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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 29
  2. Negative: 2 out of 29
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  1. It is very addictive and challenging, and offers two additional difficulty levels if the default is not challenging enough.
  2. PSM Magazine
    Ark of Napishtim is a sterling example of how a simple tale can be told well, and now it comes packed with 200% more convenience. [Apr 2006, p.84]
  3. Yet another PSP title that is held back from greatness due to excessive load times. Despite this, it's a must own for RPG fans.
  4. Some will get bored with the RPG combat elements because of their simplicity. Some will get frustrated by the balance issues. Others will be disappointed at the length.
  5. Play Magazine
    The great thing about the PSP version of the Arc of Napishtim was that it was to mirror the Japanese PC game which.....picked up a bad case of American localization, conceding its hand-drawn sprites for renders, and anime scenes for bulky CG. [Mar 2006, p.48]
  6. This is a no brainer for gamers over 25 who remember a better time, as well as the others who may not get what us geezers have been talking about all this time when we say, "Back in my day, my RPG titles were full of substance with wonderful hand drawn art."
  7. It's the exact kind of game -- if not the presentation of it -- that the PSP is hurting for so much right now, and in all honesty, once you're a few hours in to the game, it's fairly easy to overlook the loading screens and lose yourself in the action.
  8. Y’s The Ark of Napishtim was an okay PS2 title. Now, it’s an okay PSP title with virtually nothing new to offer. At least the game’s low-res textures look better on PSP’s lower-res screen.
  9. If you're looking for a capable role-playing adventure with plenty of hack n' slash action, it still delivers like its console brethren did. However, it has its share of flaws, like loading time that grows abundanting into being a pain and mini-games and a Media Player that seem better suited to the hardcore fans of the series.
  10. The visual effects are okay and the different environments are diverse but not outstanding (almost exactly the same quality as the PS2 release).
  11. This is an old school style RPG, those of you that enjoyed the old styles should grab a copy of this game. Those out there that enjoy overhead fast RPG’s should also give this game a shot.
  12. An interesting hack-and-slash RPG for the PSP. However, the game suffers drastically due to some long and extremely annoying load times.
  13. Ys: The Ark of Napishtim falls short in innovating or creating something fresh from an old idea.
  14. Game Informer
    What was an average nostalgic sword-slashing game on the PS2 has become a choppy, awkwardly-paced handheld adventure with a soundtrack player and a couple of new minigames tacked on to throw you off the obviously evil scent. [Apr 2006, p.133]
  15. This PSP port of Ys: The Ark of Napishtim keeps pace with the hack-and-slash action, but long loading times and other issues mar the overall package.
  16. In general Ys: The Ark of Napishtim is a competent game that isn't really flawed technologically aside from the loading issues, and is better than other US-released role players, but the game isn't exactly brimming with excitement thanks to a cliché story and ultimately repetitive hack and slash action.
  17. 60
    Though the controls, plot and soundtrack remain unharmed, the frequent and long load times, coupled with the incredibly odd presence of slowdown, cripple the title to the point of not being entertaining at all.
  18. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    Fits the format very well...Not very ambitious. [May 2006, p.96]
  19. 60
    Unfortunately, the biggest flaw in the game is easily the loading time.
  20. The relatively unknown old-school action RPG gets ported to the handheld, but suffers from all the flaws of its PS2 version, and some new ones as well.
  21. A tired port that received no real updates before being brought to the PSP. Pass.
  22. 55
    The combat is engaging, the controls can be mapped however you like, and the load times could be worse. But the minigame additions to this version aren't nearly enough to justify a PSP port.
  23. The scope of the game is too small (it can be finished in less than 10 hours), the mechanics are really basic and/or sloppy, and the graphics are nothing to get excited about.
  24. 50
    Just be warned that you'll be sitting through a lot of black screens before you get to the good parts. And even then, they might run a little slow.
  25. There isn't anything special about it that "Alundra," "Shining Soul II," and a great number of other games haven't done before it.
  26. So what would the average person want with a tough-as-nails, sloppy conversion of a year-old adventure? Nothing. Even the hardcore Ys fans should skip the PSP game and go straight for the PS2 verison.
  27. AceGamez
    But kids used to load times for the GBA or DS will quickly become frustrated with the constant loading in this game, as I discovered with my 8 and 9 year old sons.
  28. If you can look past the long load times or are a Y’s purist and need to have your fix while on the road, then you might want to consider picking this up, but otherwise you might be better off looking elsewhere for an RPG on the go.
  29. 40
    Quite simply, Ys isn't good enough to make it worth the pain in the butt of the constant loading. It's designed to play fast and easy, but on the PSP, it's a staccato exercise in waiting before you're allowed to do a few very simple things.

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  1. JaXJ.
    Dec 6, 2007
    A very good game for all RPG fans, and I am not a fan and I still liked it. The combat is simple, so even the stupidest of us will know how A very good game for all RPG fans, and I am not a fan and I still liked it. The combat is simple, so even the stupidest of us will know how to play this. A must-have, apart from the long name. Full Review »
  2. EvanH.
    Jun 15, 2006
    long loading times take away from the expirience. Otherwise the game is ok.
  3. EugeneT.
    Jun 16, 2006
    This game is just plain bad, just slash all the way till every boss fight. The fighting system r bad, u'll need to reach certain level This game is just plain bad, just slash all the way till every boss fight. The fighting system r bad, u'll need to reach certain level to kill a boss, if not the damage will just be 0. Full Review »