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Generally favorable reviews- based on 117 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 9 out of 117

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  1. Feb 25, 2012
    Great Tekken gameplay with a large roster and plenty of extra modes online and offline (I'm a big Tekken Bowling fan). Tekken looks surprisingly good on PSP. In fact, no area has been sacrificed in the sizing-down of the game. This is the kind of game that works well on a portable device, with quick and satisfying action on hand whenever you need it.
  2. Feb 28, 2013
    The port itself is very good, having the tekken dojo as an extra content to tekken 5. The graphic and the sound also is convincing. The problem lies in the digi pad that gives you hard times, when you play a serious match where quick combinations and reflexes are needed. But expect this everything else is good.
  3. Aug 31, 2011
    Tekken: DR is awesome game packed with most of the fighters from other titles in series, huge amount of moves and combos and big number of unique special attacks for every character. Because of that this game is ritch with content like new game modes and two all new and powerfull characters. Tekken: DR is great port from big console on smaller. This game is worth your money.
  4. Jan 31, 2013
    Super Dumb Game..It seemed like the Story had been just added to make this boring Mortal kombat style Fighting Exciting. Graphics, apart from the Cut-scenes are Crap too. I just don't get it..Why is this Game so Over-rated ??

Generally favorable reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. A game that is so polished in pretty much all areas is pretty hard to come by, especially on a portable machine. Namco has definitely gone above and beyond the call of duty to bring the best Tekken experience to their fans on a portable medium. [JPN Import]
  2. 92
    New modes, new characters (the slow-but-powerful Dragunov and the speedier mash-friendly Lili), incredible graphics, and plenty of other add-ons not only make Tekken a fantastic fighting experience, but one hell of a great PSP game as well.
  3. 90
    Tekken: Dark Resurrection is proof that the PSP is powerful enough to handle a super-speedy, high-resolution 3D fighter without breaking a sweat.