• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Mar 7, 2006

Generally favorable reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 59
  2. Negative: 2 out of 59
  1. Even by the high standards already set, Pursuit Force is an astonishing title... The best PSP title yet.
  2. Nearly perfect with its graphics that often look close to cinematic scenes and a whole host of strategies for nailing the bad guys.
  3. 90
    Everything from the gorgeous graphics, the smooth gameplay and even the well designed in-game GUI signifies everything that could and should be great about PSP games.
  4. 90
    Sure, we've played this sort of game before - Burnout, Twisted Metal, Full Auto, etc. - but could you actually leap from car to car in slow-motion in those games? Answer: No, you couldn't.
  5. Pursuit Force is just the game the PSP has needed; a fast-paced car/boat/helicopter chase with plenty of gameplay and intense vehicle-to-vehicle jumping. There are plenty of missions to keep you challenged, a scoring system to keep you coming back, and loads of bonus material to quest for.
  6. It's the perfect game to pick up and play here and there and has enough replay value, that you'll want to go back and earn higher rankings to unlock those cool cheats.
  7. Heavily recommended since the game has a top-notch presentation, great sense of humor, and is one of the few PSP games that you’ll really get something out of if you only have 20 minutes to play.
  8. The game looks fantastic, controls like a dream and is brilliantly paced, elements that add up to a "must buy" in my book.
  9. The biggest problem with this game is that it has no sort of multiplayer capability, otherwise Pursuit Force is a heck of a good time to play; hard, but fun.
  10. If you want your game to deliver 100% action that breaks only when you decide to pause it, Pursuit Force is for you. [Apr 2006, p.82]
  11. The whole package is extremely polished from the art direction and design of the logos, vehicles, and into movies, to the character animations and the actually in game graphics.
  12. Although it might look like your standard racing game, Pursuit Force is unlike any other game on the market. Its speed and energy is unparalleled on the PSP, making this one of the most exciting games you ever will play.
  13. 84
    It’s fast, fun and perfectly suited for gaming on the run. It packs a ton of content, too, and it does so with style to spare.
  14. One of the first that really shows off the power of the PSP.
  15. It's hard not to like Pursuit Force. Even when you've started the Don the Run mission for the twentieth time you'll still be enjoying it. We fully expect an even better sequel next year. [PSM2]
  16. Ludicrous, exaggerated fun, and for the most part glitch-free. It's one of those games, like the recent Burnout Legends, that'll have you bumping into strangers on the bus as you dodge through virtual traffic in short sharp bursts of pure gaming bliss. [PSW]
  17. The development team has done an excellent job in combining fast paced racing gameplay with a unique game mechanic and a bit of action thrown in as well.
  18. Pursuit Force's high-risk stunts and brilliant production values are complemented nicely by a gameplay style and structure that feels well-suited for the PSP system.
  19. While the game banks on the same fun, though admittedly repetitive gameplay for the entirety of the experience, the key word is fun, and with more than enough style with which to coat the experience, Pursuit Force should make any action junkie on the go very satisfied.
  20. But while the game starts out easy, the challenge quickly ramps up; far from being dumbed-down, this is a game that requires concentration, precision and lots of practice.
  21. Playing Pursuit Force is like starring in an adrenaline-inducing summer action flick. It may be trying at times, but overall it is a lot of fun and makes for a good portable game.
  22. While it’s awesome in small chunks of a couple levels at a time, the average gamer will get tired of the same mission types over and over again.
  23. The game has rather impressive graphics but it does fall short at times in the framerate department.
  24. If you like arcade action that obviously isn't overly complex but is a lot of fun to play, then give Pursuit Force a try. I think it is a game that will really surprise people.
  25. The game sounds just as good as the visuals, except for some voice acting. Voices are a real mixed bag between great or ridiculous. Sound effects are good and the music keeps things tense.
  26. It's a modern-day "Spy Hunter", minus the oil slicks and smoke screens, and it's both repetitive and difficult, but in a very old-school "Ghosts 'n Goblins" way that makes it perfect for portable gaming. [Jun 2006, p.93]
  27. This is extraordinary stuff. Our excitement is only slightly dampened by inconsistent driving and sudden difficulty spikes. [Nov 2006, p.154]
  28. fast and furious, but much too tough at times. The strict time limits will not allow any mistakes, which can lead to mind-numbing repetition. Looks great, though. [Nov 2005]
  29. Overall, Pursuit Force has all the elements of an exciting high-speed Hollywood pursuit: fast cars, loud guns, and daredevil jumps. The gameplay does get a little repetitive at times.
  30. Pursuit Force isn’t an incredibly unique experience, but it is a lot of fun.
  31. The fast paced and varied gameplay, intense soundtrack and attractive visuals should satisfy those looking for a something new and a bit different on their PSP.
  32. It’s fun for a good while, but ultimately it needs more variety or an engaging multi-player component to make it enjoyable for more than a few hours.
  33. 75
    A great addition to the PSP library and certainly a much needed breath of fresh air from all the recent ports and remakes. With slick visuals and solid controls you will certainly find plenty to enjoy.
  34. At present, Bigbig's casual disregard for the casual gamer has undermined a game that, in almost every other respect, is so perfectly suited to its host platform as to truly be a showcase title. [UK Version]
  35. For what it is, Pursuit Force certainly accomplishes all it set out to do, which may not have been especially lofty. It's a pure action movie boiled down into a game, and at that it succeeds very, very handily.
  36. It'll never be a game of the year candidate, but Pursuit Force does bring a unique, usually fun, definitely challenging, and ultimately solid title to PSP that doesn't fall into a franchise that's already known on PS2.
