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  1. Although it's on a handheld system, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 is a massive game and a real improvement over the previous titles for the PSP. The graphics are stunning.
  2. The best there is in portable golf.
  3. First and foremost, Tiger Woods 07 offers the best swing controls in the league. No game released thus far can compare.
  4. PSM Magazine
    Still, online is fantastic, and you'll get a serious charge when the raucous crowd applauds your tee shot. [Holiday 2006, p.81]
  5. It certainly isn’t a hole-in-one for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series gone portable, but with the career mode and enhanced online play more than making up for lackluster graphics and a dearth of mini-games (although there’s still a plethora of other golf-game modes), Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 still makes the cut as the best PSP golfing game around.
  6. The courses still look excellent featuring plenty of details including animals moving around in the background and the player models look good. The game is a little blocky at times, but looks fairly similar to the PS2 version.
  7. New game modes pack Tiger 07 with great depth.
  8. If you're looking for a fun, deep, and relaxing game that also lends itself very well to short play sessions and the PSP's sleep function, you really can't go wrong with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.
  9. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Failing to fix the biggest problem of last year's game is the real issue with this release, and that sours all of the improvements a little. Even so, this is an easy update to justify picking up. [Nov, 2006, p.122]
  10. The PSP wins out in the multiplayer improvement department, though, with its brand new infrastructure mode, enabling Internet matchmaking on the road. You can still tee up with nearby friends on an ad hoc basis, if you prefer, but you'll miss out on global rankings and the like.
  11. 80
    While slimmed down in terms of content, there's still plenty to do with PGA Season, some forgettable mini-games and online play.
  12. 80
    As a total package, it's hard to find many cracks in Tiger Woods 07. The game looks just about as good as its PS2 counterpart, has appealing style and presentation, and plays the part of genre-leader with aplomb.
  13. 80
    Despite the fact little has changed, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is one of the most playable golf games you'll stumble across, and it does justice to the PSP.
  14. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    EA's quality sim expands on PSP to include a deep career mode and online play. A "fairway" ahead of its competitors. [Dec 2006, p.95]
  15. You get a good game that seems like a carbon copy of the previous year’s edition. There’s a few improvements, a few fixes to go along with the same old issues.
  16. AceGamez
    The most complete and deep handheld golf game I have ever played - but it isn't the most fun. Compared to the excellent PSP version of Hot Shots Gold, Tiger Woods feels a bit dry and flat.
  17. Remarkably similar to the console version. The portable offering will no doubt find a home with fans of the series. Just a few more tweaks and it could draw an even larger, more enthusiastic gallery.
  18. While this new version still lacks a lot of the content available on the big consoles it still delivers quality and fun and lots of challenging golf for the gamer on the go.

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  1. K.V.
    Dec 20, 2006
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is very addictive and is almost everything I believe a golf game should be. That said, when playing in career mode, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is very addictive and is almost everything I believe a golf game should be. That said, when playing in career mode, once you get about half-way through your 3-year career it becomes a bit more tedious and less challenging. The learning curve was quite steep in the beginning, but once you've mastered your accuracy and putting, the game becomes a lot less difficult. The more events/tournaments you win, the more items you unlock for purchase and the more points you get to put towards your attributes. You can also restart tournament events that you aren't doing so well in, so that you can replay the event until you come out on top (which earns you the most money for attribute-enhancing clothing/clubs/etc.). The problem with being able to restart the events is that you will top out all of your attributes and make more money than you can possibly spend by the time you have finished roughly 12-16 months of your 36-month career. Another small niggle I noticed straight away is the fact that while you can hear the crowd cheering when you make a particularly great shot, you never see any crowd around you. This may sound silly, but it takes something away from the game. I will hear the raucous cheer for my tee shot, but the area surrounding me is completely devoid of people. Strange. What keeps me coming back to this game is the great scenery and the need to master this game and be the best virtual golfer I can be. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 gets most of it right, and it instills a desire to master the game. If you have a competetive streak in you and enjoy sports genre gaming, this game should definitely be in your PSP collection. There is some good replay value to be had from the mini-games and multi-player modes included as well. Because Metacritic does not allow half ratings, I will say that I believe this game is actually more of an 8.5, rather than just an 8. Full Review »
  2. AngieLi
    Oct 3, 2006
    Suberb graphics! The visuals are as nice as the consoles. Gameplay hasn't changed much but the new PGA mode is a big bonus. Again, Suberb graphics! The visuals are as nice as the consoles. Gameplay hasn't changed much but the new PGA mode is a big bonus. Again, wicked work on the art direction EA! Full Review »