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  • Summary: WTF is a crazy collection of fun and addictive mini-games that drive the player to perform sometimes trivial, sometimes mind-bending, but always fun jobs in pursuit of the almighty dollar. Players spend their well-earned money in the prize-vending machines on new jobs/games, trinkets and for the first time ever on the PSP system, tools to use in the "real world" such as the World Clock, Ramen Timer, and Flashlight. After players have spent their money, they head back to "work" so they can earn more money to buy more stuff - much like "real life" but much more fun. Single Player or Multiplayer Gameplay Modes – Play through the game solo, or with your friends in 5 multiplayer mini-games using wireless ad hoc mode. [D3 Publisher of America] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 23
  2. Negative: 3 out of 23
  1. Work Time Fun is ridiculous and there's nothing else quite like it. It's not for everyone, but if you're looking for something insane and Japanese, you'll probably love it.
  2. Like Me & My Katamari, Japanese games might seem bizarre but trust me when I say that missing out on them or this game would be a real shame. Now if I can only get a job sorting out baby chicks I’ll be set.
  3. WTF: Work Time Fun won’t keep you occupied for days but if you have a few minutes you want to kill every now and then, you’ll want to have the game in the library.
  4. 60
    Most of the games are fun, but not all of them are winners, and the presentation isn't as blown-out crazy as the forthcoming Hot PXL or the Wario Ware games.
  5. It's possible that this will end up being the high end of the scores for the game [Ed: not even, Sam!] -- and Lord knows it could have gone lower, but in the midst of realizing I'd wasted as much time as I did playing, I remembered too that, for a time, I had fun doing it.
  6. If you think about this game too much, then playing it can be disheartening, as it takes the feeling that you're completely wasting your time and really drives it home. However, some of the simple little mini-games are oddly addicting.
  7. It's weird, very weird. Mini-game compendiums are usually a mixed bag of sweet and sour, but WTF contains more of the cringing variety.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 5
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 5
  3. Negative: 1 out of 5
  1. AdamB.
    Apr 24, 2009
    The utter insanity, originality, and dark humor oozing throughout WTF makes up for the lack of actual gameplay, which results in the title playing more like a bizarre toy or a sadistic interactive experiment. Most of the minigames are tedious and pointless, and the mission objectives (where you earn special rank titles) are basically impossible. Though WTF is essentially a collection of minigames, it should not be compared to WarioWare or Hot Pixel. It's clearly not for everyone, and it would have benefited greatly from a wider selection of engaging minigames, but overall WTF is worth checking out simply because there's nothing else like it in video games, and for that I give it a high rating. Expand
  2. PlaystationRevamped
    Jul 9, 2009
    WTF; Work Time Fun, published by D3 Publishing, is a fun and addictive title for the Sony PSP.

    The basic premise of the game is mini-games
    or 'part time jobs' as the idea goes in the game, in which you participate to earn money, which you then use on vending machines which either drop 'trinkets' - basically little items to collect, other mini games, or 'tools' - these are just little extras for everyday use, like the Ramen Timer, which you can set like an egg timer to cook ramen - however, it has a twist, depending on the gender you choose, you either have a video of a bikini clad asian female counting down in amongst many sexual inuenndo comments, or you have a muscly asian male flexing his muscles. Both however, have awful American voice overs, which makes the experience more laughable yet entirely corny.

    Moving onto the mini games themselves - these vary considerably so, from a game where you're just putting lids on pens on a production line, to a game where you're trying to get as many people to a protest whilst avoiding the police.

    Other things that add to the gaming experience is the email system, however although fake emails, sometimes you get these 'offers' in emails that either take money from you or give you money. You also recieve titles (a bit like PS3 trophies but in game) once you've acheived such and such, like played a particular game 10 times, or earnt $50.

    Lastly, there is the ad-hoc mode, which allows you to play some mini games with a partner who has a psp with the same game in the same room. Ad hoc also allows you to give and recieve trinkets in order to fill up your collection.

    Overall a brilliantly addictive game at times, although can be frustrating on some mini games which appear to make no sense. And the annoying voiceovers in the Ramen Timer can make you cringe.

    Also, if you're in the UK or anywhere other than the USA and Japan, and hoping to buy this, it's a no go unless you import it.

    Final Score - 9/10

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  3. Bdub2291
    Oct 18, 2006
    This game becomes addicting, almost like a second job. I just.... need... to cap.... 3000 more pens..... It seriously should be considered. Although some will argue that the presentation is the only redeeming feature to the lackluster and tedious minigames, this is really a game of what you choose to take out of it. If you really feel like putting forth an effort to master the minigames, it's a great experience. The offbeat and strange presentation drives as a motivation to do tasks like putting caps on pens in a factory, playing old fashion "stab between my fingers with a pencil" game (only with a knife), and sorting chicks into boxes that are labeled, "boy", "girl", and "heaven. It's strange fun, but it's fun. Expand
  4. matrix1004
    Jan 18, 2008
    I love this game. I got my PSP almost a month ago, and I've only taken WTF out of it for a couple of times, just to try other new games I got for a few minutes. I can't stop playing this game, and I still have 9 more games to unlock. It is addictive & a lot of fun. Granted, all of the games aren't winners. Maybe not even most of them, but some are great, and that's what keeps me hooked. Expand
  5. Jul 4, 2011
    Worst game I ever played. If you LIKE to work assembly line jobs and pay to do it, this game is for you. Capping 3000 ink pens is just not my idea fun. Must be retribution for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Collapse