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  • Summary: Playing as the anti-hero, rage through the wrath of fearless enemies and build the nastiest and most profane army you can think of in this new-style invasion action game. Prepare to wash the mouth of your army with soap as they can't help but engage in zombie bashing dialogue over a raging metal soundtrack that helps your channel your inner anger. If you can deal with the gut-wrenching, Smack-talking, fluid-spitting, and limb amputating ways of your army, you can embark on your journey of vengeance to defeat the king. The Dark Hero Persona: This game atypically allows you to be the "evil" main character serving as an anti-hero figure. Create a Zombie Army: Defeat as many enemies as you can to transform them into your own personal soldiers. Combo Attacks: Choose up to ten different combo attacks to fight your way through varied enemies ranging from animals to soldiers. Show Some Personality: Prepare to wash the mouth of your army with soap as they can't help but engage in zombie bashing dialogue. Head-Banging Madness: A raging metal soundtrack helps channel your inner anger. On a Mission: Get ready to face the king in the fifth mission for each of the four main areas. Ad-Hoc Multiplayer: Challenge up to three other players in VS play or collaborate with them in co-op play. [Tecmo] Expand
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  1. Undead Knights is not going to appeal to everyone. Its combat is unrefined and the hack n' slash mentality will get old for those who demand a bit more depth and strategy to their games. However, those just looking for a replayable and ridiculous portable action game won't go far wrong with Tecmo's latest offering. It's got buckets of blood, armies of loyal zombies and characters that feel like complete and utter badasses.
  2. If you have a love of zombies bordering on the unnatural this is a no-brainer. [Apr 2010, p.77]
  3. Undead Knights' frustrating control moments and sometimes dull design elements don't completely outweigh its violent charm. The gruesome, dark premise is slick and the underlying gameplay is definitely enjoyable in short bursts.
  4. It's mindless fun, but fun nonetheless. [Holiday 2009, p.83]
  5. Offers little new but still manages to entertain with its blend of reanimated allies, intense action and slapstick humour. [Issue#93, p.128]
  6. Too simplistic for a strategy title and too clumsy for a pure action game, Undead Knights is a mishmash of poorly executed ideas that will disappoint even the most ardent zombie fan.
  7. 40
    Controlling armies of the undead really shouldn’t be this dreary.

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  1. Apr 12, 2012
    I'm not a fan of these kind of games. But this one has a good meaty gameplay. your screen is always full of enemies and that is fun!
  2. May 1, 2013
    This game is not a bad game. Yet, it has its flaws. For example, the repetitive enemies and level design. The controls are also quite strange, especially for a hack and slash game. Something for the fans. Expand