  37. Despite some thrills in the early going and the novelty of encountering new gangs, Pursuit Force depends too heavily on the clock to maintain excitement, eventually becoming a casualty of its own simplicity.
  38. 70
    Some of the features, like jumping from a car to defeat an enemy, swapping cars mid race and combining a variety of vehicles into one game are really good ideas, but the slowdown, poor handling of some cars and repetitive banter really frustrate.
  39. It delivers on its promise of realising pursuit scenarios in a fast-paced and energetic manner – it's a pleasing experience, but not exceptional. [Dec 2005, p.102]
  40. As great as all the action in Pursuit Force is, the fact that many of the stages are very similar to each other soon begins to grind you down. [Christmas 2005, p.102]
  41. A decent first outing, but make sure you don't tire of repetitive racing games, because that's what you're getting here.
  42. Think of Pursuit Force as a cross between "Burnout Legends" and "GTA: Liberty City Stories," though it doesn't quite reach the quality level of those two.
  43. 70
    Gameplay mechanics and controls are pretty solid, but there're a handful of missions where after a cut scene my shooting button actually ceased to function for a minute or two. Additionally, the ally AI is pretty dumb.
  44. 70
    More than a gimmick but less than a broad, full-featured experience, Pursuit Force might not be deep or addicting enough to become an actual pursuit, but the satisfying arcade-style gameplay and high marks across the board for audiovisuals make it a great distraction or diversion.
  45. 70
    It's visually impressive, plays well, and -- best of all -- is meant to be enjoyed in short bursts. Almost a portable action movie, Pursuit Force offers plenty of thrills. However, like its silver-screen inspirations, it ultimately leaves one feeling unfulfilled.
  46. A unique release in the sense that it could be a stepping-stone to bigger and better things. There is no reason Bigbig couldn’t flesh out what they have created already and release a console version.
  47. It’s just really flat out good looking.
  48. Apparently the designers were afraid the game might just be too much fun, so they compensated by making the missions brutally, mind-numbingly difficult.
  49. All told, even with the addition of unlockable race and time trial modes, Pursuit Force is actually a very short game. Certainly it is if you give up due to frustration (we wouldn’t blame you), but even if you spend ten hours completing, about eight of those hours will be failed attempts.
  50. All in all, Pursuit Force is an acceptable racer with a few unique features, but it just doesn't pack the punch that it needs. [Apr 2006, p.135]
  51. Leaping from vehicle to vehicle like some sort of crazy offspring of Evil Kinevil and The Six Million Dollar Man is a lot of fun for a while. But then a combination of a horrible driving experience and some tedious difficulty spikes drain all the fun out of it, and you're left scowling about missed opportunities.
  52. Streamlined controls make performing outrageous stunts easy. But car handling is overly rigid making tight bends are difficult to negotiate.
  53. A balls to the wall action adventure game that's one part "Twisted Metal," one part "Burnout," but unfortunately, it lacks the replay value of those two games.
  54. While pretty seriously flawed and diverse almost to a fault, Pursuit Force is solidly entertaining at its core. [Apr 2006, p.89]
  55. 60
    Though the poor handling doesn’t drag down every mission, the lousy feel did make us put down more than a couple missions in frustration.
  56. With repetitive gameplay, mediocre graphics and some very frustrating missions I cannot recommend this title to anyone.
  57. Pursuit Force's sweet delivery belies its repetitive action and limited scope, leading to a game best enjoyed in small doses.
  58. Apparently, someone out there was itching for a game that combines the witless banality of "Jake and the Fat Man" with the absurd chase scenarios of "CHiPS." [Apr 2006, p.106]
  59. 40
    You should buy this game only if you like stabbing your hands with bits of glass like Batman does in Arkham Asylum. Either that, or you’re fairly confident the PSP’s build quality will ensure it surviving forehead-screen interface.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 23 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 10
  2. Negative: 2 out of 10
  1. GregT.
    Jun 22, 2006
    This game is dreadful! Please save yourselves from this 'on rails' driving nightmare. I spent a week repeating long levels, chasing This game is dreadful! Please save yourselves from this 'on rails' driving nightmare. I spent a week repeating long levels, chasing cars which I could see clearly and having the screen saying 'you're losing them' and worst of all jumping between cars and bikes shooting people though windscreens only to find that because I had already been shooting at the car it would explode two seconds later. An utter waste of time. Full Review »
  2. Nov 24, 2013
    Actually pretty fun at times. If you're expecting a realistic police simulator (I don't know why you would)
    DON'T BUY THIS And I'll tell you
    Actually pretty fun at times. If you're expecting a realistic police simulator (I don't know why you would)
    DON'T BUY THIS And I'll tell you why eventually. If you want a police game where you are part badass, maybe. In this game you play as a police that murders EVERYTHING DAMN thing HE COMES IN CONTACT WITH (not civilians and other good people). I know the idea of killing every damn thing that is BAD around you is strange mixed with the concept that this game is about REMOVING CRIME. But this game is this game, and it is pretty damn strange.
    Full Review »
  3. Feb 27, 2012
    Not a game for me at all. I really liked the initial idea and the over-the-top approach, but the game itself is very old fashioned, like itNot a game for me at all. I really liked the initial idea and the over-the-top approach, but the game itself is very old fashioned, like it came straight from early 90s arcade - tough, unforgiving, simplistic. The graphics are nice, but can become choppy if too much happens on screen. Sounds are forgettable (apart from the police boss - nice voice acting there), missions are very similar to each other (pursuit on road, pursuit on boat, pursuit on chopper etc.) and totally unrealistic driving mechanics along with strange shooting makes me feel I was playing an on-rails game. Much more of a Spy Hunter than Grand Theft Auto. For folks looking for some challenge and for arcade fans only. Full Review »