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  • Summary: Winning Eleven 9 features the realism, intuitive play and fast-paced action of the ever-popular series. The handheld version is almost identical in terms of available clubs and international sides, with 57 national sides lining up alongside 136 club teams. The game also benefits from a number of exclusive features designed to showcase the PSP's capabilities. The highly-competitive multi-player aspects of the game are highlighted using the hardware's wireless systems. Using this, players within a certain network radius can challenge rival Winning Eleven 9 fans to games, with all data related to match results goals for, goals against, wins, etc retained in a running tally. Solo players can also hone their skills within six different leagues and a host of cup tournaments, and the PSP game can also be linked to the PlayStation 2 version of Winning Eleven 9 for data exchange. Using this, players can import teams they have created within the PlayStation 2 game for use against friends on their PSP, or swap teams with other PSP users. Expand
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  1. Konami's annual soccer franchise, which has scored in the past for its slick controls, wads of teams, and shin-splintin' graphics, returns to the field to affirm its ball-kicking dominance.
  2. The PSP game lacks a lot of its console counterparts' features, but on the field of play it's still the most realistic soccer game ever made.
  3. 84
    Although Konami wasn’t able to include online play or the extended replay value of a franchise mode in their first handheld edition of the Winning Eleven franchise, it is by far the best soccer game on the handheld market. The great gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and high level of customization make Winning Eleven 9 for the PSP a justifiable purchase.
  4. 80
    Once a game starts, it's nearly impossible to put down if you're a soccer fan. Anyone who's put in any time on a WE title will be quite impressed with Konami's translation is exceedingly faithful, from the opening cinematics to the overall presentation
  5. If you’re simply looking for the best handheld soccer game, FIFA 06 is the far better choice, due to better visuals more licensed teams, online play, mini-games, and the inclusion of commentary.
  6. 78
    The action is fluid and intuitive, for starters, and player AI shines. It's amazing that the development team is able to continually refine and tweak the title to continually improve our virtual soccer experience. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement.
  7. But with fewer buttons on the PSP than on a standard console game pad and only one analog stick to play with, the game's hallmark -- its deep, precise controls -- feels a bit muted.

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  1. Reid
    Feb 15, 2006
    This game is definitely good. The controls are easy to pick up; anybody can start up a game, start dribbling around, make a few passes, and shoot a few shots. Additional moves, like trapping and touch passes, are available for those who have mastered the basic controls. The analog stick feels responsive, and button layout feels just right. What most fans of the franchise will be dissapointed with the lack of "Master League" mode, this is not enough to detract from the fun of the game. The various club leagues and national leagues can be played, as well as an "Internationall League" where you can create your own fantasy league to play in. There's no way to increase your players' skills over the course of the season (aside from editing their actual stats in the game's expansive editing mode) but they do have good days and bad days, affecting their performances respectively. The graphics, from the opening movie to the in-game ones, are superb. Everything is crisp, and the ball is easily detected on the PSP screen. The audience cheers (Like O-lay, o-lay o-lay o-lay), the animations are realistic, and the overall ambience of the stadium is incredible. The refs give out a lot of fouls, however. This does not detract from the game experience, however, as it simply encourages the player to use less slide-tackling and more careful defending. All in all, if you're looking for a solid sports game (at a cheaper price than FIFA 06), then get this game. It will provide you with many hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Even if you're not a rabid soccer fan, lacing up these cleats and stepping onto the field is a real treat. Plus, for those of us that are already frustrated by Madden 06's touchy passing game, this "football" is a welcome diversion. Expand
  2. IbrahimA.
    Mar 2, 2006
    The game has nice graphics it's a very awesome although i'm a big fan of winning eleven on the PS2 but there is a really big problem with that game it's so hard to control the player and dribble like you can't make go in the direction you want i guess that's to bad. Expand
  3. FelipeM.
    Feb 9, 2006
    The game has excellent graphics, playability is below poor. The PSP's design was definetely NOT made for a game like this. The game play itself is not great, I am a #1 fan of the Playstation 2 series of winning elevens, but I'm very upset with my purchase. I am trading the game in today. Sorry to the #1 fans (like myself). I have been waiting for this game since I first bought my PSP. VEERY disappointed to say the least... But again, grafics are awesome, the players look extremelly real, it has everything to the a great game. the playability is just not there like the PS2 versions. Expand