular saw are added as the levels progress but the basic gameplay remains the same throughout.

    I personally have never played a game like it and this originality went a long way, especially since it is now available for less than £5, and its visual style is equally as striking. The gameplay itself is challenging yet, for the most part at least, enjoyable. By the time I came towards the end of the games 30 levels the concept had started to become a little stale and a few of the levels, featuring robots that could repair your saw marks, where just downright irritating on occasions. Overall though Patchwork Heroes is a game worth trying for yourself.