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  1. Apr 10, 2012
    Pop Cap is soon becoming my favorite software company because unlike EA and Bethesda you can trust you will get an entertaining game worth the money without bugs, and updates. I've bought about five Pop Cap games and these guys never fail to provide an outstanding game you can safely purchase without question. Peggle is a game similar to plinko on the Price is Right. You have various color pegs and you aim a marble essentially and hope for crazy bounces and to clear out orange colored pegs in a field of pegs. There are various bonus pegs you can hit and each time you play the arrangement changes. There are tons of maps to play through and once you finish the main campaign you unlock much more goodness in the way of challenges. The main campaign is very fun but the challenges are even better. This game is a cross between Pool/Snooker and Pinball and anyone liking those two games will surely find this game very addicting. It at heart is a puzzle game and this is its brilliance - it is simple enough for anyone to play and enjoy whether or not you are a gamer or not. Its good for kids as its simple, its puzzle enough for someone more serious and its easy enough to just play even dear ol granny can have some fun when the whole family drops by for a holiday and you have few entertainment options for the whole gang. Overall, and excellent high quality game for everyone, I have both PS3 version and this one on the psp. They are essentially the same but on PSP it takes a little more getting use to the smaller screen (still ok though) and you don't have the same multiplayer options on the playstation network, however for a portable version of the game for $10 it is still a must buy steal. Games can be played in 2 to 10 minutes, ideal for the psp system on the go. Full Review »